Metal Gear Rising: Data Storage Devices Locations Guide

Evil private military organizations are very loose with their data, as you’ll find these special devices strewn about every mission of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Collecting them all will net you a fancy achievement or trophy, while getting you one step closer to that coveted 100% completion. Save yourself some time, and use the text guide below to find every hidden device.

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Data Stores Locations Guide


File R-00: Guard Duty:

  • Data Device #1: Once you reach the section where Raiden must use Ninja Run to chase Sundowner, you’ll eventually reach wall with a breakable grating. Slice open the grating, then combat slide through the opening to acquire the first collectible.
  • Data Device #2: After boarding the train, you’ll need to reach the waypoint to trigger a cutscene. Instead of jumping to the waypoint, slowly inch your way off the train car so that Raiden drops directly down. If you drop too far, the cutscene will begin. Dropping straight down, you’ll be able to find the device nearby.

File R-01: Coup d’√Čtat:

  • Data Device #1: At the start of the mission, look up to find this device attached to the chandelier above. Use Ninja Run to get to the upper level.
  • Data Device #2: When you encounter a special new Gekko, check to your left for an alternate path leading to a crate. Slice open the crate to grab the device.
  • Data Device #3: After defeating the first boss of the mission, you’ll need to cut open the next door and look on the shelves inside.
  • Data Device #4: Inside the factory, you’ll enter a large room protected by sentry cameras. Explore and reach the catwalks near the roof, then check out the reverse corner of the factory from the item cache.

File R-02: Research Facility

  • Data Device #1: Past the room with two generators in the sewers, you’ll enter an area with tubes. Stay on top of the tubes to discover a breakable box that can be destroyed while in Blade Mode. You’ll find the mission’s first data device inside.
  • Data Device #2: While you’re in control of the Dwarf Gekko, look in one of the corners of the rooms for a pile of black boxes. Climb to the top with the Gekko to claim a storage device.
  • Data Device #3: Still remote-controlling the Gekko, look to your left side for an alternate path. Use the Gekko’s roll ability to get through and find another device.

File R-03: Mile High

  • Data Device #1: After defeating the twin GARDs, the doors to a set of stairs will open. Climb the stairs, then turn around to jump onto the glass canopy. Run up to find a hidden device.
  • Data Device #2: Travelling across the rooftops, you’ll reach a building where a civilian is held hostage, and a Slider enemy flies by. You need to kill the Slider to gain this device. Restart at the checkpoint if you miss him.
  • Data Device #3: In the underground subway tunnel, after passing the first group of Mastiffs patrolling, there will be another to your left. Get rid of it and check the nearby train car to find the device.
  • Data Device #4: Reaching the long set of stairs leading up, guarded by patrols of Cyborgs, look to the left of the steps’ base for a shop cart. Use it to jump onto the sign ahead, and then to the ledge above and right to reach this final device.

File R-04: Hostile Takeover

  • Data Device #1: This is tricky. Climb to the lobby top floor with the weapon display cases, and look out toward the entrance. Jump to the left pillar, then jump to the two TVs hanging from the walls like platforms. Finally jump to the front left pillar to find this device.
  • Data Device #2: At the strange Japanese Garden, look under the last of the catwalks to find a Blade Mode item chest.
  • Data Device #3: Inside the server room, run up the steps and backtrack around the left side of the room to find pipes leading to the opposite ledge. Slice open the item box to find the device at the end of the path.

File R-05: Escape From Denver

  • Data Device #1: In the very first area, after taking care of the enemy ambush, check behind the tram car straight ahead. There’s a green trash can — slice it open to find the device.

File R-07: Assassination Attempt

  • Data Device #1: Entering the air base through the front gates, climb up to the ledge using the crates to your left to find the device.
  • Data Device #2: Inside the hangar, check out the props of the VTOL.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Data Mining (20 points / Bronze):
    Acquire all data storage devices.

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