Medal of Honor: Warfighter Campaign Achievements Guide

Unlocking achievements is the passion of hardcore completionists everywhere, that’s why we’ve put together a guide helping you find and complete every challenge in the single-player campaign of Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The new shooter from EA and Danger Close has its own set of unique challenges to finish if you want the full one-thousand points, or the coveted platinum trophy. Get started on your hunt here before moving on to multiplayer.

If these missions are giving you a headache, try Game Front’s Medal of Honor walkthrough. If you’re looking for more extra unlockable content like this, evac to our Warfighter cheats.

Challenge Achievements Guide

On the Clock (10 / Bronze): Completed the training in Through the Eyes of Evil in under 18 seconds

  • Load Mission 2. For the final tutorial, you’ll need to complete an obstacle course. There are multiple ways to completing this course in the time limit, but you’ll need to be fast and you’ll need to keep moving.
  • To stay accurate while moving forward, use the pistol. If you do use the Assault Rifle, switch to Semi-Auto mode for high accuracy.
  • The trick to completing this tutorial isn’t about finishing it within 18 seconds. Instead, you’ll want to improve your score by hitting each target in the head. A better score will lower your overall time.
  • Remember, aiming down the sights will auto-lock onto either the head or chest of the targets. To shoot quickly, switch to aiming down the sights to fire off a shot for each target, then quickly lower your gun and move on.
  • Don’t shoot the friendly targets. Doing so will give you a time penalty.
  • If you can move fast, and manage to hit each target in either the head or chest, you’ll unlock the achievement. Just try to go for more headshots than chestshots.
  • Leftover Lead (15 / Bronze): Completed the sniping section in Shore Leave without missing a shot

  • Load Mission 3. Here, you’ll enter a sniping sequence near the end of the level. Your partner will mark enemies that you’ll need to take out with your rifle.
  • What makes this section tricky is the bullet-drop mechanic in play. Because you’re shooting from long range, each shot will droop below your aiming reticule one or two notches.
  • To ensure a good shot each time you fire, be aware that you can hold your breathe during each shot. This will increase your accuracy by steadying your aim.
  • Before firing, place your reticule one or two lines above the target. Wait for the target to stop moving, hold your breathe, then fire.
  • This may take some practice. Remember, only the marked objective targets need to be shot, you can ignore every other enemy.
  • If you miss, reload the checkpoint to try again.
  • Vendor Bender (10 / Bronze): Destroyed 90 market stalls in Hot Pursuit

  • Load Mission 4. In this mission, you’ll be in a car driving through streets covering in market stalls. Eventually, you’ll also pass through a market, which is where you’ll find most of the stalls you’ll find to unlock this achievement.
  • Stalls are easy to spot. They’re always wooden construction, with products displayed, usually under a shade. Simply drive on the sidewalks when you can, that’s where most of the stalls are located. In the market, weave around wildly to destroy as many as possible.
  • Double Header (10 / Bronze): Killed two enemies with one bullet in the Changing Tides Mission

  • Load Mission 5. Continue through the mission until you reach a point where your ally advises you to take out two patrolling guards with one shot.
  • Once they start walking, you should be able to pull off a shot that kills both with your primary weapon. But, if you do miss you can still unlock the achievement without reloading the last checkpoint.
  • Aim for one head, and wait for the second guard to slowly pass by. It takes timing, so wait until you’re ready before pulling the trigger. If you still can’t pull it off, you can still unlock this achievement in the very next section. There will be three guards patrolling, take out two with one shot — just wait until their heads are lined up in your crosshairs.
  • Release the Kraken! (15 / Bronze): Killed 20 enemies during the boat exfil in Rip Current

  • Load Mission 6. At the end of the stage, you’ll be in control of a Rubber Raiding Craft armed with an automatic grenade launcher on the bow.
  • Simple achievement, just shoot every enemy in your path. They’ll pop up on the roofs, just make sure to compensate and aim low — the explosion will still reach the enemies even if you only hit the building’s side. Sweep for red marks on your screen and try to pick them all off.
  • Don’t get too crazy with your shooting. Stray shots can hit your allied boat.
  • Tag You’re It (10 / Bronze): Caught Faraz within 15 minutes in Finding Faraz

  • Load Mission 8. Once you’re in control, the chase begins. Faraz will run across rooftops, then ambush you further ahead. Never stop moving, dash when enemies aren’t around. Move from one piece of cover to the next, popping out and taking down enemies as you do.
  • If you keep pace, you’ll easily catch the culprit within the time limit. Don’t rush too much, and if you’re having trouble, simply lower the difficulty.
  • Target Practice (10 / Bronze): Shot down the targets in the training camp caves in Connect the Dots

  • Load Mission 9. This is a secret achievement, so easily missed even though you’ll always pass through this area.
  • Inside the caves, look for black targets once you reach a crude firing range. Clear out the enemies, then shoot each of the targets down range to unlock.
  • Storm Watch (10 / Bronze): Got through the sandstorm without hitting any vehicles in Hello and Dubai

  • Load Mission 10. Before the mission ends, you’ll enter a driving sequence while trying to escape. In the sandstorm, you’ll have to navigate traffic without hitting a single vehicle – friendly or not. Play it safe and slow, and watch for the lights in the distance.
  • If the enemy vehicles are still on your back, let them pass. They’ll drive by, then all you’ll need to do is follow them to the exit to unlock this trophy / achievement.
  • Dirty Laundry (15 / Bronze): Found the grenades in the laundry room in Bump in the Night

  • Load Mission 12. Play until helicopters appear in the sky and you gain the objective ordering you to the bridge. Inside the hallway where the waypoint first appears, stop and look around. Don’t leave yet.
  • Look for a door on the left-hand side of the hallway that you can open. Open it up and head inside. Just grab these secret grenades, and the achievement / trophy will unlock.
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