Metal Gear Rising: Boxes, Civilians & Humanoid Gekko Locations

Weirdness abounds in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance with two oddball collectibles and endangered citizens. In the story, you’ll be able to discover weird arm-only robots that cling together to form a creepy humanoid shape. Not only that, but Solid Snake’s classic box hiding techniques return as many of the missions contain secret soldiers trying their best to avoid Raiden’s deadly blade. To round out the trifecta, there are also civilians held hostage that’ll take some stealth skills to rescue. If you’re having trouble finding these hidden extras, browse down to the guide below.

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Boxes, Civilians & Humanoid Gekko Locations Guide

Note: The stealth boxes are special collectibles disguised as regular cardboard boxes. Attack them to discover. Civilians are more complicated, you’ll need to kill the soldiers guarding civilians to rescue them. If you’re spotted or wait too long, the civilian will be killed. EMP grenades are your best bet.

File R-01: Coup d’√Čtat:

  • Civilian #1: Leaving the home at the start of the mission, your first civilian is just on down to the right past the exit.
  • Civilian #2: Entering the area past Raiden’s first encounter with the helicopters, you’ll find a civilian under guard.
  • Sneaking Box #1: Near the exit to the factory guarded by cameras, look for a series of boxes stacked around one of the support columns. Jump down to smash the boxes to discover a hidden man.

File R-02: Research Facility

  • Humanoid Gekko #1: After reaching the sewers full of Gekkos, you’ll need to clear the area of the enemies. After destroying them all, return to the initial sewer entrance to find this odd humanoid.
  • Sneaking Box #1: Down in the sewers, keep a lookout for a breakable door. This is the area where the entrance supposedly is located.

File R-03: Mile High

  • Sneaking Box #1: Entering an office building, you’ll have to deal with Gekkos inside a room after they jump in through the window. Clear them, and in the following hallway you can go right or left. Check the alcove right to find the box.
  • Civilian #1: Jumping from rooftop to rooftop, a Slider will fly by just as you reach the area with the civilian. Below and to the right, cyborgs will patrol the zone.
  • Humanoid Gekko #1: Traveling through the very dark underground subway patrolled by Mastiffs, you can find the gekko at the very end of the line.

File R-04: Hostile Takeover

  • Sneaking Box #1: At the top of the freight elevator, Ninja Run on top of the crates and slide through the narrow gap to reach a special room with the box settled around the center.
  • Humanoid Gekko #1: Exiting the Server Room and stepping outside, immediately turn left to spot the tripods before running forward to the boss fight on the helicopter bad. Use a Rocket Launcher to kill it.

File R-05: Escape From Denver

  • Humanoid Gekko #1: Past the fountain you’ll reach a large open area of stairs. Sneak past the Cyborgs and Sliders with a drum or box, the gekko will only appear at the bottom of the stairs if you are not seen.
  • Civilian #1: Down the steps, you’ll reach the a barricaded street with a GARD unit. Just past the GARD are two Cyborgs ready to kill a civilian.

File R-07: Assassination Attempt

  • Humanoid Gekko #1: Before making yourself known, avoid enemies by jumping down and staying close to the edge of the map opposite the air base. Cross the street, and you’ll find this gekko between two large rocks.
  • Sneaking Box #1: After passing through the hangar and taking care of the armored Cyborgs outside, continue forward and check behind the stacks of shipping crates.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Tearing Away the Disguise (20 points / Bronze):
    Destroy all of the humanoid Dwarf Gekkos during story mode.
  • Peekaboo (20 points / Bronze):
    Discover all of the soldiers hidden in cardboard boxes.
  • Humanitarian Assistance (25 points / Bronze):
    Rescue all the civilians.

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