Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • File R-00: Guard Duty
  • File R-01: Coup d’État
  • File R-02: Research Facility
  • File R-03: Mile High
  • File R-04: Hostile Takeover
  • File R-05: Escape From Denver
  • File R-06: Badlands Showdown
  • File R-07: Assassination Attempt
  • File R-02: Research Facility

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Between missions, remember to spend your hard-earned BP. Try to purchase health and fuel cell upgrades – one for each mission, and a strength upgrade for your sword.

    It’s recommended you stick with purchasing new skills and upgrades for just the High-Frequency Blade on your first playthrough, but only strength, health, and fuel are so important they can’t be missed.

    Kevin will introduce you to your objectives. Basically, the goal is to find a secret facility with a hidden entrance into the sewers.

    After the conversation, Blade Wolf will recon ahead. Follow him right, and left. Before taking a left turn, check out the item chest containing nanopaste past the open metal gate.

    Continuing on the main path, a new enemy will ambush Raiden. The Mastiff is a massive Special Forces trooper with arm-mounted machine guns. They’re armored brutes that can’t be defeated easily.

    The first Mastiff will immediately charge or leap. When they glow yellow and beat their chests, the Mastiff will charge with an unblockable grapple. Use Defensive Offense to dodge, or just run.

    The leap is harder to deal with. If you parry, it can be blocked, but it can be hard to time right. If you do manage to parry the leap, you’ll almost always hit with a parry counter.

    The regular slow attacks are an easy parry, and if you do enough damage fast enough you’ll get a chance to use an instant-death Zandatsu.

    Doing damage will slowly weaken the armor, but cutting off the arms will not stop the Mastiff from grabbing Raiden.

    They’re fast, but dealing with one shouldn’t be a big problem. When two or three show up at once, then you’ll have problems.

    In the next hallway, two Mastiffs are patrolling. It’s easy to stealth kill at least one of these enemies by jumping from above.

    If you hurry, one Mastiff will walk toward you, while another will patrol down the path. Stealth kill the closest Mastiff from above, then quickly Ninja Run up to the catwalk on the right. Now you can easily stealth kill the second Mastiff from above, and get a nice stealth bonus.

    Before leaving, there’s a VR Mission terminal in the sidepath.

    Down into the next sewer path, you’ll have to deal with tripods. Wipe them out, then return to the area Raiden originally dropped down from to find a humanoid tripod. Take him out easily, and you can move on without a problem.

    Don’t forget to collect the items in the chest sitting on the rubble down this waterway.

    Continuing on, destroy the metal gate to enter a cutscene. Beware, a new enemy type is about to introduce itself in a dramatic way.

    The Raptors are a fast, tough enemy. Unlike the Mastiffs, Raiden can parry all of their close-range attacks, but the Raptors come equipped with energy weapons. They can spawn balls of energy that float or home in. Touching these energy projectiles will stun Raiden, so keep your distance.

    The energy makes life difficult while moving around, and at times, the Raptors will burst with an energy circle. You’ll have to back up to avoid these.

    When one Raptor is defeated, the others will glow red and attack even harder. They do more damage, and attack faster. Dodge, attack, and parry until the Raptors’ armor becomes vulnerable, then slice away.

    Destroying the legs is a good way to stop the Raptors in their tracks. If you do so, the Raptors will continue to use mounted weapons or energy projectibles.

    Once the Raptors are destroyed, the little boy will tell Raiden about a secret entrance into the base deeper inside the sewers. Kevin and the Doktor will contact you over the codec.

    Moving forward, you’ll gain a new item in the generator room before entering a patrolled area. The box counts as a subweapon. Equip it, and you can avoid alerting enemies even if they see you, as long as Raiden keeps completely still while in their view.

    The next area will be tough if you don’t take out at least one of the Mastiffs. Using the box, you can carefully take them out one at a time, just make sure the others aren’t watching when you unleash a stealth kill, then immediately hide in a box after the deed is done.

    Continue down the path, or backtrack to deal with an optional enemy encounter. Ahead, you’ll find another new enemy type that only appears here in the sewers.

    This gangly robot is called the Vodomjerka. It’s armed with a flamethrower, and loves to use spin-attacks to knock Raiden on his back. Otherwise, they’re fairly uncomplicated enemies. Keep attacking until their armor is weakened and back off when they spin up.

    Near the waypoint, turn off AR to spot the hidden secret door. Slash the blue highlighted section to find a hallway protected by cameras. Stay underneath the lasers and slash the cameras apart to move forward without incident.

    There are more cameras, and items, in the stairwell ahead. Hit the button after dealing with the sentries to finally enter the facility proper.

    The Doktor will call and ask Raiden to find a dwarf gekko. Continue forward through the corrugated doorway and grab the smoke grenade from the weapon box if you plan to sneak by these three soldiers.

    If you’re caught during this next patrol, the Raptors inside will activate. With careful use of the cardboard box, you can take care of the three cyborgs without causing alarm.

    Hit the button to find a surprising twist. This research facility has a very sinister purpose. Leaving, you’ll have to deal with a troop ambush.

    These cyborgs come equipped with two blades. They’ll attack faster, and more frequently. Each attack will lead into a combo string, so be prepared to parry several times in a row.

    When the codec conversation ends, interact with the tripod to hack it. Now you’re in control of the little guy. Soldiers will become suspicious of the thing, so you can deal with the soldiers now or later.

    If you knock the guards out now, Raiden won’t have to deal with them when its his turn to cross the room. The tripod is very weak, but it can easily hide where soldiers can’t reach.

    Sneak up behind the soldiers and shock them on the catwalks above first. This’ll make it easier to control the situation on the ground floor.

    Before shocking guards, they won’t care what you do. Just don’t get close and you won’t cause an alarm to go off. Once a guard is shocked, they’ll instantly go on alert when your tripod is spotted.

    Hide in a place the soldiers can’t reach if you’re seen, then sneak up behind them as they wander off. Rinse and repeat to clear the room.

    Head to the waypoint and jump through the open vent, then access the server to get back in control of Raiden.

    The Doktor will call to show a short video. Now Raiden can enter the door marked with “05” and enter the room the tripod explored. Run to the door, open it up, and Courtney will call.


    Inside the storage warehouse, you’ll face off against a tough tank called the GRAD. This armored monstrosity will target Raiden will machine guns and a massive tank cannon. To avoid it, keep moving before the targeting reticule locks on with Raiden.

    Get in close, and hide in the bays down the lane toward the GRAD. Attack from the side and the GRAD will back up down the narrow path. This is where Defensive Offense becomes very important. Attack the GRAD’s shield, and it will glow. Dodge backward before the shield thrusts forward.

    Keep attacking to knock the GRAD back, and dodge backward to escape its shield thrust. Once the GRAD is knocked back enough, it’ll change forms.

    Now the real fight begins. Before we start, if you need repair nanopaste, look around the arena. Extra healing can be found in the corners, and even more will spawn if you destroy the missiles with Blade Mode or regular attacks.

    At range, the GRAD will fire missiles, machine guns, and its heavy tank cannon. The cannon cannot be parried, you have to dodge to escape.

    Up close, the GRAD will try to smash Raiden with its armor. The armor section will glow before an attack, so prepare a parry whenever it does.

    Keep smashing at the armor with heavy attacks. Light attacks will, if too weak, deflect from the tank’s armor.

    Once enough damage is applied, the armor will glow blue. You’ll need to destroy the armor on the left side, fight, then destroy the armor on the right. After slicing apart armor with Blade Mode, they’ll topple and stayed stunned, giving you a good chance to attack with a heavy combo.

    Hit them with enough damage, and you’ll be able to finish it off with a final Blade Mode event.

    Always stay close to the GRAD. Its easier to parry its slow melee attacks than bothering with the more powerful ranged guns while it skates away from Raiden. Ninja Run for the GRAD when it retreats, and don’t let it hit hard.

    The final hallway contains two cyborgs with rocket launchers. They should be a breeze. Take the soldiers out and open the final door to finish this job.

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