Metal Gear Rising: Raiden is a Solid Snake Fanboy [Easter Egg Video]

Raiden learned from the best in Metal Gear Rising, and Mitch has caught the cybernetic hero’s gushing fanboy love on video for the world to see. Check out the video above to watch this perennial Metal Gear moment go down, or scroll down to read the transcription. If you enjoyed this easter egg, get even more on Game Front’s all new Youtube video walkthroughs channel.

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Raiden/Solid Snake Mini Easter Egg

  • To get this conversation, call up Kevin on the codec just as you begin mission R-01.
  • Take out the first enemy ambush, then enter the building. Talk with Boris, then call Kevin yet again. Raiden will get into a conversation about his past, and how he earned his current title.
  • Once this conversation is over, call up Kevin one more time on the codec to hear all about Solid Snake.

Codec Conversation

End of Codec Call:

Raiden: Someone once told me: “You can find your own name, and your own future.” After that, I dropped “Jack” for good.

Following Solid Snake Codec Call:

Kevin: So Raiden, who was this that told you to find your own name? Before you stopped going by “Jack”?

Raiden: The one and only Solid Snake. Hero of Outer Heaven, Zanzibarland, Shadow Moses, the list goes on.

Kevin: Right, right — guy’s a legend. I forgot you knew him so well.

Raiden: Yeah. He saved my ass at Big Shell… Not to mention a few times after that… I’ve lost count. In terms of pure combat ability, he’s one of the greatest soldiers I’ve ever seen. But it’s not only that… He knows what’s right, and he just gets it done. Period. No one can stop him. I’ve learned a lot from him… He’d kill me if he heard me talking about him like this.

Kevin: Wow, I didn’t know you were such a fanboy. I thought you were gonna start crying there for a sec.

Raiden: Very funny, Kev.

Kevin: Seriously though, did Snake know he had a stalker?

Raiden: [Annnoyed Sigh]

Kevin: Hey, relax! I’m only ribbin’ you. I just wish I got to meet the guy, you know?

Raiden: I know.

Kevin: …You’re no fun.

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2 Comments on Metal Gear Rising: Raiden is a Solid Snake Fanboy [Easter Egg Video]


On February 19, 2013 at 1:10 pm

There is nothing wrong with being a Solid Snake fanboy.

Kevin Thielenhaus

On February 19, 2013 at 1:24 pm


All right-minded people agree. But, Raiden was dangerously close to Otacon-level worship there.