Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • File R-00: Guard Duty
  • File R-01: Coup d’État
  • File R-02: Research Facility
  • File R-03: Mile High
  • File R-04: Hostile Takeover
  • File R-05: Escape From Denver
  • File R-06: Badlands Showdown
  • File R-07: Assassination Attempt
  • File R-04: Hostile Takeover

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Raiden gains his last power – Ripper Mode. This deadly ability can only be used when Raiden’s fuel meter is full. While active, Raiden will cut straight through the armor of heavy enemies like UG mechs. When dealing with multiple huge armored enemies, this power is a lifesaver.

    In the lobby, Sundowner will greet Raiden and send four cyborgs down to deal with him. More cyborg reinforcements will follow. Once they’re defeated, two Fenrirs will join in. When the tougher armored robots arrive, using Ripper Mode is a good option.

    Upstairs at the elevators, you’ll be able to stock up on rockets. Slice open the display cases and fill your inventory with subweapons, because a massive ambush is coming.

    Take note of the mounted guns. These can be used to take out Sliders and other enemies that hide outside the battle grid Raiden is stuck inside.

    When you’re prepared, run to the waypoint at the elevators. It will take time to hack into the controls – until then, Desperado troops will pour into the lobby.

    Take out the Sliders with rockets or the mounted cannons, and aim for the annoying rocket troopers that appear on the pillar on the far end.

    Riot soldiers and regular combat cyborgs can be killed before reaching the upper level of the lobby, but its likely they’ll reach Raiden. Be prepared to exit the gun and handle the cyborgs with your sword.

    Stick around long enough, and the hack will complete. When a waypoint appears, you can leave. Stick around to finish the ranked battle and get your BP bonus, or leave now.

    If you stay to finish the battle, you’ll have to deal with another swarm of cyborgs, two Mastiffs, and a GRAD.

    Inside the elevator, the Doktor will call Raiden and tell him about the defenses in the building. On the 20th floor, you’ll need to destroy three electricity panels to open the security door.

    The zone is well guarded with enemy patrols, but the narrow walkways make it easier to sneak up on each individual enemy. Equip the cardboard box and use AR to hunt each of the guards.

    When hunting for the electricity panels, turn on AR and look for blue squares. Slice all three to open the way out of these offices.

    Most of the cyborgs here are armored. If you’re caught, a Raptor will join in – so watch out. It’s much better to play it stealthy. If you’re caught, drop a smoke grenade then hide under the cardboard box until the alert is lifted.

    One electricity panel is hidden behind shelves in a boardroom at the center of the offices. The last two are at opposing sides of the offices. Destroying the first two panels will summon Raptors to investige. When the last panel is destroyed, a Berzerker will appear and guard the now-open security door.

    Get this locked door open, press the keypad, and the Doktor will contact Raiden on the codec before you can reach the next door.

    Ahead, Sliders and Cyborgs will ambush! There are too many enemies, so just keep running. Enter Ninja Run and dash to the door to the right.

    Explosions and cyborgs will appear ahead of Raiden, but just ignore them all. Hold down Ninja Run and never let up. The hallways are completely linear, so you won’t get turned around.

    Take the relatively safe stairwell up a floor. Back in a windowed hallway, turn right and keep running. Down the straight path, a Gekko will blast through the ceiling and collapse the floor above. Ninja Run past the UG and up the rubble. Continue down this linear path until a GRAD appears.

    The GRAD can’t be escaped. You’ll have to defeat it before Raiden can move on. EM Grenades are a good way to stun these monsters and hack away at their health with heavy attacks.

    Don’t forget to use Blade Mode when the japanese symbol appears. Slashing away armor will leave the GRAD stunned, giving Raiden even more precious time to attack.

    Once the GRAD is taken care of, Boris will point out the flock of Sliders outside the smashed outer wall of the skyscraper. Use Ninja Run to jump from Slider to Slider with ease, until you’re prompted to use Blade Mode on the final enemy. Slash it, and Raiden will bounce off and begin running straight up the building.

    While running up the skyscraper, look out for falling rubble and clusters of missiles. You’ll know where missiles are about to hit by watching out for red circles that mark impact points.

    At the end of the path, Raiden will leap into a new japanese-themed area of World Marshal. The Japanese garden is your next goal, so get moving.

    Inside the entrance to the garden, at the base of a pagoda (This place is huge!) you’ll have to fight a handful of cyborgs. These Desperado soldiers have two blades, and they’ll attack with a ferocity you might not be used to.

    Watch out, after taking out the first soldiers, two more will appear near the entrance door with rocket launchers. Eventually, an Armored Cyborg will join in.

    When the combat is over, you can use AR mode to scan the area. It’s a huge open section with lots of little places to explore. If you cut through the pagoda doors, a cyborg is waiting for you with a rocket launcher. To sneak past him, use the scaffolding to scale the walls to the right of the pagoda doors.

    The gardens are patrolled by multiple Mastiffs and Armored Cyborgs, so a stealth approach is recommended.

    If you want to stealth-kill the rocket cyborg behind the paper doors inside the pagoda, get close to the door and use Blade Mode. Cut straight to the doors and guard like they were paper.

    You’ll want to clear the area, because the gardens are full of item boxes. Use AR mode to find them all before moving on to the freight elevator set as your waypoint.

    Using the maintenance hall, Raiden will get a call from Blade Wolf. Ahead, you’ll enter the elevator shaft. It’s a large area patrolled by more Armored Cyborgs. Stealth here is easy, hide behind the container left of the entrance and wait for the guard to turn his back.

    The first guard just so happens to be a Berzerker. He’s tough, getting him with a stealth kill will make this section a cinch. The next guard is an easy target behind the right corner, and the last guard doesn’t move at all.

    Clear the room and hit the button. You’re now on your way to the server room. Desperado won’t make it easy for you.

    Enemies will continue to stream onto the elevator while you ride up. An Armored Cyborg will charge in with other basic troopers. Use the weaker cyborgs to keep Raiden’s health and fuel topped up while fighting the badder armored enemy.

    The second wave consists of two Gekkos at once. Defeating them will end the battle and reward Raiden with a rank. But the next fight begins quick.

    An lift will appear from above, and deposit two more cyborgs with riot shields. The real troubles start when two Fenrirs and a Raptor drop down. Save your fuel cells for this moment. Unleash Ripper Mode when the UG wolves drop down, otherwise you’re in for a brutal fight.

    Taking out the UG’s ends the combat round, leading to two cyborgs blasting your lift with rocket launchers. The explosion wrecks the elevator, but doesn’t destroy it yet. It is about to collapse, so you’ll need to transfer lifts.

    But, your lift needs to reach the high lift. Destroy the swarming tripods trying to slow your lift down. Jump to the intact lift as soon as you can. If you’re feeling brave, you can also finish the ranked battle and earn some bonus BP by staying on the burning elevator until enemies stop spawning. Just be sure to defeat your opponents quickly.

    This gauntlet isn’t over yet. A Berzerker will drop down with a flight of Sliders to annoy you. As you defeat the opponents, a Mastiff will join the brawl. Eventually, a second Mastiff will join in. If you’re ever overwhelmed, remember to parry often, refill your meters with Zandatsu, and use electrolyte packs if you’ve got them.

    Don’t waste all those electrolyte packs, they’ll come in handy later. As the battle comes to an end, you’ll reach the top floor. The doors to the server room are ahead.

    Listen to the Doktor’s short talk, then open both doors ahead to reach a medium-sized arena. You’re not in the server room yet, there’s one last challenge Sundowner has lined up.

    Mistral will attack! That’s right, Sundowner has an extra body and AI routine. This fight is effectively exactly alike the battle against Mistral’s first phase.

    Like before, Mistral will have a swarm of tripods summoned. Keep moving to avoid the tripods’ grapples and destroy them while Ninja Running to keep your health high. Each destroyed tripod will drop a repair kit.

    Next up, a spare Monsoon appears. He’s actually slightly easier, but he won’t be throwing large vehicles for Raiden to slice. There’s no easy source of health or EM grenades this time.

    Monsoon drops a smoke grenade first. He’ll attack from every angle. Stand still and parry when he shows up, your only chance here it to play it safe and defend.

    After the smoke clears, this is your chance to fight back. Monsoon loves to kick Raiden into the air – air-parry to avoid a powerful grapple.

    The stun Monsoon, get in close and counter-parry. It’s the only way to break Monsoon while he’s glowing purple and invincible.

    Monsoon will only switch between these two phases. In many ways, the fight is slightly simpler, but you’re dealing with Monsoon at his toughest. Thankfully, his health drains faster than before.

    If Monsoon backs away and his body parts begin to swirl in the air, he’ll try to use a projectile attack. Attack the swirl of body parts to interrupt the attack.

    Defeating Monsoon will finally open the doors into the server room where Sundowner is waiting. He doesn’t want to fight here, he’ll retreat to the helicopter pad outside after a cutscene.

    Explore the server room to grab some items, then chase Sundowner outside.

    BOSS: Sundowner

    This trick for this boss is that he uses a powerful shield that’ll blast Raiden if he tries to attack it. To break the explosive shield, you’ll need to make a careful strike that hits every red highlighted square.

    Be sure not to get too close when Sundowner raises his shield, or it can be very difficult to line up your sword swing. Use Free Aim to carefully place your trajectory before attacking. This can take practice.

    Once the shield is broken, you’ll need to carefully slice off the blue-glowing shield-arms. Each of the robotic arms holds up a section. But, if your blade strikes any of the other sections you’ll take a hit.

    Sundowner attacks with wide, sweeping strikes with his pincer blades. He’s a fairly slow opponent – Sundowner is positively glacial compared to Monsoon, giving you time to guard his attacks.

    If you manage to parry-counter his close-range strikes, and he doesn’t jump away at the last minute, you can immediately transition to cutting his shield.

    Sometimes Sundowner will charge up from far away and lunge at Raiden. Parry during this lunge, if you’re successful you’ll enter into a button-mashing sequence. Win this sequence, and Raiden can immediately cut off more of Sundowner’s shield-arms.

    Once all the shields are cut off, Sundowner will switch to his pincer weapon. Not only does he fight faster, but he’ll gain new attacks.

    Most of these charged attacks cannot be parried, or they’re very hard to parry. Play it safe and use dodges to back off or roll aside to avoid taking damage.

    While he fights harder, he’ll also leave himself open to attacks far more often.

    When you’ve done enough damage, Sundowner will fall – but not really. He’ll destroy the helipad, forcing Raiden to borrow a slider. In the shaft, dodge the falling rubble and use Blade Mode to slice through the roof to finish off Sundowner.

    While flying up, hit the light attack button to launch missiles from the Slider and destroy rubble. Follow the prompts and this battle should be in the bag.

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