Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • File R-00: Guard Duty
  • File R-01: Coup d’État
  • File R-02: Research Facility
  • File R-03: Mile High
  • File R-04: Hostile Takeover
  • File R-05: Escape From Denver
  • File R-06: Badlands Showdown
  • File R-07: Assassination Attempt
  • File R-03: Mile High

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Combat begins fast in Denver. Cyborgs with basic arms will attack, followed by soldiers with machine guns, rocket launchers, and even an Armored Cyborg to annoy Raiden with their fast parrying skills.

    The cop cyborgs are a tougher variant over the default type you’ve been facing. They’re armed with shock batons, have more health, and attack faster. Otherwise, they’ll match the basic troopers you’ve had to deal with so far.

    The first group also features a commander, so cut carefully to get a left arm ID. Further down the street, more cyborgs will attack, including an armored one. Deal with the threat, because a real challenge is ahead at the four-way junction.

    Continuing toward the street with the raised walkways, two GRAD units will appear and attack. These guys aren’t nearly as tough as the boss version Raiden defeated in the previous mission, but they can be very deadly teamed up.

    They have less HP, but the rest of their attacks are identical. They’ll try to smash you with their armor, or shoot at you while skiing around the streets. Dealing with two at once can be a pain. Attacking one will allow the second to lock-on.

    There is hope. Once locked on, the giants will fire homing rockets. Cut these rockets apart while Ninja Running to gain new nanopaste items.

    When a GRAD becomes immobile, this is a good time to strike. Unleash a wave of heavy attacks on the rear of the tank, and try to move yourself to use one GRAD as a shield from the other. This isn’t always easy or practical, but it can help pause the unending stream of gunfire.

    Try to focus your attacks on one of these giants. Rockets are a good way to damage them and weaken their armor. If you’re overwhelmed, try using EM grenades to stun them. Once you’ve taken care of one of the GRADs, the other shouldn’t be nearly as difficult to dispose of.

    Once the GRADs are down, new cyborgs will begin to patrol the area. Deal with them to collect the items scattered around, or just make a beeline for the keypad next to the glass enclosed stairwell.

    Inside the office building, Boris will call. Your goal is the roof, you’ll need to pass through the offices marked by your waypoint. On the second floor of the lobby, check behind some glass to collect a VR mission.

    At the large windowed office area, Gekkos will burst through the windows. These things should be a pushover after fighting GRADs, Mastiffs and Raptors.

    The big annoyance here are the tripods. Ninja Run and unleash light attacks to clear out the tripods so you can deal with the Gekkos without their interference. The tripods will latch and stun Raiden, or shoot him with assault rifles. Neither is deadly, but the distraction isn’t welcome.

    Through the hallways leading to the elevator, cyborgs armed with riot shields and rocket launchers will attack. Skip the riot troopers and take out the rocket launchers first to stop the harassment, then you can focus on hammering the riot shields with heavy combos.

    Inside the elevator, hit the button and the Doktor will call. It’s a short ride to the roof. Once you’re at the top, use the crane to cross over to the adjacent rooftops. Soldiers are patrolling there, you can either try for the stealthy approach, or jump straight into action.

    If you’re spotted, take out the two troopers, the slider and the armored cyborg to clear the roof. Get to the nearby waypoint to jump to the next rooftop, where you’ll find another enemy encounter up the steps.

    On the third rooftop, you’ll face a dangerous new opponent. The Berserker is a human covered in armor wielding a deadly hammer. Their attacks cannot be parry-countered, and most of the hammer swings are unblockable.

    The only saving grace is that they’re slow. Wait for them to attack, then slip in and unleash a heavy combo. Do enough damage and you can stun them, or interrupt their slow attacks. Each of their attacks has a lengthy wind-up, giving you some time to hammer them.

    Like all armored enemies, you’ll need to weaken their armor before you can cut through. Beware the pair of Sliders that accompany the Berserker, they’ll become a nuisance if you’re not careful.

    Against big bad guys like the Berserker, forgot about using the parry and focus on dodging. Play it safe, because a second Berserker will attack once the Sliders are defeated.

    Moving up the steps to the next level, on the same building, beware a patrolling cyborg. If you’re caught, a Hammerhead helicopter will arrive to give you problems. To avoid that, use AR and take out the single patrolling enemy with a stealth kill.

    Jump down to the fourth building. From the platform, you can spy patrolling cyborgs below with a hostage. Stealth kill the first guard walking beside the vents, then throw an EM grenade at the two near the hostage. Quickly execute both with a slice.

    If you’re caught, you’ll need to clear out the Slider and Armored Cyborg. Beware the ledges of the building when jumping to attack the Slider, it’s safer to use a homing rocket.

    Blade Wolf will point out an elevator over the codec. Slice the door open, then slice the cables to fall into the disused tunnels beneath the city.

    Entering the subway, you’ll notice it’s pitch black. Use AR view to spot the patrolling Mastiffs. Luckily if you are spotted and an alert is sounded, the tunnels will light up. You won’t have to fight in the dark.

    The Mastiffs can spot Raiden, even in the dark, so move carefully. Luckily they’re very sporadically placed, making it easy to predict their patrols and movements. Watch them from a hidden spot with AR and you should be able to get by their pathing.

    Watch out for the tripods on the train. You’ll need to scale it with Ninja Run to reach the subway station platform leading back up to the surface, marked by your waypoint.

    When not on alert, hit the keypad to open the door to the maintenance shaft. Wolf will talk to you at the top, slash through the door and you’ll be back outside.

    A GRAD will open fire immediately as you step outside. Run to the right of the street and use the building as cover. To get the GRAD down, cut down the struts supporting it – but you’ll need to handle the reinforcements first.

    Take out the armored and regular cyborgs under the bridge before cutting apart both support struts to knock the GRAD down. Now you can deal with the tank mech by itself.

    More enemies are patrolling in the barricaded area ahead. If you want to take out the toughest enemy here, the commander at the top of the stairs is easy to reach with a stealth kill. Wait for the guard to walk away while standing on the right edge of the barricades. Once the route is clear, run up the steps and take the armored enemy down.

    If you’re caught, a Berserker will join the fun. If you’re able to defeat the Armored Cyborg before he arrives, this battle will be much easier.

    More guards search the steps ahead. If you’re caught, and it’s likely you will be, a Fenrir UG will attack. The Fenrir fights like an easier Blade Wolf – you can parry every attack it throws at you. Take care of the rocket launcher cyborgs and let your attention focus squarely on the Fenrir. If you’re alone, it’ll be a fair fight, making this fast enemy much easier to deal with.

    Toward the plaza, Jetstream Sam will contact Raiden over the television monitors. In the square itself, you’ll be treated to a cutscene and a basic battle against regular cyborgs – but with one catch. You can hear the thoughts of the enemies you kill! Dark.

    Defeating them will trigger another scene. You’re so close to World Marshall, but Raiden is very weak. Soldiers patrol the entrance of the building, but even while slow, they’re easy to escape. Move straight forward and around the train, then stick to the right side of the entrance.

    If you follow those instructions, you’ll escape the soldiers and the troops arriving in an APC. At the walkway leading to the skyscraper’s front door, you’ll be caught no matter what.

    Fight the three cyborgs as much as you want, they’ll just keep coming. Sam will step out to talk, but don’t worry – Raiden won’t die now, even if his health drops down to zero.

    After a short cutscene, it’s time to fight a very tricky battle. Prepare yourself.

    BOSS: Monsoon

    Monsoon is a bizarre enemy that can stretch and move his body in unnatural ways thanks to magnetic force. He changes forms multiple times throughout the fight, so try to follow with. Some are far deadlier than others.

    His first, and starting form is his default attack state. He’ll enter into a wild attack combo you’ll need to parry multiple times in a row. Be prepared for his Sai, and don’t stop parrying until he backs off.

    Monsoon, in general, is too quick to counter-parry. He’ll always flip away if you manage to parry at the right time.

    His most annoying attack is when Monsoon swivels around Raiden and tries to kick him into the air. While in the air, Raiden still have a chance to avoid the grapple attack. Purchase Air Parry if you haven’t already, and parry his last attack to stop him from pinning Raiden to the ground and stabbing.

    Inflict enough damage, and Monsoon will throw down a smoke grenade. The red phosphorous smoke cannot be seen through using AR. Stay on your toes and stand still. He’ll attack from random angles, so be prepared to parry.

    He’ll return to his deafult attack state until you’ve inflicted more damage. Then he’ll jump away. Three times during the fight, Monsoon will jump onto the outer walls and fling helicopters or APCs right at Raiden. Use Blade Mode to destroy them all – for this battle, Raiden has infinite fuel cells.

    There is a benefit to this stage. Slicing the vehicles Monsoon throws will provide Raiden with precious EM grenades or nanopaste. Both are invaluable during this fight. Equip the EM grenades if you have them, or find them, for the next phase of the fight.

    Monsoon will drop down while glowing purple. While glowing, Monsoon cannot be hurt. The only way to stop his attacks is by counter-parrying.

    First, he’ll outstretch his arm and attack with a single sai. Then his legs, then finally his upper torso. These onslaught combos will stun Raiden if they land and can be very difficult to parry.

    Instead of fighting him while in this form, simply throw an EM grenade at his feet just as he lands. The blast will stun him. Run forward and use Blade Mode to slice at his head, knocking his body apart.

    Once he’s broken apart, chase down the head and keep attacking to inflict more damage while Monsoon is stunned. He’ll eventually reform.

    Smacking Monsoon’s head with Blade Mode is tougher than it sounds. He’ll move and try to avoid, and only the head will do. You only have a handful of swipes to try to hit before he resumes his attacks.

    Try using heavy attack for vertical attacks. Monsoon seems to have a harder time dodging these swings.

    First, Monsoon will return to his default state and resume his attacks. Later in the fight, Monsoon will simply return to the glowing phase and continue where he left off.

    After another wave of magnetically thrown objects, dish out more damage to reveal Monsoon’s Lorentz Force attack. He’ll collect a load of burning junk and spin it at Jack. Parry to knock it back once, then parry against to destroy the spinning ball before it can do any damage.

    Knock him down to 10% health, and Monsoon will use another Lorentz Force attack. Knock it out the same way as before, then you’ll reach the endgame.

    Monsoon will embed a pillar into the ground. Hold down Ninja Run and forward to scale it, use Blade Mode to destroy the final thrown APC, then follow the prompts leading to a Blade Mode defeat.

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