Metal Gear Rising: VR Mission Terminals Locations Guide

VR missions have been a part of the Metal Gear Solid series since the beginning, but we haven’t had a return to virtual training for a long time — until Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Throughout the campaign, the game’s hero Raiden can discover special terminals that, once used, will unlock new challenge missions that can be accessed. These bonuses are integral for completing several achievements or trophies, and they’re a way to squeeze even more combat into this blade-happy action game. Check out the text guide below to get your VR fix.

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VR Mission Terminals Locations Guide


File R-01: Coup d’√Čtat:

  • VR Terminal #1: After spotting the Gekko, you’ll find this terminal through the following doorway.
  • VR Terminal #2: Coming face to face with a helicopter, you’ll be able to find a box of EMP Grenades. Climb the ledge right above the box to find a landing with the terminal.
  • VR Terminal #3: Continuing on the mission, you’ll eventually enter a building in rubble. Check out the right-most corner down in the back for a small room under a set of stairs where this terminal is hidden.
  • VR Terminal #4: Leaving the factory guarded by cameras, make sure to head down the spiral stairs to find this hidden terminal.

File R-02: Research Facility

  • VR Terminal #1: In the area where Mastiffs can be avoided, drop down to the bottom floor to find a breakable door. Slice it open in Blade Mode to find the terminal inside.
  • VR Terminal #2: Entering the generator room, check the corners to find this simple terminal.
  • VR Terminal #3: After talking to the Doktor far into the mission, turn around just as you enter to find the terminal.

File R-03: Mile High

  • VR Terminal #1: In the second large area with walkways over the streets, check behind one of the barricades on the left of the road to find the first terminal.
  • VR Terminal #2: Inside the office building lobby, run up the stairs and look left behind a glass wall.
  • VR Terminal #3: On the first roof patrolled by Cyborgs, look between two of the taller platforms — there’s a small alcove between blocked by two pipes. Ninja Run over the pipes to find this terminal.
  • VR Terminal #4: Before leaving the dark underground, backtrack down the rails and look near a pile of rubble, tucked away. It’s behind the rubble that blocked your way past the first set of patrolling UGs.
  • VR Terminal #5: Going upstairs, the terminal is just left of the door leading outside.

File R-04: Hostile Takeover

  • VR Terminal #1: Left of the elevators in the lobby, you’ll find a glass display case. Cut it open and wait for the glass to disappear.
  • VR Terminal #2: After taking the elevator up, check down the hall and slice open the first glass you encounter, leading down a hallway of open doors. Enter the first room on the right to find the terminal in the corner.
  • VR Terminal #3: Standing at the locked security door, enter the hall and look right for a long hallway leading to a smaller room, which holds this mission.
  • VR Terminal #4: After clearing out the top floor where the freight elevators stop, look right in the hallway leading to the Server Room. Smash the boxes in the corner to find this terminal.
  • VR Terminal #5: Leaving the Server Room to chase Sundowner, you’ll enter a hallway with a ledge above you can reach with Ninja Run. Look underneath the ledge in the dark corner to find the last terminal in this mission.

File R-05: Escape From Denver

  • VR Terminal #1: After taking out the GARD and closing in on the final waypoint behind a barricade, use the Visor. You should spot a door with a guard behind it on the left side of the street. Clear the road and he’ll walk out. Explore through the door to find a room with the terminal — but beware, three Mastiff enemies will attack once the terminal is collected.

File R-07: Assassination Attempt

  • VR Terminal #1: Right at the starting point, turn around and Ninja Run up to a ledge above hiding a terminal.
  • VR Terminal #2: The last terminal is fairly obvious, just stick to the right wall as you enter the hangar.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Analysis Complete (20 points / Bronze):
    Unlock every VR Mission.

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