Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough

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Shut it Down

  1. During the initial cut-scene, Dusty decides to back out on the field for this final mission. Just like old times.
  2. When you get your feet on the ground, after Dusty’s malfunction, it’s time to infiltrate the compound. Stay on the road. You’ll see a convoy pass by. After they’ve passed, take down the two enemies who have decided to urinate.
  3. Drop down, then head right and follow the road. Up ahead will be three enemies by a campfire. It’s up to you to take them all out. Once they’re down, keep following the road right. You’ll run over some water. When you head up, use the rocks on the right for cover to the right side of the red gate, then take out the lone guard in front of the gate.
  4. Head inside the compound. Move to the right side of the compound along the wall. Shoot the generator to cut the power (thus equipping night vision), then take out the guard that investigates. Head inside the house. When you reach the door, breach it, then eliminate the four surprised tangos.
  5. Head upstairs to clear the second floor. Eventually the backup generators will turn on, disabling your night vision. Take cover by the windows, then take out as many enemies as you can down in the courtyard. After a while, Voodoo will open a door downstairs, so just hold out.
  6. Move through the courtyard, eliminating enemies as you push forward through the compound. Keep sticking with Voodoo. He’ll run toward the left side where a flare is illuminating everything in red.
  7. Follow Voodoo inside the building, then use the windows for cover. Take out the technical and the tangos on the balcony in front of you. Voodoo will kick open the door and head to the building across the way. Clear the area of any enemies inside, then move upstairs and clear that floor as well. Take out the heavy gunner.
  8. Breach the door ahead, inside the hallway. Eliminate each of the six hostiles inside, then exit the building through the balcony. Follow the alley that runs along side the left wall.
  9. When you reach the rest of the team, you’ll be in control of the bot. Move it across the bridge, then into the hut as you mow down enemies left and right, clearing the way. You’ll reach another bridge into a courtyard. Take out as many enemies as you can as you hear the clanging of metal.
  10. You’ll be Preacher once again right before the courtyard. Head for the team by the wooden gate. Follow them until another vehicle drives by. Take out the passengers. As you push forward, more tangos will be forced back to the Cleric’s palace.
  11. You’ll reach a bridge where a technical is parked. Enemies will be headed toward you across the bridge. Eliminate them as they cross your sights. Once the gunner is dead, man the MG and aim down the gate to destroy the gate and to shred any tangos in your way.
  12. When it’s clear, you’ll automatically be taken off the MG. Head up the road to the Cleric’s Palace. As you move up, the palace is on fire. Shoot any enemies as you push forward. The double doors ahead will explode. Shoot the lone tango, then head inside. You’ll see tangos dazed and others on fire.
  13. Move through the corridors. When the smoke gets thick, you’ll go prone. Kill any tangos that you see as you crawl.
  14. You’ll reach the final door with Voodoo. As you initiate the breach, Voodoo will say “For Mother, and for Rabbit”. The door will be breached and the Cleric will be inside. He’s strapped to a bomb.
  15. He has the triggering device in his right hand. Before he presses it, shoot his hand. It’s over. Congratulations! You’ve just beaten Medal of Honor: Warfighter! Watch the emotional ending sequence as you see the squad remember their downed hero.

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6 Comments on Medal of Honor: Warfighter Walkthrough


On August 16, 2013 at 7:42 pm

Cannot get past this part. Game just quits with a blank screen but seems to be running as pressing escape takes you to the main menu. Any suggestions ?????

Kevin Thielenhaus

On August 19, 2013 at 1:23 pm


Which part are you having problems with? The level name, and a short description of where you are having trouble, should do. If you can quote part of our walkthrough above, that’d also help us pinpoint the problem.

Doug Hewitson

On August 22, 2013 at 11:05 am

Have you found a solution for my problem where I cannot get past the mission FINDING FARAZ.
Aug 22/13

Kevin Thielenhaus

On August 22, 2013 at 11:27 am


Let’s continue this conversation in e-mail. If we find a solution, I’ll post it here.

William smith

On October 9, 2013 at 6:49 am

I am using a standard mouse & keyboard. When it calls for me to use the middle key.WTF do I use???


On February 13, 2014 at 10:51 pm

Cannot get past this finding Farz Part. Game just quits with a blank screen but seems to be running as pressing escape takes you to the main menu. After i head through the open doorway to get to the front entrance. Ajab will arrives but screen goes blank. Please Help Me out