Metal Gear Rising: Officer Left Arms Locations Guide

Among the cyborg soldiers you’ll face in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, there are commanders with special arms mixed in. Namely, their left arms are a valuable commodity, and you’ll want to use Blade Mode to slice those things right off and take them for yourself. It’s a gruesome way to find a collectible, for sure. Check out the text guide right here to find them all.

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Officer Left Arms Locations Guide


Note: To collect the left arms, you must cut the left arm off while in blade mode. Killing the enemy will not collect the arm. Use Augmented Vision to spot the officers.

File R-01: Coup d’√Čtat:

  • Officer Left Arm #1: Moving past the first helicopter encounter, you’ll eventually reach a door before returning to a previous area. Arriving at the arena where Raiden can collect EMP Grenades, look around with Augmented Vision to spot the officer.
  • Officer Left Arm #2: Continuing through the level, you’ll need to move through a ruined building. Just as you reach the following zone, use vision to scope out for the officer.
  • Officer Left Arm #3: In this same section, check out the back area for a second officer.
  • Officer Left Arm #4: Inside the factory, trigger an alarm by letting the cameras spot you. The group of reinforcements will include an officer.

File R-02: Research Facility

  • Officer Left Arm #1: After running into a strange sight (brains!) but before you get in control of the Dwarf Gekko, you’ll run into an enemy ambush in the final room. The officer is among these soldiers.
  • Officer Left Arm #2: Once completing the area with the remote controlled Gekko, check out the unconscious soldiers to find one is an officer.
  • Officer Left Arm #3: Moving past the GARD, you’ll find the officer right around the left turn beyond.

File R-03: Mile High

  • Officer Left Arm #1: The commander is with the first cop cyborg squad at the start of the mission.
  • Officer Left Arm #2: Next, you’ll continue down the street into an area with skywalks. The commander is patrolling this area left of the road.
  • Officer Left Arm #3: After taking on Gekkos in the first larger room of the office building, you’ll enter a hallway. The next enemy ambush is joined by a commander.
  • Officer Left Arm #4: Reaching the rooftops, one of the first cyborgs patrolling the area is a commander.
  • Officer Left Arm #5: Jumping to another roof, a slider will fly by. The cyborgs below have a civilian hostage. One of the group is a commander.
  • Officer Left Arm #6: Leaving the underground subway, you’ll come back out onto the Denver streets. Here, the enemy group ahead includes a commander.
  • Officer Left Arm #7: Continuing toward the foot path of boutiques, you’ll reach stairs leading up to a ledge right of the road. At the top of the steps is another waiting commander.
  • Officer Left Arm #8: The last commander in this stage appears in the following battle.

File R-04: Hostile Takeover

  • Officer Left Arm #1: At the first ambush of the mission, you’ll find a commander.
  • Officer Left Arm #2: Once reaching the elevators, cyborgs will swarm the lobby. The commander will be with these reinforcements.
  • Officer Left Arm #3: Take out two out of three electrical panels without causing an alarm, and a commander will appear in this office area.
  • Officer Left Arm #4: Left of the locked security doors you need to unlock by destroying the three panels.
  • Officer Left Arm #5: Another officer will appear just as you enter the massive Japanese gardens area, with the small bridge.
  • Officer Left Arm #6: If you continue up the stairs and through the pagoda, another commander will attack.
  • Officer Left Arm #7: A commander will ambush Raiden with soldiers while riding the freight lift.
  • Officer Left Arm #8: After switching lifts, yet another ambush will eventually appear with a commander.

File R-05: Escape From Denver

  • Officer Left Arm #1: The commander is with the first cyborgs that surround Raiden at the beginning of the mission.
  • Officer Left Arm #2: The Heavy Cyborg during the fountain square ambush has the arm.
  • Officer Left Arm #3: Down the long steps, you’ll reach a barricaded street protected by a GARD unit and a civilian. The officer is with these troops.

File R-07: Assassination Attempt

  • Officer Left Arm #1: The first enemy commander is among the soldiers patrolling the exterior of the base.
  • Officer Left Arm #2: Found among the enemies just as you enter the gates into the air base.
  • Officer Left Arm #3: A Heavy Cyborg has the left arm inside the hangar area.
  • Officer Left Arm #4: Leaving the hangar, you’ll turn left to face more tough opponents. The commander is one of these cyborgs.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • A Big Fan of Lefties (20 points / Bronze):
    Acquire all enemy officers’ left arms.

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