Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes – XOF Patches Locations Guide

Unlock Extra Ops in Metal Gear Solid 5: Grounds Zeroes with our XOF patches locations guide, showing you how to find these tricky trinkets scattered across Camp Omega. The prologue to Phantom Pain might be short, but completing this Easter egg hunt will net you a platform-exclusive special mission. Don’t miss out — keep scrolling to find all nine hard-to-find patches.

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XOF Patches Locations Guide

Note: Collected all 9 patches unlocks a special mission. That mission is different depending on whether you have the Xbox or Playstation version of Ground Zeroes. All collectibles must be found during the Ground Zeroes Main Mission Op.

  • XOF Patch #1: Right as you gain control of Snake on the rocky cliff-side, turn around to find an XOF patch near the ledge.
  • XOF Patch #2: Lay on the ground and roll around. There’s an XOF patch stuck to Snake! Keep rolling to trigger a cutscene and collect it.
  • XOF Patch #3: From the beginning point of the rescue operation, run down to the street below and move left. Drop down to the muddy camp, and look to the right of a pile of wood — near the puddles of water — to find a patch. There’s some discarded fuel cans, sand bags and sheets of metal nearby.
  • XOF Patch #4: From the tents, move up to the white buildings ahead to locate a fenced-in generator area. Pick the gate’s lock and climb onto the left-most power box.
  • XOF Patch #5: Go down to the southeast corner of the island map where a road leads to the prison section. From here, there’s a small guard shack overlooking the entrance. Climb onto the roof to find the patch.
  • XOF Patch #6: Next, run down the road and enter the main gate (the same Skullface used in the intro) to enter the prison camp. Inside, right next to the door, you’ll find the patch in the mud.
  • XOF Patch #7: Travel up to the helicopter pad in the main section of the base. This concrete area is heavily guarded, so watch out. The patch is located on the ground, ahead of the main road entrance, near a grey box with wires stringing out and more generators surrounded by waist-high railings.
  • XOF Patch #8: On the road to the tall building, there’s a heavily-guarded gate before entering the complex. To the right of the road you’ll find a lift and an open grating. Jump down into the tiny alcove and lay down to grab the patch.
  • XOF Patch #9: Outside the main gate, ahead of the previous collectible, you’ll find a red door to the right. Enter it, and climb the electrical boxes to jump to a low roof nearby. From here, you can grab the last patch laying on a steel roof vent.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Insignia (50 points / Bronze):
    Obtained all XOF unit patches.

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