Metal Gear Rising: Easter Eggs & References Guide

The Metal Gear franchise isn’t just known for stealth-action and high drama — hidden jokes and goofy references abound in each of the main titles, and Metal Gear Rising doesn’t break that streak. Despite being developed by Platinum, a step away from series creator Hideo Kojima, Rising seems to retain that spark of madness fans know and love. Here, we’ll attempt to collect and list every known easter egg in Raiden’s debut solo adventure. It might be a fool’s errand, but we’re going to try. Check out the list below.

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Easter Eggs & References Guide

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Codec Conversation – Raiden reminisces about Solid Snake

Konami Code – Unlock All Difficulty Levels

A Cardboard Box?!

  • Throughout the campaign, you can find multiple references to Solid Snake’s famous penchant for hiding in boxes.
  • In most missions, eagle-eyed players can discover men hiding in boxes. These count as a collectible, if you want to find them all, check out our men-hiding-in-boxes locations guide.
  • When Raiden discovers one of these hidden men, he’ll congratulate the soldier on his stealth skills. “Hah, nice hiding spot. Wonder where he learned that from…”
  • Finding a box in the second mission causes Raiden’s handler to quip, “It’s, it’s a box. How’s that gonna help? … Oh, it’s for medical supplies? That could work, actually.
  • This item can also be found in the demo’s VR playground. In the large area with the car park, use the ramp to reach the top of the area and circle around the outer edge to find a box. Yes, Raiden can equip the box and hide like Solid Snake.

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Male Nudity

  • In every mission, Raiden can rescue civilians taken hostage by soldiers.
  • If you manage to save the civilians, you can chase them down. Feeling cruel? One slice with Blade Mode will remove the civilian’s clothes.

The Giant Watermelon

  • In the demo, Raiden will enter a large area with four carts of watermelons. This might be a reference to the very cool tech demo that introduced Metal Gear Rising long ago, but there’s more to this area.
  • Check the corners for more watermelons. There are two settled high up on a platform near the car park, and even more hidden on top of a tower Raiden can slice apart.
  • Slice into every watermelon in the area, and a truly enormous watermelon will appear in one of the corners, just waiting to be cut apart.

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Taunting Tripods

  • In VR Mission 05, if you leave the last wave of tripods alone for 20 seconds, they’ll form a “P” which might be a reference to developer “Platinum Games”. Or, it could stand for something nastier.

Ninja Cat

  • On the beach, right as Raiden lands in mission R-01, you can spot a cat strolling around.
  • Use Blade Mode to try to cut it. The cat will backflip away from the blade. Any attack will do, this cat is just too fast to hit.

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Hostage Gravure

  • In the demo Raiden can practice on cardboard cut-outs of enemies holding a female hostage.
  • But, if Raiden cuts just the right way down the hostage’s shirt, the slice will remove the cut-out’s clothes. For everyone’s dignity, we ask you to refrain from trying this at home.

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Police Tape Poster

  • Sporadically, Raiden can discover posters of scantily clad women hidden throughout the environment — just like in previous Metal Gear games.
  • But, there’s a twist. While in Denver, Raiden must travel to the headquarters of a large corporation. On the way there, players can find a skimpy poster covered in police tape.
  • Slice off the tape to reveal the full picture, unblemished. Raiden really is good with that blade.

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  • One of the DLC skins lets Raiden dress up like the famous Cyborg Ninja from Metal Gear Solid. On the topic of DLC…

The Essence of Solid Snake in a Sword

  • Another downloadable is a wooden sword infused with the spirit of Solid Snake, called the “Soul Snake Wooden Sword”. As in, it’ll make noises like Solid Snake? Weird!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Cyborgs

  • While exploring a dank sewer, Raiden while run into a deadly foe. The child with him has a different reaction to Raiden.
  • During the cutscene, the boy yells, “A ninja?! Cowabunga!” which is just one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s most often used catchphrases.
  • To add insult to injury, the boy cheers “Go ninja, go ninja, go—” to Raiden. He’s referencing a lyric in Vanilla Ice’s rap opus “Ninja Rap” from the film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze.

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2 Comments on Metal Gear Rising: Easter Eggs & References Guide

Max BR

On March 4, 2013 at 2:28 pm

There are 2 other Easter eggs I ran into:
In the cut scene just before fighting Monsoon, there’s a portion where they give you control of the camera, you usually look at Monsoon chatting but if you look all the way to your right, you’ll see a guard and eventually a cat comes in and he will play with it.

In Denver, right after you have the long conversation with your bos (and they finally allow saving again) you’ve just enteres the building, to your left there will be a rack of brochures and a cardbord stand of a woman, you can destroy everythign in this room except her but if you blade mode cut her, the facade will drop.
Insane game, I haven’t beat it on hard of very hard yet, ugh, not looking forward to it. :)

On November 27, 2013 at 10:55 am

i dont know what is it… but in the final chapter at the pakistan…. we had to sneak in to the base… before you got into the base… go to the right side of outside of the base… and two tripods will suddenly appear and do a martial arts style and will hit you…

another one is just before you figth sundowner… after we chased him to the outside… there is a bridge.. and at your right, there is an item box… and your left there is nothing… but if you look carefully, there is a path where the tripods is there too… i dont know hot to get there…