Metal Gear Rising: Jetstream DLC Walkthrough & Collectibles Guide

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – DL-Story-01: Jetstream

  • Sewers
  • HQ Lower Floors
  • Japanese Garden
  • Server Room
  • Final Boss
  • HQ Server Room

    On the top floor, crack open the orange box for another nanopaste. Stepping out into the hallway, there’s a locked door to the right. Don’t worry, you’ll get the key later.

    Take the path left, and watch out for the patrolling Gekko. Use a jump-charge attack to stun it in one blow, then follow up with another charge to smash through its armor in no time.

    Hit the button down the hallway to enter the server room. Heavies and more patrol between the stalks, so watch out. If you stick to the outer rim, you can reach the waypoint easily. But, if you interact with the terminal, you’ll find the door is locked.

    Defeat the Mastiffs that appear in the main room to collect security keys. One belongs to the waypoint, but there are more that go to the other doors in the room.

    Endurance +1 Chest: Inside the server room, look underneath the stairs.

    For a particularly tough fight, use the main entrance doors down on the first floor of the server room. Interact with the console, and you’ll enter a large arena where Raiden first encountered the extra bodies for Monsoon and Mistral.

    Back track to the elevators – a new enemy will appear on the way. Take out the cyborg to collect another keycard. Use the console on the right of the lobby to enter a second secret room.

    Fuel Cell +1 Chest: After collecting the keycards from the Mastiffs in the server room, return to the locked door near the elevator lobby. Kill the cyborg on the way to collect an extra card. The black chest is inside the locked room.

    VR Mission #5: The last terminal is in the same room as the black chest described above.

    This is the only non-combat VR Mission. You’ll need to take the lower path to find an extra upgrade under the last set of stairs leading to the mission exit.

    Endurance +1: Take the steps down, then run down to the empty chasm. There’s a series of moving platforms moving underneath.

    This is a good time to fill up on nanopaste. Each time you enter the VR Mission, all the items on this floor will respawn. An orange chest contains nanopaste near the elevators. Enter the VR terminal, then exit again for the nanopaste to respawn.

    Now, return to the server room and hit the control panel at the waypoint. This is the final stretch, prepare for an intense last boss.

    Reaching the helicopter pad, an unmanned chopper will appear. It’s just one chopper – take it down with a few heavy charged mid-air attacks.

    The moment you step onto the helipad, the last battle begins.

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    On April 9, 2013 at 10:24 pm

    Is gamefront going to do a video walkthrough of the dlc?