Metal Gear Rising: Jetstream DLC Walkthrough & Collectibles Guide

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – DL-Story-01: Jetstream

  • Sewers
  • HQ Lower Floors
  • Japanese Garden
  • Server Room
  • Final Boss
  • BOSS: Senator

    As the battle begins, two helicopters will immediately crash into the pad and streak fire toward you. Jump or dodge out of the path!

    Now it’s time to get serious. Lock-on to the Senator, and prepare for a challenge.

    Senator Armstrong is faster than before, with several new powers and attacks that make him far deadlier than he was in Raiden’s campaign.

    You’ll see the Senator charge up while standing still – this could mean a number of things. If a faint red outline appears on the ground, that means he’ll explode. Stay out of the ring, and you’ll be safe.

    But, the Senator can also expend a series of explosive cracks through the ground. You’ll see the cracks criss-cross with the boss at the center. Run away and stay off before they burst in fire. But – be prepared for a powerful lunge attack. Guard when you see Armstrong launch forward.

    During both of these area-of-effect moves, you can stun the Senator with a series of attacks. Mix heavy and light to quickly damage him and break his attack before it even starts. This is especially easy to pull off during the smaller red-ring explosion.

    If his fist glows red, he’ll punch the ground and launch more burning fireballs forward. Stay away – dodge or jump out of range, and don’t touch them. As the battle progresses, these will move faster and track Sam. If you stay near the Senator, the trails will safely pass by if you’re able to dodge.

    Beware when the Senator glows yellow. That means he’ll rush forward and grapple Sam instantly if he reaches you. Jumping will not help. The only way to escape his grapple attack is with a dodge.

    When the Senator closes in on you, he’ll attempt to attack with punches or kicks. These can be parried, but unless you plan to counter-parry, there’s no reason to block. Dodge instead, each hit will knock Sam back – dodging will get Jetstream back onto his feet faster.

    Knocking Armstrong down to 50% health will cause him to throw five helicopters. Slice them apart in Blade Mode – if one lands, you’ll get hit with a fireball. If you manage to destroy them, you can expect to collect two more nanopaste items.

    This is when things get harder. The Senator will speed up, throwing attacks much faster. This is when you need to be even more aggressive. There’s no time to attack – stay close to the Senator and strike while he charges his ground-attacks. Dodge when he punches, and beware when the Senator turns yellow.

    Charge attacks between his own. After he unleashes a charge or explosive area-of-effect, he’ll usually pause for a moment. Don’t wait for him to stop, begin charging Sam’s next strike before the Senator waits around.

    Charging Slash is one of the best abilities during this fight. You’ll close the distance between the Senator, while also charging a powerful strike from a safe distance.

    At 30%, the Senator becomes a true monster. This is a true test of skill. He’ll use his burning charge-punch attack, that can’t be blocked, much more frequently. He’ll also use it in a series of two.

    His grapple charge will also come one after another. Be prepared to dodge a second time whenever you see the Senator flash yellow or engulf himself in fire.

    Once again, I’ll repeat: do not try to jump over his unblockable charge attacks! He’ll fly up and swat you out of the sky.

    This is when you’ll have to be at your most aggressive. Be prepared to dodge often, and attack while the Senator charges his attacks. It’s harder to stun him now, but you’ll have very few safe opportunities to attack.

    Once his health is brought down to 0%, you’ll begin the final QTE for this DLC. Congratulations, you just defeated an even harder version of Armstrong!

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    Is gamefront going to do a video walkthrough of the dlc?