Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • File R-00: Guard Duty
  • File R-01: Coup d’État
  • File R-02: Research Facility
  • File R-03: Mile High
  • File R-04: Hostile Takeover
  • File R-05: Escape From Denver
  • File R-06: Badlands Showdown
  • File R-07: Assassination Attempt
  • File R-07: Assassination Attempt

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    The final mission is a doozy. Check every area for items to keep stocked up – you’re going to need them for the last boss.

    It helps to upgrade your main weapon to full strength and unlock every health upgrade in the customization menu.

    The first enemy encounter just outside the air base features several cyborgs patrolling the area. One of these troopers is a commander, and if you’re caught two more will join the battle. This battle will be a push-over.

    Inside the air base, outside the hangar you’ll face another group of patrolling enemies. They’re much tougher this time – you’ll have to deal with two Armored Cyborgs and a commander Berzerker.

    Run and use the APCs as cover on the left. From here, you can take out the first armored guard, climb up the left side of the hangar exterior catwalk and destroy the sentry cameras.

    Destroying the cameras will not alarm the armed guard on the catwalks. Smash both and stealth kill the soldier. Now the area should be easier to clear. Wait for the Armored Cyborg to walk near the alcove entrance while he’s away from the Berzerker, and it should be a cinch to clear the remaining enemies.

    Down the center of the hangar is a single Armored Cyborg. He has the high ground, sneak up behind him using the shelves on the right side of the hangar, and the last remaining four enemies should be easier to sneak kill.

    If anything, try to use a stealth takedown on at least one of the patrolling Berzerkers. There are three of these bruisers, fighting all three will be tough.

    The final combat scenario takes place just outside the hangar. Two Armored Cyborgs and a Berzerker are waiting on the catwalk or behind the APC.

    Use an EM grenade to stun both the Berzerker and Armored Cyborg, then stealth-kill the enemy on the catwalk. There are more ways to get around these guys, but this tactic will at least give you a head start in the ensuing combat.

    Down the road, there’s a large cracked section in the concrete. This is it, the final battle is ahead. Steel your nerves and step forward.

    BOSS: Metal Gear Excelsus

    The giant metal gear will start by slamming both blades down at Raiden. Try not to get caught between both blades, slide or dodge aside just as they land and attack the blades while they’re stuck in the ground.

    Next, Excelsus will sweep both blades across the arena. The only way to dodge this attack is by using Ninja Run to dive between. You can’t jump over these, or slide underneath.

    Excelsus will next attack in a series of attacks. These are just fast enough to hit Raiden even if you try to Ninja Run. Dodge just as the strikes land. He’ll attack with one blade at a time before finishing the sequence with both blades at once.

    Next, he’ll try to stomp on Raiden with one of the legs. Attack the gear’s foot while it’s on the ground. To avoid its stomp, Ninja Run – there’s a short pause before the foot stomps into the ground. While it’s stuck, attack until you’re given a Blade Mode opportunity.

    After slashing one section of armor, you’ll appear at the base of the leg. Ninja Run up toward the center of the beast, and you’ll be prompted to use Blade Mode a second time. Do it to slash off one of Excelsus’ legs.

    The head of Excelsus will droop down while its stunned. Strike while the iron’s hot and slash down the giant’s health bar.

    It will eventually stand back up and unleash its mounted energy beams. To make matters worse, Excelsus also summons a respawning set of two Gekkos to annoy you.

    Luckily, the huge energy beams will also damage the enemy Gekkos. Don’t bother fighting them, instead use Ninja Run to escape the vertical beam attacks, or jump over the horizontal sweeps.

    These beams are very likely to hit the pursuing Gekkos. If you’re in need of health, use Zandatsu on the weakened Gekkos before they explode.

    When Excelsus removes the giant beams, he’ll move back to using the giant blade arms. First he’ll swing down, then move on to sweeping his blades across the arena. To escape the sweeping motions, you’ll need to Ninja Run and jump over each blade.

    If any Gekkos remain, just wait. These blade attacks will take care of them for you.

    He’ll attempt to use downward strikes next. Ninja Run and slide to easily avoid these attacks.

    The foot returns for another round. You know what to do. Escape when it stomps, and attack while it’s on the ground until you can use Blade Mode. Slice off the armor, run up the leg and use Blade Mode again.

    Destroying the second leg will initiate the final sequence. Pound the buttons as they appear to tear one of the blade arms off Excelsus and enter into a sword fight with the gear.

    Eventually you’ll be able to use Blade Mode to cut the Metal Gear apart. One swipe and its over, but you can keep cutting as long as you hold down the Blade Mode button. Release it to end the battle.

    BOSS: Senator

    It isn’t over year. There’s more to Senator Armstrong than meets the eye. He isn’t about to go down without a fight.

    There’s nothing you can do during this first phase. The Senator will punch and kick, which can only be parried or dodged. He’ll also glow yellow and make a small explosion which you’ll want to either immediately run from, or attack and interrupt.

    Keep hitting him, and play defensively. The Senator hits abnormally strong. He’s also invincible, regular attacks will just bounce right off him.

    Survive long enough, and you’ll enter the second phase of the fight. Senator Armstrong has Raiden disarmed, so there’s even less you can do to slow the brutish politico down.

    No reason to attack now. Armstrong will attempt to beat you down with some new moves. He’ll enter into a combo of punches and kicks, which you’ll need to parry to survive, as they home in.

    Watch out for Armstrong’s charged punch. When he glows yellow, that means Armstrong is about to charge forward and attempt a grapple. Jump and keep attacking to keep safely in the air and out of his reach.

    Once again, the goal is to survive. Keep alive long enough, and you’ll be prompted to mash [X/Square] then [Y/Triangle].

    And so begins the final phase of the battle. This is where the real fight begins, and it’s the toughest fight in the game. At this point, it’s very likely you’ll be either low on Repair Nanopaste or have none at all.

    There’s still a way to win, don’t panic. You’ll need to play carefully, but there are healing items to gain after knocking off 40% of the Senator’s health.

    Unleash Ripper Mode right away, just watch for his many deadly attacks. He’ll start by charging up and launching a wave of fire bursting up from the ground. He’ll unleash two straight lines of fire that need to be dodged. Ninja Run will also work.

    The Senator will attempt to strike Raiden with a series of powerful combo attacks that come very quickly. It’s hard to time a parry, but running won’t always help. A few well-timed dodges can get you out of it safely.

    Armstrong will punch the ground, creating cracks in the ground that will burst with fire. Stay off the red lines to avoid taking damage, but Armstrong loves lunging across the arena right afterward. It’s hard to spot him through the fire, so be prepared to parry.

    Knocking him down to 160% health or less, and Armstrong will jump out of the crater and throw chunks of debris. Each chunk has four highlighted points, you’ll need to hit all four in one strike or you’ll take damage.

    Destroying all three will immediately lead to an attack by Armstrong, he’ll lunge forward in an attempt to punch Raiden. Keep Blade Mode held and hit both of his highlighted sections to stun him.

    For stunning the boss during this sequence, you’ll gain several Repair Nanopastes. Destroying the debris and collecting these Repair Nanopaste items is key to victory over the Senator.

    After stunning the Senator, he’ll attempt to repair himself. He’ll stand still and glow green. Attacking him during this state will not harm him, your strikes will just bounce off and he’ll attempt to counter-attack. To stop his healing state, you’ll need to pull off a counter-parry by parrying right before he lands an attack.

    Performing a counter-parry can be very difficult. The easier way to handle him is to run behind and use Blade Mode on the Senator’s exposed back. Hit the target to stun him and end the healing process.

    Dealing more damage leads to more sequences of debris-throwing, so stay on your toes.

    Armstrong will also lunge straight for Raiden at certain points of the fight. Even parrying this lunge will lead to being disarmed. Succeed at mashing the prompts will keep Raiden safe from damage, but will always result in a lost sword.

    Getting the sword back can be tricky. You’ll need to stand still near it and press the interaction button to pick it up, which will appear over Raiden.

    Knock off enough health, and the Senator will attempt one more debris-throwing sequence, following by a final lunge forward.

    After Raiden is grabbed, follow the buttons as they appear. In Blade Mode, you’ll need to hit each of his glowing fists before they hit you. Use Free Mode to target each. Finally, you’ll need to hit the Senator nano-heart multiple times to finally defeat him.

    When hitting the heart, line up your blade’s swinging arc, then mash light attack to keep hitting it over and over. Do it enough, and this battle will finally end.

    Congratulations! The world is sort of saved, Desperado is defeated, and the stolen brains will be able to live their lives as they choose.

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