Metal Gear Rising: Jetstream DLC Walkthrough & Collectibles Guide

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – DL-Story-01: Jetstream

  • Sewers
  • HQ Lower Floors
  • Japanese Garden
  • Server Room
  • Final Boss
  • HQ Lower Floors

    Through the hall, look to your right. A Gekko appears, and they’ve been improved since Raiden’s campaign. These models are tougher, with faster attacks, and a tricky jump.

    When they rear back, sometimes they’ll jump over Sam’s head instead of charge. When they do, parry directly behind before they deliver a powerful donkey kick.

    Use charged Avalanche to hit these Gekkos hard, and use the cyborg it’s paired with to refill your health if you’re in need.

    The next room is guarded by a camera turret and a heavy. Down the next hall, you’ll enter the freight elevator.

    Endurance +1 Chest: Before getting on the lift, check out the room on the right. Grabbing the upgrade will summon two shielded cyborgs and a slider. Use parry-counter to destroy their shields, or just jump over their heads with a charged Blade Mode to kill them instantly.

    Check out the lower lift area for a health pack. Then, interact with the control panel at your waypoint to ride the lift up.

    As the elevator goes up, two cyborgs and a swarm of tripods will attack. They’ll barely slow Sam down.

    When the elevator stops, things get more interesting. A rocket-armed cyborg will drop onto the shipping crates and shoot down at you while a Raptor engages at close-range.

    The Raptors are back and more annoying than ever. Their energy weapon will still cause problems, it’s best to deal with this UG quickly. Jump onto the containers and taunt after finishing off the cyborg.

    Use Avalanche, if you’re willing to play it safe and boring, or charge in. Either way, the Raptor isn’t significantly more powerful while enraged. A few attacks will break it’s armor.

    Data Storage #2: Jump onto the second lift and look behind the storage containers before climbing up.

    Climb up to the waypoint and hit the door controls when you’re ready to continue. But, before you go, look around the room. There’s a healing item in the orange chest, and a homing missile launcher.

    VR Mission #2: In one of the corners near the shaft, you’ll find another VR Mission. Here, you’ll have do deal with heavies trying to knock you off a platform.

    Use the mid-dash heavy attack followed by a light attack to send these rocket heavies flying off the side to their death. If you’re ever knocked off yourself, don’t forget that Sam has a unique air dash activated with the dash button.

    If you have Rocket Launchers handy, this is another good way to instantly get rid of a few heavies. Target them, then let loose a rocket to send them flying off the side.

    Take care of the Berserker before handling the sliders. This is the easy part. Ignore the sliders, and don’t let them goad you off the edges.

    Handily, all the items will respawn once you return. Press the control panel when you’re ready.

    Boss: Metal Gear Ray (Modified)

    Ray has more bark than he does bite. He’ll start with a vertical plasma beam attack. Just keep dashing. To dodge most of Ray’s attacks, you’ll want to keep dashing.

    Stand too far back, and Ray will attempt to slice Sam with it’s massive blade fins. Avoid it by running in close.

    At close-range, Ray will thrust it’s sharp head forward several times. Keep dashing left or right until it slams it’s head down into the ground. This is your chance, it’ll stay stuck for several seconds. Go nuts with charge attacks or combo strings.

    Knock it’s health down to about 86% and you’ll get your chance. Use Blade Mode when the icon appears, and slice away it’s head armor. Now it’ll take even more damage.

    Follow this basic pattern. When Ray jumps away, dash toward it while dodge plasma or missiles. Stay under it’s mid-section, if you get close to the legs it’ll attempt to stomp.

    At about 10% health, you’ll have the fight won. Use Blade Mode when the prompt appears to finish Ray off.

    Before leaving the area, take some time to explore.

    Fuel Cells +1 Chest: In the Ray Hangar, look for a platform underneath the catwalk leading to the exit. There’s a black chest sitting near the pipes.

    VR Mission #3: This mission is located on the catwalks opposite the exit, after fighting Ray. Look for a single catwalk with stairs, and jump to the silver bound crates near the wall. From here, you can jump to another catwalk with the terminal at the end.

    Endurance +1 Chest: Complete the mission above for the chest to appear nearby.

    Data Storage #3: Another collectible is nearby, from the VR Mission. Before jumping down, look above the crates you used earlier to reach the catwalk to find a section of ducts. Jump to it, then jump to another section of duct above. Ahead, near the ceiling, you’ll see a series of four fans. Double-jump to each, at the end of the row is another area you can reach above, with the data.

    Use the catwalks to reach the exit door.

    Endurance +1 Chest: Before leaving, jump onto the platform above the doors to find a catwalk. Ahead, there’s another catwalk that’s seemingly out of reach. Double-jump then use an air-dash to reach this hidden section.

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