Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough

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Bump in the Night

  1. During the cut-scene, Preacher will watch Mother get murdered right in front of him. The scene then changes back to Stump and Voodoo as they try to secure the vessel, the MV Mistress Dubai.
  2. Once you rope down, move toward the bridge. Use cover using the crates, as you keep pushing forward. During the first sequence if you push up fast enough, you can reach a set of stairs. Use this position to flank the enemies on the upper deck.
  3. Continue moving up the staircases to reach the bridge. When you make it, Voodoo recognizes someone and the scene ends.
  4. You’re now in the boots of Preacher, re-living the events one hour ago. He escapes captivity and takes out guard with the sunglasses. He’s pretty pissed. Move down the corridor, then melee kill the first tango that gets in your way.
  5. Take out the second tango by the red car, then the duo of enemies ahead. Wait for them to turn away from you, then take out the one by the crate. Preacher will automatically kill them both. It will also give him a suppressed pistol.
  6. Keep moving forward. You’ll reach a ramp with yellow paint. Take out the two enemies as you head up the ramp. From here you can go either left, by the windows, or right, through the narrow crate passages, as more enemies come out from nowhere.
  7. Make your way to the engine room. You’ll reach a ramp that leads down to a bunch of parked cars, some covered in tarps. Use them for cover as you clear the tangos shooting at you.
  8. Keep moving through the corridor full of cars. Soon you’ll see a red light marking the end of Section 1. Head through the door, then take the stairs down. Enter the door to the control panel and take out two enemies. Enter the engine room.
  9. Move through the engine room to the shutdown lever. Use the machinery for cover. Be careful of the enemies with shotguns since you’re in close quarters. When you get to the shutdown lever, press “E” to shut it down, then head back out the way you came, but this time, head toward the ship deck, marked by the waypoint.
  10. Head up the stairs toward the exit. Shoot the enemies you see on deck as you head to the bridge. There will be a machine gunner ahead. The best way to go through is toward the left side of the ship. There’s cover, plus you can flank.
  11. When you get close to the bridge, head to the right of the ship using the cargo containers for cover, then take the doorway underneath to the bridge. You’ll hit upon a room full of shelves containing rations. Take out the enemies inside, then head for the red light.
  12. Take out the enemies in the galley. Take cover by the stoves. When it’s clear head to the door marked ‘Exit”.
  13. Preacher will see the squad approaching with the helicopters. Head up the stairs and take cover by the doorway. Neutralize the tangos taking cover behind furniture. The wooden door will then get kicked open. Shoot the enemy as he barges out, then follow the narrow corridor as you keep shooting more enemies. Clear the next room, then exit. You’ll see the troops rappelling down from the helicopters.
  14. You’ll see Sad al Din as you look right. Chase after him as he heads to the bridge. Breach the door to the room he holed up in. Watch Preacher as he exacts his revenge.
  15. Voodoo’s squad then breaches the door and Preacher tells him what happened to Mother.

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6 Comments on Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough


On August 16, 2013 at 7:42 pm

Cannot get past this part. Game just quits with a blank screen but seems to be running as pressing escape takes you to the main menu. Any suggestions ?????

Kevin Thielenhaus

On August 19, 2013 at 1:23 pm


Which part are you having problems with? The level name, and a short description of where you are having trouble, should do. If you can quote part of our walkthrough above, that’d also help us pinpoint the problem.

Doug Hewitson

On August 22, 2013 at 11:05 am

Have you found a solution for my problem where I cannot get past the mission FINDING FARAZ.
Aug 22/13

Kevin Thielenhaus

On August 22, 2013 at 11:27 am


Let’s continue this conversation in e-mail. If we find a solution, I’ll post it here.

William smith

On October 9, 2013 at 6:49 am

I am using a standard mouse & keyboard. When it calls for me to use the middle key.WTF do I use???


On February 13, 2014 at 10:51 pm

Cannot get past this finding Farz Part. Game just quits with a blank screen but seems to be running as pressing escape takes you to the main menu. After i head through the open doorway to get to the front entrance. Ajab will arrives but screen goes blank. Please Help Me out