Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • File R-00: Guard Duty
  • File R-01: Coup d’État
  • File R-02: Research Facility
  • File R-03: Mile High
  • File R-04: Hostile Takeover
  • File R-05: Escape From Denver
  • File R-06: Badlands Showdown
  • File R-07: Assassination Attempt
  • File R-00: Guard Duty

    Before starting the first mission, choose to go through the tutorial – unless you’re experienced with the demo. We’ll go over basic combat techniques throughout the guide, but it helps to know the basics right away.

    Once the tutorial is finished, the game will start. Sit back and enjoy the cutscene. When you’re back in control, Raiden will face off against three Cyborgs. These are the basic combat troops Raiden will face in almost every encounter.

    There’s a few important things to know about Cyborgs. They can throw grenades at any time, so watch out for a glowing red light dropping at your feet. These grenades can be destroyed in Blade Mode or with regular attacks, but it’s better to just run away.

    Cyborgs can also grapple Raiden, forcing players to waggle the left-stick to escape. While held, other enemies will try to take advantage and land hits, so it’s in your best interest to escape.

    Otherwise, Cyborg will always come equipped with either a close-range weapon or a long-range weapon. Right now, the Cyborgs Raiden faces will only come equipped with High-Frequency Machetes, but that’ll change.

    Cyborgs will often use Rocket Launchers or Machine Guns. Rocket Launchers are the only real threat. While they don’t do too much damage, they will knock Raiden back and interrupt any attack, stunning him for a moment. Machine Guns will only stun Raiden if you stand still too long.

    To deal with these first three Cyborgs, try out Raiden’s Parry ability. This is one of the most important skills in the game, and it can be tricky to figure out against some enemies. Luckily, the Cyborgs are predictable.

    Wait for a flash of red as a Cyborg attacks. Point the left-stick toward the enemy and use a light attack. Raiden will hold up his sword in a defensive parry for several moments. If a strike lands, you’ll knock the Cyborg back.

    While the Cyborg is knocked back, you’ll have a perfect opening to perform a Blade Mode kill. Most enemies in Metal Gear Rising need to be weakened before you can effectively use Blade Mode against them, but not Cyborgs. That will come later, for now Raiden’s Blade Mode is only effective when Cyborgs are stunned or parried.

    Try parrying an attack, and a prompt will appear. Use Blade Mode, a single slice will carve the Cyborg apart and kill him instantly.

    Now’s a good time to practice with Blade Mode. Light strikes will always hit horizontally, while heavy strikes will hit vertically. Using the right-stick you can also use Free Blade Mode, which is most useful when you need to make precision strikes.

    There’s no need for precision strikes yet, so go wild. Try practicing combos against the remaining Cyborgs and finish the three off.

    Raiden’s abilities and moves will change drastically by the next stage. Right now, you don’t have many options available, but we’ll get to Raiden’s other powers as they’re unlocked.

    Each defeated Cyborg will drop a health pick-up. Collect these to refill Raiden’s health bar.

    After the first three are defeated, a new waypoint will appear on your radar. Follow it down the street and right to the barricade, guarded by Cyborgs armed with Machine Guns.

    Machine Guns aren’t going to be a problem for Raiden. Use Ninja Run to run toward them, and constantly use light attacks to totally deflect the bullets.

    Now you can stick around and fight as more Cyborgs show up, or break through the weak metal barricade. A few sword slices through the less solid section of barricade will open the way forward to the limo.

    Getting close to the limo will trigger a cutscene. Afterwards, Raiden will have to face off against the first boss – a Metal Gear Ray!

    The Ray will start by dropping slow to explode missiles in a cluster on the ground. These missiles can be sliced open to collect health pick-ups, but watch out for the glowing lights. When the red light blinks fast, the missiles are about to explode. Stay away!

    Ray will also jump backwards and open fire with Machine Guns. Simply use Ninja Run and you’ll take no damage while also closing the gap with the robotic giant.

    The goal here is to attack Ray in one of three places. Attack the legs, or the head when it’s low. Even when low, you might need to jump for your attacks to connect.

    Deal enough damage, and a Blade Mode prompt will appear. Hold down the button and attack wildly to shred Ray’s armor.

    Ray likes to leap across the arena. If it charges, keep away or you’ll take damage. While cutting the legs, watch out for when Ray raises a leg up – a red dotted outline will appear, showing you where Ray plans to stomp.

    When Ray jumps back, it loves to employ a massively deadly plasma cannon. This cannon will shoot directly forward and track Raiden slowly. Ninja Run to the left or right of the screen and try to avoid it as you approach.

    Ray will also try to swipe at Raiden with its huge fins. These can, believe it or not, be parried.

    Once Ray is down to .1% health, it’ll jump backwards and try to use its laser. Dodge the beam with Ninja Run and wait in front of the giant as it tries one massive fin swing.

    A button prompt will appear on screen. Hit the buttons as they appear to defeat Ray.

    You’ll appear at the entrance of a wrecked building next. Chase down that big ugly guy, Sundowner, with Ninja Run. Use the ruins on the right side of the building to climb up to the destroyed window.

    At the window, you’ll spot Sundowner. Chase him down through the canal with Ninja Run. Keep holding down the button and you’ll move past obstacles automatically. At the lowered gate, run up the ramp to the right and slice through the metal gates ahead. You can even slice through the pipes.

    Up the steps, Ray will reappear! It’ll begin by charging a plasma beam. While it charges, hit Ray with combos by mixing up heavy and light attacks. If you dish out enough damage, you’ll interrupt Ray’s charge and have an opportunity to keep attacking.

    But, if Ray finishes charging it’ll sweep the beam left and right across the ceiling arena. Jump to dodge the plasma.

    Next, Ray will thrust its sharp head forward. Jump or run away to escape, then attack while Ray’s head is stick. It’ll try this same attack in several different positions, so watch out for it. It cannot be blocked.

    Hit the head enough, and you’ll be invited to use Blade Mode. Hold down the button and attacks the armor, shredding it.

    Ray will use its remaining fin to launch a barrage of missiles. Run to the opposite side of the arena, and equip Blade Mode. Align the blade with the incoming missiles and use horizontal (light) or vertical (heavy) attacks to destroy any missiles that might directly strike Raiden.

    Keep hitting the head while it’s standing still. If Ray raises a fin, it’ll try to bring it down on Raiden’s head.

    Once you’ve done enough damage to Ray, it’ll jump backward and launch another barrage of missiles. Hold down Ninja Run and push the left-stick forward to jump across the missiles. When Raiden is close to Ray, you’ll be prompted to enter Blade Mode. You know what to do! Slice the robot’s armor apart.

    Ray will throw Raiden to the top of a tower. Now things are getting crazy. Run directly down the tower, moving left or right to dodge debris. Watch out especially for Ray’s plasma beam, as one hit is instant death. Ray will launch the beam straight down the middle, then sweep it right to left. Stay on the left side at the end of the run and hit heavy strike to slide under the attack.

    Now, all you have to do is mash light attacks to defeat Ray. Of course, the mission ain’t over yet. Raiden will arrive on a train. All you have to do is Ninja Run to the front.

    At the front of the train, you’ll enter a cutscene, which then leads into a battle against Jetstream Sam. This guy is no push-over, in fact he’s totally impossible. You can’t beat him.

    Do your best. The best you can do is Parry. There’s no beating Sam. Give it your best effort. After taking enough damage, the mission will end and you’ll start the game proper.

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