Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • File R-00: Guard Duty
  • File R-01: Coup d’État
  • File R-02: Research Facility
  • File R-03: Mile High
  • File R-04: Hostile Takeover
  • File R-05: Escape From Denver
  • File R-06: Badlands Showdown
  • File R-07: Assassination Attempt
  • File R-01: Coup d’État

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    So begins the first true mission on Raiden’s quest for vengeance. You’ll notice that Raiden has a few changes – and they’re not just cosmetic.

    Now, you can call your support team over the Codec. Here, you can save, customize, or just chat with the various personalities.

    First thing’s first; below your health meter is a new fuel cell meter. Your fuel cell is recharged simply by attacking enemies, and it is depleted by using Blade Mode.

    Blade Mode has a new function. Now, you can use it to refill Raiden’s health and fuel cells to full in one move. By slicing through the red square icon that appears over enemies in Blade Mode, you can then press the button prompt to grab their regenerative nano-pack. This is called a “Zandatsu”.

    The Zandatsu is one of the most important techniques in Metal Gear Rising. Staying alive by killing enemies with a single blade swing, then healing is paramount to victory. There are many ways to stun enemies and pull of Zandatsu, but for now you can practice on the three cyborgs that ambush Raiden at the mansion entrance.

    As long as your fuel cell meter glows blue, a single swing of Raiden’s blade will cut soldiers apart. Practice using parry and Zandatsu to kill these first opponents.

    Another thing you’ll learn soon is that enemies don’t drop healing items anymore. Instead, you’ll need to collect special items called Repair Nanopaste. Equip the item in your recovery slot.

    When Repair Nanopaste is equipped, it will heal Raiden instantly once his health drops to zero. No need to watch your health bar with these.

    You can also equip subweapons, main weapons, and custom weapons. Don’t worry about those options for now, as you work through the mission you’ll gain new optional weapons to use in combat.

    Inside the mansion, you’ll speak with Boris. One item box ahead, on the ground floor, should contain your first Nanopaste. Make sure to equip it.

    Use Ninja Run to scale the crates. If you’re looking for data devices, climb to the top floor and cut down the chandelier to recover the intel.

    When you’re ready, continue out through the back door on the second floor. You’ll find a cyborg soldier below standing guard with his back turned. This is your chance to try a little stealth.

    Walk on the ruined boards to your right and stealth kill the soldier below when the button prompt appear on screen.

    Continuing outside, Boris will teach you about the AR display. Open up your new AR view [Up] to spot any nearby item boxes or collectibles. There should be a box with a grenade just to your right.

    Down on street level, two cyborgs are about to kill a civilian. If you want to save him, use the walkway on the left to stealth kill the cyborg on the ledge above, then throw an EM grenade down at the two soldiers. Sadly, on your first playthrough, you’re not likely to have one.

    Instead, circle around the to the bridge over the street and take out another guard so you can reach the ledge directly above the two cyborgs. Stealth kill the first, then quickly enter Blade Mode to finish the second soldier before he executes the civilian.

    If an alert sounds, you’ll need to take care of whoever is leftover of the four cyborgs.

    Continuing down the street, you’ll meet the first Gekko, with a handful of cyborgs to back the robot up. This is an armored opponent, so Blade Mode won’t do much against it until you’re given a special prompt or the enemy is glowing blue.

    Armored enemies, once they take enough damage, will begin to glow blue in different parts of their bodies. This signifies that Blade Mode, once charged and glowing blue in your fuel cell meter, can cut right through their armor. Do this to remove legs, arms, weapons, or kill an armored enemy instantly.

    To defeat a Gekko, you’ll need to move fast. These guys are quicker and deadlier than a regular cyborg, but they can still be parried.

    The easiest way to defeat a Gekko, is to wait for the robot to use its charge attack. It’ll kick at the ground a few times before charging. Parry just before it’s about to hit, and you’ll stun it. Then, simply follow the prompts to get your chance at an instant kill.

    The Gekkos will also try to stomp on Raiden from above, use its mounted weapons, or use a kick while standing still. The kick gives another good chance to parry.

    In the area ahead, you’ll find several patrolling cyborgs on the ledges above while Gekkos walk the streets. These stealth sections can be tricky, there’s a bonus for completing them silently but it takes time and patience.

    Instead, just try to take out a few of the rocket cyborgs. Even Gekkos can be killed instantly with a stealth attack. Wait for the Gekkos to patrol the street, they’re difficult to sneak around while they have the high ground.

    Otherwise, you might have to fight several soldiers and Gekkos at once. The soldiers armed with rockets can be annoying, so try to pick them off first. Then, you can work on using Parry to counter the Gekko attacks between old-fashioned combos.

    If you’re having trouble, look around for items on the ledges above. The bridge holds a rocket launcher, and more healing paste can be found settled near the boxes on the left.

    Interact with the door controls on the left side of the street to enter the building ahead. Here you can grab an extra collectible VR Mission terminal in the corner before climbing up the steps to reach an enclosed walkway.

    Through the walkway, you’ll be ambushed by a challenging boss.

    BOSS: Blade Wolf

    The dog UG doesn’t mess around. He’s fast, and has a large collection of deadly fast attacks. Just be aware, all of Blade Wolf’s attacks can be parried.

    This is also a good opportunity to open the Customization menu and purchase Defensive Offense. This is one of the most important tools in Raiden’s repertoire. Use it to dodge back, left, or right. While dodging, Raiden is invincible – perfect for avoiding very deadly unblockable attacks.

    Blade Wolf’s strongest attack is its chainsaw grapple. You’ll know it’s coming when Blade jumps around Raiden. Parry in the direction of the Wolf to escape, but that can be very tricky. To make escape easier, Ninja Run or jump around the arena.

    Dish out enough damage, and Blade Wolf will retreat and summon Cyborgs. Use this opportunity to heal with Zandatsu.

    When Blade Wolf returns, he’ll be even faster. Watch out when the wolf glows orange, that means he’s about to lunge at Raiden. Once again, parry just as Blade Wolf blinks and launches forward.

    With enough damage, Blade Wolf will run away again. This time, he summons a Gekko. Take this time to practice your parries to easily handle the Gekko while it’s alone. Dish out enough damage, and try to get another Zandatsu.

    When Blade Wolf returns, again, he’ll pick up his game. The best way to fight this animal is with defensive parries, and this is a good time to get in practice for later – eventually you’ll face enemies and bosses with many attacks that simply cannot be countered or blocked.

    Once Blade Wolf is down, check out the room on the right side of the street to find a data storage device.

    Down the road, you’ll have to deal with Riot Cyborgs, these enemies are equipped with tough riot shields that can’t be destroyed with Blade Mode. But, you can still kill these guys with a single strike by jumping over their heads and initiating Blade Mode.

    Scattered around this area, you can find a grenade, a rocket launcher, and nanopaste. Collect them all by scanning the road with AR.

    When you’re done, run to the bridge. Two Hammerheads will attack – just Ninja Run to the right, and avoid the holes that form in the bridge. The scene ends with a button prompt, and next you’ll arrive in an open arena.

    Hammerheads are attack helicopters armed with machine guns and rockets. One simple way to destroy them is with rocket launchers or homing missiles. Homing missiles are scattered around, use AR vision to easily spot them.

    About three rockets will destroy each helo, but Raiden can also destroy them with regular attacks. Here, they’ll fly high, so you’ll need to Ninja Run up the ruins and jump to hit each. Or, use a homing rocket to stun the Hammerhead then attack with basic combos while it’s low.

    To defeat the Hammerhead, knock its health down to 30%. Then, it will launch a salvo of rockets. Use Ninja Run and dash for the helo to jump from rocket to rocket, eventually ending in an instant-death opportunity with Blade Mode.

    Down the road, another civilian will be executed by cyborgs and flying enemies called Sliders. The new Sliders are basic opponents that hover above the ground and shoot down with rockets or machine guns. Simply jump up and attack with light/heavy combos to knock them out of the sky.

    Collect the new EM grenades and nanopaste inside the item boxes on this street before continuing forward.

    At the gate, the Doktor will contact Raiden. You need a special soldier ID to get the door open – and these are stored in the left arms of commanders. A waypoint will appear, you’ll need to backtrack to the front of the old city and cut the commander along the blue line on his arm to sever his left arm while in Blade Mode.

    Three cyborgs will appear from an APC, but they won’t be a problem. If they’re alerted, the commander still won’t move.

    Sneak up behind the commander, open up Blade Mode, and make a straight horizontal cut to slice his arm off – and his torso in two.

    Collect the arm, then return to the gate to interact and get it open.

    Inside the fountain square, yet another new enemy will appear. The Armored Cyborg is a tough brute with a mastery over melee combat. Their massive swords strike in three-to-four string combos, and if you plan on parrying, you’ll need to parry every single one.

    If you’re not up for a long game of blocking three or four attacks in a chain, purchase the Defensive Offense ability so you can dodge away during these encounters.

    EM grenades are a good way to shock the Armored Cyborg and stun them, giving you time to unleaash a combo of heavy strikes.

    Like Gekkos, the Armored Cyborgs cannot be killed instantly with Blade Mode until their armor is weakened and highlighted blue. You won’t be able to get a Zandatsu kill without first lowering their health, or stunning and giving yourself an instant-kill opportunity.

    To stun an Armored Cyborg and instantly Zandatsu, you’ll need to parry an entire combo of attacks. If you can manage it, you’ll be rewarded.

    When the troopers are mopped up, climb the ruined building. It’s full of items, so give yourself time to explore the area fully.

    On the roof, Raiden will scout out the refinery. That’s your next goal, and it’s heavily guarded. The old city square is patrolled by more Cyborgs and a Gekko – once again, you can sneak and silently kill them for bonus BP, or you can just take them out. Your choice.

    At the objective door, another Armored Cyborg and two soldiers will appear. You’ll need to deal with them before continuing forward.

    You’ll also gain an optional mission. Return to the green waypoint to fight some enemies for an additional grade and some extra BP.

    Through the door, Raiden will speak with Boris again. This road leads right into the facility, you’re getting closer.

    Cut through the metal gate, inside you’ll be ambushed by Tripods. These little robots are only a nuisance. They love slapping at Raiden, or grappling him. Both are very aggravating, so it’s best to be aggressive.

    They’ve also very weak, so a few sword swipes will take care of them. Things get more complicated when cyborg soldiers arrive. Finish the troopers off with a quick Zandatsu, then wipe out the remaining dwarf gekkos.

    To get inside the building, climb the crate and slice open the spinning fans. Voila!

    This building is guarded by sentry cameras armed with machine guns. If the laser pointer touches Raiden, an alert will sound and soldiers will arrive. If you destroy all the cameras, you’ll even earn an easy achievement or trophy.

    To avoid getting caught, bring up your AR vision to keep track of every camera in the area. Past the first room and into the hall, you’ll also have to watch out for laser grids. These red lasers are easy to dodge, just use Ninja Run and Raiden will do all the work.

    The next large room has multiple floors, with even more cameras and guards. You can alert the guards without a problem, there are only three of them. The room itself though is full of goodies.

    Through the following keypad locked door, run across the improvised metal bridge to the spiral stairs. Run down the steps for a collectible, or up to face off against Mistral.

    BOSS: Mistral

    Mistral doesn’t mess around. She’ll keep a swarm of Dwarf Gekkos around her at all times. While they’re annoying, they have an added benefit – destroying them will reward you with small repair packs.

    She’ll attack with a huge pole-arm that’s hard to dodge using Defensive Offense. But, it can be parried. If you manage to get a counter-parry, you’ll be able to use Blade Mode and destroy her weapon.

    If you damage her enough to stun, you’ll also be able to destroy the weapon.

    When destroyed, Mistral will retreat and throw Dwarf Gekkos, or try to crack Raiden over the head with one at close-range.

    Eventually, she’ll retreat and reform the Pole-Arm before resuming her attacks.

    In all phases of the fight, Mistral will sometimes spin around wildly. It’s very difficult to parry, it’s suggested you run away and don’t try to dodge.

    The last attack cannot be parried. She’ll swing her whip around as it glows yellow. If you’re caught by it, expect to take damage.

    Knocking Mistral down to 75% health will initiate the second phase of the battle.

    Here, you won’t have any room to move around. You’re stuck on a one-way pipe, moving forward or backward. Mistral will attack like normal, which can be parried, but watch out for her dive kick. She’ll plant two whips to the left and right mid-air, then launch downward in a powerful kick.

    She also likes retreating and launching a barrage of glowing tripods at Raiden. These glowing balls of fire can be destroyed in Blade More, or parried.

    Hurt Mistral enough, and you’ll reach the last stage of the battle. She’ll employ all of her previous attacks from the first phase, while using a new move. She’ll bury her whip in the ground, and spear it upwards under Raiden’s feet. Keep Ninja Running to escape it.

    Once Mistral is below 10% health, she’ll attack and initiate the final sequence. Just press the buttons as they appear, use Blade Mode, and you’ve got this mission complete.

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