Metal Gear Rising: Jetstream DLC Walkthrough & Collectibles Guide

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – DL-Story-01: Jetstream

  • Sewers
  • HQ Lower Floors
  • Japanese Garden
  • Server Room
  • Final Boss
  • Japanese Gardens

    After leaving the Ray Hangar, you’ll find yourself in an employee passage guarded by two Berzerkers. If you’re careful, this fight can be avoided.

    Through the doors ahead, you’ll find the entrance hallway to the Japanese Gardens. After a short discussion with Monsoon, hit the control panel to enter the area proper.

    Fuel Cell +1 Chest: This black chest is found right above the entrance door, on a catwalk attached to the roofs.

    The area is lightly guarded. Only a handful of cyborgs and sliders are patrolling this town-like area. Deal with them, and collect any chests you can find.

    There are a few interesting easter eggs here, too. Ninja-Cat returns, found on the stone walkways in the center of the “town” area. Inside the gazebo, you’ll find a stack of watermelons too. Slash the melons, and Sam will quip: “At least my Murasame must feel at home here…”

    There’s an easy-to-miss battle at the top of the gazebo. Climb it by jumping onto the lowest roof from the large fences, then climbing up on the hanging lanterns.

    Endurance +1 Chest: Another black chest can be found outside the gazebo. Facing the tower from the japanese garden (with the bridge) check out the path to the right to discover the upgrade.

    Near the exit to the gardens, you’ll have to deal with a cyborg and three Fenrir UG’s. They’re just weaker Blade Wolves, and shouldn’t offer much resistance for your buffed-up Sam.

    VR Mission #4: Find this in the hallway leaving the Japanese Garden. Turn left instead of right, and dash down the long hallway to find the terminal.

    Turning right from the gardens, deal with the single cyborg guard and run to the waypoint.

    Data Storage #4: In the elevator lobby, just as you enter, look left for a panel. Slice it open to find the data inside.

    At the waypoint, you’ll encounter a large group of enemies – including Mastifs. Heavies will follow, and more regular cyborgs will join in. You’ll know reinforcements are coming by the ding of the elevators as they arrive.

    This is where effective use of counter-parries and charge attacks will save your life. Step into the elevator to continue up toward the server room.

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    On April 9, 2013 at 10:24 pm

    Is gamefront going to do a video walkthrough of the dlc?