Medal of Honor Walkthrough

EA and DICE have courted plenty of controversy with Medal of Honor, most of it centered around the fact that players in multiplayer matches will take control of the “opposing force,” a thinly disguised substitute for the Taliban resistance. Despite this change in nomenclature, stores on military bases are still refusing to stock the game.

On the principal that all publicity is good publicity, the game stands to make approximately a gajillion dollars. The FPS market has been crying out for a title to try to knock Call of Duty off it’s throne, and Medal of Honor might just be the game to do it.

The gameplay promises to be the most realistic yet, and designers were advised by a vast number of Afghanistan veterans as they strove to augment the authenticity of the experience. If you want to try before you buy, we’ve got the PC Open Beta Client available here. Scroll down to view our complete singleplayer walkthrough, featuring text and video.

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Table of Contents

First In

  1. Walk through the doorway and head outside, where Voodoo is waiting. Head down the path and grab cover behind the second set of trash cans. Crouch to take cover and take out the two soldiers up ahead.
  2. Advance and take cover behind the beat-up car. Take out the the soldiers up ahead. Advance to the small dumpster and take out the guy through the window to the right.
  3. Listen on your intercom and take out the soldier crossing the balcony. Head into that room, peek through the window and take out another soldier up on the balcony. Move to your right toward the doorway and take out the soldier through the upper window.
  4. Follow Voodoo outside, then through the roll-up gate. Crouch to get under the gate and follow Voodoo down the hallway. Once outside, follow him down the alley. Don’t shoot the friendlies on the balcony!
  5. Hug the left wall, press LB to peek around the corner. Take out the soldier and cross the street. Take cover and shoot the solider up on the second level of the demolished building.
  6. Take out the two guards on the opposite ends of the North balcony. Advance towards that balcony and stand in front of the wooden door. Press X to kick it in and take out the soldier inside.
  7. Shoot the light panel to the right of where Voodoo is standing. Press the down arrow on the directional pad to switch to night vision. Follow Voodoo down the hallway.
  8. When you reach the room with the three soldiers, be quiet, but don’t worry about them seeing you as you take them out.
  9. Head through the next doorway and take out those unsuspecting Taliban. Go upstairs, kill the soldier and turn left. Kick in the door and immediately crouch take cover behind the nearby boxes.
  10. Make your way around and take out the soldiers. Follow Voodoo down the hallway and outside onto the balcony. Turn left through the doorway and kill the soldier behind the table.
  11. Follow Voodoo through the door and up the stairs. Head through the doorway around the corner and quietly take cover behind the table. Peek around the corner and take out the the three soldiers.
  12. Turn right and follow Voodoo through the door and down the ramp. Once you meet up with Mother and Preacher, stay low and move around to the right to avoid the gunner.
  13. Move across the makeshift bridge and up the stairs. Take cover where Voodoo is and take out the soldiers across the way on the roof. Advance through the wooden beams.
  14. Follow Voodoo out the door and down the stairs. Crouch and take out the soldiers up on the stairs. Head up the stairs and take out the guy in the window to the left.
  15. Head up the ramp. Once Voodoo jumps up, press X to have him hoist you up. Follow the group till you reach the next battle area. Grab some cover and take out the soldiers up on the East balcony first.
  16. Next, peek around the the left and chuck a grenade to get some of the guys past the playground. Advance along the wall to the right. In the small alcove behind the cart you’ll find some grenades––grab them.
  17. Head back out and help the group take out the two soldiers behind the wall. Follow the group into the next area and take the soldiers out who come bursting through the door.
  18. Follow the group into the building and up the stairs. Press X to kick in the door. After you almost get blown up, head through the back door and drop of the ledge.
  19. Turn right and head up the two ramps. After the second ramp, take cover and watch out for the guy on the roof. Advance and take out the soldier that appears from behind the roll up gate.
  20. Move to the cart and take out the two soldiers straight ahead. Slowly make your way down the path and watch out for a soldier waiting for you around the left corner. Take him out and continue up the path and then up the stairs.
  21. Follow the group off the ledge and wait by the truck. After air support arrives, charge for the gate and take cover behind the crates to the left of the burning truck.
  22. Once Voodoo and the rest of the crew head right, quickly follow them and stay low. Turn left and sprint across the other side to join Mother. Help him kill the soldiers guarding the doorway.
  23. Head down the tunnel. Have Mother help you up. Shoot the soldier in the back and hug the wall to the left of the door. Peek around the corner and shoot the two soldiers that come charging from the right.
  24. Make your way down and take out the gunner. Head back to the doorway and pick up the sniper rifle. Take out the soldiers through the windows on the second level first, then take out the guys hiding behind the truck and crates down below.
  25. Follow Mother to the corner and take out the soldiers that come running through the big door down below. Watch out for the one in the window, too. Follow Mother downstairs to meet up with the other two.
  26. Head through the building and pick up the grenade ammo to the left. Follow the others through the door and take out the lone soldier around the turn.
  27. Advance and take cover to the left of the crates. Take out the soldier behind the crates and the one behind truck. Move up and take out the soldier behind the crate and the other one behind the truck.
  28. Stick with Mother and kick in the door. Switch to night vision and take out the soldier that comes running across the doorway. Advance and stay to the right of the room. Take out the soldiers that come charging through the next doorway.
  29. ACHIEVEMENT: Turn right and follow the boys out into the courtyard. Press X to kick in the door. The game will go into Matrix mode, and when it does, carefully shoot around Tariq and hit the Taliban that is holding him hostage to earn the “Smooth Operator” Achievement.
  30. ACHIEVEMENT: Move to the back of the truck to complete the mission and earn an achievement.

Breaking Bagram

  1. As you’re driving, your front windshield will get hit — shoot out the glass with your gun. Once you pass the burning cars and drive through the smoke, get your trigger finger ready and unload on any Taliban fighters you see.
  2. Be on the lookout as you drive, because you’ll be responsible for both sides of the vehicle. When you pass other vehicles with Taliban fighters, shoot for the tires to take out the whole car.
  3. When you come to a stop and take hold of the gunner, shoot for the two red gas tanks on both sides of the structure. Make sure you take out the two gunners up in the two windows next.
  4. A white truck should arrive shortly thereafter — when it does, pump it full of lead.
  5. After your humvee comes to a halt, get out and take cover behind the nearby wall. Peek through the…window and shoot the two soldiers across the way.
  6. Move along the wall and head towards Voodoo. Turn left and take cover behind the tank. Switch to your scoped rifle and take out the first soldier you see running towards you. Next, take out the group of soldiers that appear up on the roof.
  7. Take out the rest of the soldiers around the crates on ground level before advancing. Head through the doorway on the right side of the building and take out the first two soldiers you see.
  8. Turn left and take out the soldier behind the window. Take cover under this window and take out the two soldiers upstairs in the Northeast building. Once all of the Taliban fighters are dead, head upstairs.
  9. After Voodoo kicks in the door, walk to the ledge to use the SOFLAM. Press and hold RT on the gunner in the right side of the building to take out the target. Once it is destroyed, a tank will roll up — mark it to have it destroyed.
  10. Follow Mother off the ledge. Crouch and take cover behind the nearby wall. Peek around to the right and kill the two soldiers.
  11. Advance and get to the stairs. Take out the soldiers around the turn and follow Preacher down the slope. As soon as you cross into this area, you’ll be bombarded by Taliban fighters from the East. Hurry up and take cover.
  12. You don’t have to worry too much because here your crew will actually help you. Take out any remaining soldiers and head for the stairs. Grab the grenade ammo if you need it.
  13. Head through the doorway and take out the huge group of soldiers on the other side of the barbwire. Make sure you look all the way over to the right to take out the mortar unit that is hiding in this corner.
  14. Drop off the ledge and head through the gate. Walk through and turn left. Take out the mortar crew.
  15. Advance down “The Graveyard” and take out all soldiers along the way. Keep your eyes open, because fighters will be hiding everywhere.
  16. When you reach the building, take out the gunner to the upper left side. Get to the front of the building and kill the soldiers that come around from the left.
  17. Follow the guys into the warehouse. Take cover behind the forklift and clear the warehouse. Take out the soldier on the catwalk first.
  18. After you take out the rest of the soldiers on the ground, head up the stairs and take out the two soldiers on the catwalk. Cross and head into the room. Pick up the grenade ammo by the table.
  19. Follow the guys downstairs. Head outside and use the large tubes as cover. Take out the soldiers on the catwalk and make sure to shoot the red gas containers for easy kills.
  20. Advance and head through the hangar door. Turn right and take out the guy upstairs and through the window to the left. Head upstairs and eliminate the soldiers across in the next area. Make sure you take them out from the room, because you’ll be exposed out on the catwalk.
  21. Walk downstairs and out the door. Turn left and stay close to the crates. Peek around and shoot the snipers on the tower. Watch out for RPG’s, too.
  22. Once they are dead, head up the stairs on the building to your right. Stay close to the wall and take out another group of snipers on the tower. Kill them all, then follow your crew to the door.
  23. Kick in the door and take out the soldiers to the left. Turn right down the hallway, but watch out for the two fighters that will come bursting through the door on the right. Take out the soldier behind the blockade and advance.
  24. After Voodoo tosses a frag through the next red door on the right, head inside. Make your way upstairs and clear the next floor. The blast from the explosion will make the soldiers a little blurry-eyed, so stay low and they won’t see you.
  25. Wait for your guys to join you around the door, then kick it in. Take out the soldiers inside. Move to the back around to the left. Head up the winding stairs of the tower.
  26. For this next part, lock onto moving soldiers using RT and have air support take them out. Keep panning to your right and take out the trucks before they get too close to your position.
  27. ACHIEVEMENT: Destroy two vehicles and earn “The Sledgehammer” Achievement.
  28. ACHIEVEMENT: Keep in mind that you can switch weapons by pressing Y. The Predator Missile is great to use when the Russian tanks show up. Just make sure you listen to your team and keep firing away and you’ll earn the “Welcome to the TOC” Achievement.

Running With Wolves

  1. Now as a new character (“Deuce”), press RT to accelerate your 4-wheeler. The first couple turns are a little tough to maneuver, but it shouldn’t be too hard to stick with Dusty.
  2. Following the huge cliff that you jump off, park your 4-wheeler and follow Dusty up the little slope. Look out on the tower and take out the lone guard. Follow Dusty to the left.
  3. Head through the door. Dusty will take out the guard and then head out the other side and down the stairs. From there, Dusty will take out one of the guards — you should take out the other.
  4. Follow Dusty and head through the building to your left. Look through the North window and take out the guard on the tower. Take out the other guard on the roof to the right, then take out all attacking Taliban on ground level.
  5. Clear the area and cross to the building on the other side. Get back to your ATV and follow Dusty. The terrain is a little tougher this time around, so stay close and listen to Dusty’s advice.
  6. When you arrive at the destination, pick up the M82 and take out the soldiers across the way. The scope is really sensitive, so keep a steady hand and hold LT to steady your aim.
  7. After you clear the area, hop back on your ATV and follow Dusty. When you arrive at Menjawar, hop off and follow Dusty down the stairs. Wait for the guards behind the wall to pass, then kill the guard in the doorway across the way.
  8. Follow Dusty around to the next truck. Make sure to follow his orders so nobody notices you. Once you plant the beacon on the back side of the truck, take out the right soldier, then head over to Dusty and press X to have him pull you up.
  9. Follow Dusty to the next area. Drop off the ledge, then hold your position until the guards pass. As soon as you get the okay from Dusty, quietly make your way across and up the stairs. Kill the guard to your left inside.
  10. Head out through the door and mark the truck. Head back to the ledge and press X to get pulled up. In the next area that you come to you won’t be able to sneak past the guards. Use a grenade to take out two of them; Dusty will take out the other two.
  11. ACHIEVEMENT: Continue to follow Dusty’s orders until you reach the ATV’s. When Dusty yells “Hang on!” hit the throttle to go flying off the cliff and earn the “Dropping Deuce” Achievement.
  12. ACHIEVEMENT: Continue to follow Dusty to reach Clementine and earn the “Develop The Situation” Achievement.

Dorothy’s A Bitch

  1. Back as Rabbit again, follow your team up the mountain. When you reach the group of Taliban fighters, wait until you get the okay, then take out the one on the far left and your team will take care of the other guys.
  2. When you reach the campfire, wait for Mother to countdown, then throw a grenade to take most of them out. Kill the seventh Taliban that appears.
  3. Continue following the guys up the mountain, taking out Taliban along the way. When you reach the next campfire, turn left and place a demolition charge on the gunner.
  4. Make your way back to the guys, press X to have them pull you up, then press RT to detonate the charge. Follow the guys up and down the other side of the mountain.
  5. Use the SOFLAM and take out the trucks coming up the mountain. Wait for them to park, then mark the middle one to have air support take them out.
  6. Follow the team up the slope and into the next area. Listen to Mother and run up the ramp to join him. Stay low and wait for the okay to eliminate the passing Taliban fighters.
  7. Climb down the ramp and take out the approaching fighters from the North. Don’t stay out in the open too long; advance to the left and through the building. Flip on your night vision and take out the lone fighter, who will be camping inside the building to the left.
  8. Take out the soldiers you can see from the window, then head out and eliminate the rest of the soldiers. Meet up with the guys, then head through the fire-blazed area.
  9. After you nearly lose your life, follow your guys to the next area. Kick in the door and follow Mother into the cave. Switch to night vision and shoot the wounded fighter that you come across.
  10. When you come across the next Taliban camp, go up the path to the right. Wait until you get the okay from Mother, then chuck a grenade to blow most of them away.
  11. Use your scoped rile and pick off the rest of them. Head down into the camp and kill any remaining Taliban. Move to the left side of the camp and follow the guys into the next area.
  12. Get up to the edge so that you are looking over the battle are and use the SOFLAM to lock onto all of the enemy targets and let air support do their thing.
  13. Follow Voodoo down the path and into the cave. When you get through the other side, turn left and sprit with Voodoo to reach the other two guys.
  14. ACHIEVEMENT: When you reach the area with the Taliban fighters up on the cliffs, go over to the left and use the gunner to take them out. Shoot for the crates and the gasoline cans to take them out and earn the “Unexpected Guests” Achievement.

Belly of The Beast

  1. Following that intense scene in the desert, sprint through the fire zone and follow your team. Once you spot the Taliban fighters on the cliffs, take them out. They’ll be pretty hard to see, so don’t lose them through your scope once they start moving and stick close to the rocks for cover.
  2. When you receive your orders, follow Hernandez. Keep in mind that the Taliban are incredibly difficult to spot in this level — always stick close to something that will provide cover. Also, always be on the lookout as there will be fighters at higher levels and at greater distances than you would expect.
  3. Defeat all enemy forces in this area, then rally up with the team. When you reach the small village, take out all Taliban fighters in each area.
  4. After you break into the second hut, grab the grenade ammo to the left if you need it. Exit through the other door. Your team will then discuss your next plan of action.
  5. Once you charge the DShK, immediately run to the left and take cover behind the rocks. Aim between the two large rocks and take out the gunner. It will be your job to give covering fire for your team, so make sure you have plenty of ammo lined up.
  6. Continue to pepper the gunner with fire and make sure you watch out for the occasional Taliban that will show up on the roof to the right.
  7. ACHIEVEMENT: Once Patterson tosses that grenade, continue to fire at the gunner until your team gets behind the wall of rocks. Make sure you crouch down for cover before the air support arrives and you’ll earn the “Manic Suppression” Achievement.
  8. Once the DShK has been eliminated, follow your guys through the demolition zone. Drop down off the ledge and head to the next area.
  9. After you team spreads out, slowly move down to the left near Ybarra. Look up and you’ll see two Taliban fighters walking along the cliffs. Take them out and join your team down the path.
  10. Take out the next group of fighters around the turn. Around the next turn, past the tanks, watch out for the fighters up on the cliffs to the right. Continue down the path and make your way to LZ Betty.
  11. Head down the path and join the boys around the first hut. After you nearly get blown away, look out over the rocky area and unload on all of the attacking Taliban fighters.
  12. Hold your position and continue to sweep the area for fighters. There are a lot here, so don’t stop firing and continue to look around to make sure they don’t sneak up on you.
  13. Head over to the hut on your left once your boys call you over. Things will get intense here, so keep your head on a swivel and watch both sides of the hut because they will flank you.
  14. ACHIEVEMENT: Just when it seems like all hope is lost, air support will arrive. Stay alive long enough to complete the mission and earn the “Full Battle Rattle” Achievement.


  1. Now as a helicopter fighter, begin by testing out your weapons. RT to fire your cannon and RB to shoot a rocket.
  2. Once you get the confirmation to take out the camp of Taliban fighters, press and hold LB to unload a Hellfire missile and destroy the mortar area. Destroy the other two mortar areas and take out any Taliban that you see on the run.
  3. Now that you’ve switched back to your cockpit position, shoot the trucks crossing the bridge as they cross them. Once you reach the village, just go trigger happy over all of the huts. Listen to your team and the only thing you really have to worry about are RPG’s.
  4. After you clear the village, take out the mortar team on the mountain in the next area. As you continue on, watch out for RPG’s in the hills.
  5. ACHIEVEMENT: The rest of this short mission is pretty much the same: take out RPG’s and eliminate mortar teams with a Hellfire missile to complete the mission and earn the “Bad Guy Jamboree” Achievement.

Friends From Afar

  1. As you pan around the landscape, find the on-screen locator and zoom in to find the first camp of Taliban. Use LT to hold your breath, then take out the first three enemies in this camp.
  2. For the rest of this part of the mission, follow Dusty’s orders and take out all enemy forces. Don’t worry if you can’t spot them; eventually the on-screen locator will guide you where they are.
  3. As soon as you clear the ridge, you will return to your normal first-person view, with Taliban charging at your from the North. You won’t have much cover here, so make sure your sniping skills are pristine and help Dusty take all of Taliban out.
  4. When you get the okay from Dusty, fall back and sprint up the mountain. About half way up you’ll be greeted by more fighters to the West, just over the makeshift rock wall. Crouch to use this for cover and take them out.
  5. After you clear this area, follow Dusty over the wall and back up the other side of the mountain. Once you arrive at the high point, above where the small group of Taliban are gathering, wait for Dusty’s countdown, then take out the RPG first, followed by the rest of the group.
  6. Clear the area and follow Dusty to your next position. Crouch to crawl under the tree branch and grab your long-range sniper. There are four enemies in this are,a and it’s going to be kind of tricky to take them out on this scope. Take out the one to the left, on top of the rocks, first.
  7. Quickly adjust your scope to slightly zoom out and take out the other three around the camp area. Follow Dusty to your next sniper location.
  8. At this spot you’ll have to fight through the dense fog and glare. Switching to night vision might help a little, but you’ll still need a keen eye to pick off enemy forces. An on-screen locator will occasionally pop up to aid you in the location of key targets.
  9. ACHIEVEMENT: Clear the area of all the bad guys in the area to complete the mission and earn an achievement.
  10. ACHIEVEMENT: Since this is your last mission as Deuce, you will also earn the “Have A Good One” Achievement.


  1. Back as Rabbit again, take out all Taliban forces on top of the mountain. Unfortunately, the sun will be right in your eyes, so if you are having trouble spotting them, make sure to crouch for cover.
  2. Look over to the Northwest corner and you’ll see a path with a bunch of them coming down the mountain––take them out before they reach their positions.
  3. Once Mother unleashes the smoke and you receive the okay, sprint down the hill and follow the rest of the guys. Once you reach the next position, quickly find a rock to hide behind for cover.
  4. Keep your head on a swivel, as Talbian will approach you from the path you just came down, as well as over the mountain to the East.
  5. Once you hear the helicopter, follow the guys and continue down the path. As soon as you turn left to meet the helo, you’ll be surprised with more Taliban fighters. Take them out and follow your team to the new LZ.
  6. Head through the door and drop off the ledge. Sprint across the area and take cover behind a rock in the far right corner of the area. Look back toward the hut and eliminate Taliban with your sniper.
  7. When you get the order, take out your SOFLAM and use it to destroy the hut. As soon as air support destroys the hut, crouch to stay low and hopefully you’ll avoid an incoming RPG.
  8. Take out the large group of Taliban who will be charging hard across the area. As soon as Mother tosses the smoke, turn around behind you and have Voodoo pull you up and over the rock formation (look for the on-screen locator if you don’t seem him).
  9. Follow the boys to the next area and use Voodoo’s 60 to take out enemy forces. Use this to help defend your team and wipe out all Taliban as you head through the huts.
  10. When you see the helo again, sprint down the path and take out the Taliban along the way. You’ll receive covering fire from Preacher and Voodoo, so don’t worry if you are getting shot from behind, just get to the helicopter.
  11. ACHIEVEMENT: Get behind the tail gun of the Helo and take out as many enemy forces as possible along the ridge in this intense final scene of the mission. Complete it and you’ll earn the “Cliffhanger” Achievement.

Neptune’s Net

  1. Following your crash landing, follow the on-screen locator and head down the path in front of you. When you reach a dead end, turn left and crawl through the tiny triangular opening.
  2. This looks fun! Click RS to perform a stealth attack on the unsuspecting soldier. Pick up his AK and head to the right.
  3. Quietly sneak up behind the soldier and perform another stealth attack. Continue down the path where there will be two more unsuspecting soldiers. Two quick pistol shots the head ought to do the trick.
  4. Drop down onto the narrow rock ledge to your left, then head up the next path. After Mother tells you not to engage with the oncoming patrol unit, hide in the rocks on the right of the path.
  5. After the missile takes out the two guards, slowly come out from your cover and take out the soldier just up the hill. Turn right and continue up the path. Head up the slope to the left and take out the soldiers down the path below.
  6. Walk back down the slope and continue up the original path. After you slide down the bank and rally up with Mother, follow him up the path.
  7. Once you spot the next camp, follow Mother up and around to the other side. Take out the first two soldiers quietly so that you don’t alert the rest of the camp. If you do happen to get spotted, keep in mind that there will be soldiers up on the ridge across the way.
  8. Clear the area and follow Mother to rally up with Preacher and Voodoo. After you slide and the slope and crawl through the underpass, follow Mother’s orders and let the soldiers pass as you stay hidden under the bridge.
  9. After they pass, move out and take the left side of the path while Mother takes the right. When you spot the group crossing the bridge, wait for them to pass. Mother will give a countdown, then take out the lone soldier that stayed behind.
  10. Walk under the bridge and back around to meet up with Mother. Take out the lone guard just in this area, then follow Mother down the path to the right.
  11. Take out the three soldiers in this next area and continue on down the path. After Mother splits up with you, turn around, switch to night vision and crawl through the tiny cave.
  12. As soon as Mother tells you, dart right and take cover behind the large rock. This place will be crawling with bad guys, so clear the area as best as you can as you continue to the right.
  13. Once you make it up the path and around to the camp, take the soldier to the left in front of the crates. Walk around to the cave and grab the grenade ammo inside.
  14. Take cover behind the crates inside the cave and take out the soldiers charging down the hill on the other side. Don’t bother picking up one of the sniper rifles — there are too many guys in this area and they all know where you are.
  15. Clear the area and follow Mother up the next pathway. Press X to have Mother pull you up and follow him up to the building. After you realize that everyone inside is dead, you’ll be ambushed from the outside.
  16. Follow Mother’s orders and hit the ground to avoid enemy fire. After you come to, take out enemy fighters using your pistol as Mother drags you along. Make them count; go for the head!
  17. ACHIEVEMENT: Following your next near-death experience, trudge up the hill towards Mother. Get to the edge of the cliff to complete the mission and earn the “S.E.R.E.” Achievement.
  18. ACHIEVEMENT: Since this is your last mission as Rabbit, you will also earn the “Never Quit” Achievement.

Rescue The Rescuers

  1. Once you come to, get up and get on the Minigun to take out the attacking Taliban forces. Make sure you scan the entire area and spray it with bullets and listen to your team to find out where the RPGs are coming from.
  2. ACHIEVEMENT: Chop down five trees with the Minigun to earn the “Timber!” Achievement.
  3. Following this sequence, exit the plane and rally up with your team. Grab the grenade ammo as soon as you exit. Take cover behind the rocks and help the troops ward of the attacking Taliban.
  4. Advance across the terrain with you team and look for cover along the way if you come under siege. If you press the left arrow on your directional pad, you can use your assault rifle to fire grenades — a sort of Call Of Duty noob-tube.
  5. After you hear from air support, use the SOFLAM to target the gunner on the right side of the area. Once air support delivers the goods, advance with your team.
  6. Kill all enemy forces around the turn of the path, then use the SOFLAM again when you reach the next gunner. Take out the surrounding Taliban, then, after air support arrives, follow your team to the next area.
  7. After that idiot Hernandez gets hit, follow Patterson into the cave. Take out the Taliban fighters that run by as you make your way through the cave.
  8. Once you spot the opening in the cave, you’ll meet up with Preacher and Voodoo. Head out the cave and down the mountain. When you turn left, take out the Taliban fighters that are manning the camp area.
  9. Head up slope and around to the other side. Take out all fighters in this area and continue along the path. Turn left back up the mountain and take out the next group of fighters.
  10. There will be a ton of guys in this area, so be patient, use the cover, and remember to look around the whole area for bad guys. Oh, and grenades are your friend!
  11. Eventually, you will make another push up the mountain, but watch out for more fighters to come down the hill on the left. Work your way over to this side and get up the slope (this is the area with the nets hanging over the pathway).
  12. Use cover behind the crates and clear the area. Rally up with your team and get a buddy boost to get up onto the edge of the next area.
  13. Sprint down the hill. Once you walk between the two mountains and fall off of a short drop, take cover behind the formation of rocks on the left. Eliminate the Taliban running down the hill first, then move over to the left side of the rocks and kill the two on the hill.
  14. Head up that same hill and you should find a high-powered sniper rifle. Pick it up and take out the fighters across the way in the bunker. Make sure you pick off the RPG located behind the rocks, just to the right of their bunker.
  15. Advance with your team and continue to assault the bunker. They will have a lot of fire power, so be patient. You get your best shot flanking them from up the hill, as opposed to where the rest of your team will be located.
  16. ACHIEVEMENT: Following the Predator Missile, follow your team around the bunker and into the cave. Kick in the door to receive the “Eight Heros Abroad” Achievement and complete the game.
  17. ACHIEVEMENT: You will also receive the “Rangers Lead The Way” Achievement for finishing the last mission as Dante.

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already done all these im stuck on day 2 :(


On October 17, 2010 at 3:38 pm

What do you mean left bumper? I’m playing on the PC. When I press the right mouse button I shoot rockets. Are these different from hellfire rockets. I clear out all the mortars except one even though I’m pelting it with rockets. The pilot on the other chopper say’s I’m not going to make it and I get mission failed.


On October 17, 2010 at 3:47 pm

dude I’m on the apache stage and can’t seem to beat it the mission is failed everytime….what do i have to do i’m frustrated….

Dave Moss

On October 17, 2010 at 4:10 pm

Rick, the hellfire missiles are different from the rockets. I’m not sure which key it is on the computer but you have to hold it down, lock on, and then release. This is the only way to destroy targets with the white box around them.


On October 18, 2010 at 4:08 am

hold down the 4 key 4 your missiles


On October 26, 2010 at 1:24 am

how the hell do i jump over that tree in the path on the way to lz betty? been trying for half an hour to jump over that thing


On November 1, 2010 at 10:19 am

been stuck at bit were u suppress fire on guntower for my team nothing seems to help when try this thing is going out the window if i can’t do it :)


On November 7, 2010 at 4:05 pm

daa23, there is a bug in this place, spent an hour fireing on that gun! I restarted this mission and everything was fine!


On December 19, 2010 at 6:51 am

Point 8 on the last mission…I’ve found the opening, but can’t go through it? Tried restarting mission; but no luck. PS3. Hope someone can help. Thanks.


On December 28, 2010 at 7:43 am

hey im stuck on gun fighter and i play on pc i cant lock on or use the hellfire they wont work it just says out of range


On April 24, 2011 at 12:15 pm

how do i use SOFLAM? Whenever i’m ordered to use it a diamond symbol in a circle comes on the screen but i don’t know what to do- the game doesn’t instruct me on this


On May 22, 2011 at 4:38 pm

I’m on the gunfighters for PS3, and by the time the choppers get turned around, and I have literally blew the place up, it says “behind the rocks”–but there are so many explosions I can’t figure out where they’re telling me to fire at—and then I get “Mission Failed”. Every single time. I’m shot conservatively, I’ve shot to where my barrels were hot–but it doesn’t work. Help! Kind of really getting frustrated with it.


On October 4, 2011 at 8:09 am

Belly of the beast- I’ve suppressed that dshk gun for ages and my team dont assult it? Any ideas? Cheers