Metal Gear Rising: Jetstream DLC Walkthrough & Collectibles Guide

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – DL-Story-01: Jetstream

  • Sewers
  • HQ Lower Floors
  • Japanese Garden
  • Server Room
  • Final Boss
  • Part 1: Sewers

    The mission begins with Jetstream down in the Denver sewers. Pretty similar to the sewers in Mexico, right? Ignore the visual similarities, because it’s about time you get acquainted with Jetstream Sam.

    Jetstream is surprisingly divergent in skills and movement to his rival Raiden. It’ll take some getting used to – first off, Sam doesn’t have the amazingly useful Ninja Run.

    There’s no secondary weapons for Sam either, you’ll have to rely on his powerful heavy strike. One of his most useful abilities is the charge. To unleash Sam’s deadliest attacks, you’ll need to charge up.

    Holding heavy strike will swell red energy around Sam’s form until it crackles – that’s your signal to release and unleash a devastating attack.

    Almost any of Sam’s attacks or combos can end with a charge attack. Give them a try – check out the full moveset in the help menu.

    You’ll notice something else very quickly – Sam has no special vision. Instead, he taunts. Taunts are a new ability that’ll instantly make any nearby enemies flash red. While taunted, they’ll attack wildly and dish out more damage if they manage to land a hit. But, they also take far more damage.

    Taunting is a fairly advanced technique, and isn’t required to complete the DLC mission. It will become handy later, if you’re willing to take the risk.

    Regular enemies can be killed instantly while enraged – just be aware that you’re losing precious opportunities for Zandatsu.

    Fuel Cell +1 Chest: Immediately turn around from your starting point and check out the back sewer corner. Slash the black crate open to gain a fuel cell.

    Always be on the lookout for black chests and VR Missions. Sam can’t gain HP or BP without these upgrades found throughout the mission. You’ll need every upgrade you can get for the intensely difficult final boss.

    Without Ninja Dash, you’ll have to get used to just using Sam’s high double-jump to get around. Crack open the orange chest on the shipping containers to the left of the start for a nanopaste.

    There are two cyborgs to the right around the corner. You’ll notice something fast – Sam can’t use stealth kills! Jetstream is a samurai, not a ninja. No need for stealth here, though you can still sneak past enemy encounters.

    In the sewer ahead, you’ll find cyborgs patrolling the catwalks with rocket launchers while UG’s skim the surface.

    Here, learn a few of Sam’s best moves. Avalanche [Heavy Attack Mid-Jump] is great for hitting enemies below you, while it’s charged version is perfect for aerial opponents.

    Endurace +1 Chest: Down to left path from where you first jumped into the lower sewers, look in the corner for an orange chest with an electrolyte pack. Jump onto the platform above and use Blade Mode on the black chest for an upgrade.

    There’s another healing item straight down at the end of the catwalks from the starting point, before making a left turn toward the waypoint.

    Another UG is at the top of the crates. Use Taunt to make them enter a rage state – the skimmer UG’s are too annoying, and their enraged version is barely dangerous. Stay back when they prepare to spin, and attack from behind while they use flame.

    Sam lacks the same quick-strike capability of Raiden, but his range is very good. Use Front Kick [Light Attack x 3] and end with a charge to launch red energy forward at any enemy you don’t want to get close to.

    To enter into combat fast, use Charging Slash [Hold Heavy Attack] to get up close and personal. This attack will stagger many enemies, making it easy to follow-up with another combo.

    Another important combat tip: Jetstream Sam does not have any unlockable abilities. That means he starts with a dodge that provide precious frames of invincibility. It isn’t quite as mobile as Raiden’s, so it might take practice to get down.

    To dodge, look in the help menu to find Backflip [Light Attack + Jump] which can be used to dodge left, right, backwards or forwards depending on which direction you’re moving. It’s incredibly useful, especially later in the mission.

    Data Storage #1: Before interacting with the door panel, run past and jump up to the platform above the sewer drain at the end of the path. In one corner, you’ll find the floating collectible.

    To continue toward World Marshall HQ, interact with the control panel outside the door.

    Through the opening tunnel, you’ll have to deal with a heavy cyborg and two buddies. Use the weaker cyborgs for Zandatsu fodder while practicing against the heavy. Quick Draw [Heavy Attack] is a great way to surprise tough enemies.

    VR Mission #1: Inside this maintenance room, look in the left corner to find a mission terminal. Once the enemies are down, Sam will announce his interest.

    VR Missions work differently in Sam’s add-on. Instead of unlocking, you’ll have to complete them right away. If you manage to win, you’ll be rewarded with an upgrade. It’s important you go for these whenever possible to bolster Sam’s stats.

    The first VR Mission pits Sam against three Cyborgs and two Gekkos. Defeating only one soldier will summon on Gekko, so if you’re overwhelmed by two of the UG’s, avoid killing all the cyborgs. Use the weak soldiers to refill your health with Zandatsu, and focus on the bigger fish.

    Endurance +1 Chest: Complete the VR Mission above to make the black chest appear.

    Climb the container and exit back into the sewers through the tunnel to meet your first boss.

    Boss: LQ-841 “Blade Wolf”

    You’ll remember this guy from the second mission in Raiden’s campaign. He’s much beefier here. In fact, he’ll almost always lunge forward right as the fight begins. Dodge or parry right away.

    Make sure to set your repair nanopaste into the left slot. There’s more healing items in the orange crates in the dry corner near the catwalk stairs.

    Blade Wolf doesn’t play around. He’ll unleash series after series of combo attacks. When his face flashes red, prepare for a three-hit combo with his chainsaw blade. Parry or dodge all three attacks before replying.

    Blade Wolf is very active, he’ll run circles around Sam if you don’t lock-on. Watch out when Blade Wolf’s body glows red, he’ll try to lunge forward and grapple Sam, slamming that chainsaw down and dealing a good amount of damage.

    When Wolf retreats, he’ll attempt to throw three knives in series. Parry or Dash left and right to escape. If his chainsaw flashes red, prepare for a spinning area-of-effect attack. Answer this one with a well-timed Avalanche.

    Endurance +1: Dropped by Blade Wolf once defeated.

    Into the next sewer area, you’ll find two patrolling UG’s and a Cyborg. Try to take the UG’s out separately. Look in the sewer drain on the left path to find a handy EM Grenade.

    Fuel Cell +1 Chest: To the far right, past the control panel to the shuttered doors.

    When you’re ready, interact with the control panel up the stairs to continue into World Marshall HQ.

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