Metro 2033 Redux – Invisible Man Trophy Guide

Metro 2033 Redux tank stealth

Become a stealth master and sneak through two heavily defended fronts with our “Invisible Man” Metro 2033 Redux trophy guide.

In one of Metro’s toughest missions, our post-apocalyptic hero infiltrates the Red Army lines and into Fascist territory. One wrong move sends the opposing armies into an explosive conflict. Avoid setting off a powder keg with these step-by-step instructions.

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Invisible Man Trophy Guide

To unlock this trophy, you’ll need to cross the heavily guarded FRONTLINE checkpoint without killing anyone. If you’re caught, enemies will kill each other in combat if they begin shooting at you.

If you’re unexperienced with stealth — know that footsteps will draw enemies toward you. Stay crouched, stay in the shadows, and try to keep walls between you and the enemy. Don’t use the flashlight or enemies will see.

Past the checkpoint, don’t forget to rescue the captured Red soldiers. If they’re executed, you won’t unlock the trophy.

If you’re caught, restart the level instead of returning to a previous checkpoint.

Preliminary Requirements & Gear

Before starting the FRONTLINE level, purchase the Stealth Suit (100 Military Rounds) in Armory Station, near the Ammo Exchange kiosk. It will help make unlocking this trophy easier.

In the FRONTLINE level itself, you can also uncover a free pair of Night-Vision Goggles. They can also be purchased in Armory Station and make sneaking much easier. Using the flashlight will give your position away to enemies.

To get the NVGs, backtrack down the train tracks at the very start of the FRONTLINE level. Take out the two soldiers down the tracks to collect a pair free of charge.

Step-by-Step Guide

As the stage begins, move forward toward the patrolling guards on the train. There’s one soldier walking on the left of the tracks. Down the left side of the bridge are stairs leading underneath. Sneak down the steps and watch for the guard standing near the burning trash fire below.

Keep moving through forward in the lower platforms until you find a path leading to the tracks on your left. Move under the arches and sneak toward the left-most tracks where there’s a rickety guard post. Two soldiers are reading a sentencing to a captured man.

You can’t save him, so keep moving forward. Carefully sneak behind the waiting office — you can get very close to him and he won’t notice. At the dead-end, jump over the railing and onto the pipes. You’ll need to get down to the very bottom floor of this chamber.

Use the pipes and vents, and follow the white painted markers to reach an old catwalk on the left wall. Leap to it then use the pipes to finally reach the surface. From here you can put on a gasmask and continue forward. Follow the lights and watch out for explosive traps.

Snip the booby traps along the way. There are about four you’ll need to deal with before reaching the large open pipe tunnel. Eventually the lower drainage pipe leads to a ladder, a door, and another ladder.

At the top of the ladder, you’ll find a Fascist guard about to execute a group of prisoners. Knock him out to save the prisoners, or you’ll lose the trophy.

Down the hall from the prisoners, you can also find an electricity box. Switch it off to turn out the lights in the Fascist territory. Now you can leave through the door, go upstairs, and continue out into Reich territory.

At the top of the steps, turn right and continue down the tracks. There’s a dark ditch to the right of the tracks you can use to stay out of sight.

Follow it all the way to the end, then run down the seemingly endless tracks. Bright lights are shining ahead. When you see them, duck and hide into an alcove to the left until the armored car passes by.

This is when things get tricky. There’s a guard on the left of the tracks. Stick to the right and the shadows to sneak by him, then get past the second guard behind a barrier ahead.

Sneak into the more narrow tunnels and watch out for yet another guard with his headlamp on. This guy is heavily armored, so wait behind the crates until he patrols past you, leaving the way forward clear.

The last guard on the tracks won’t even look your way. Sneak through the open door to the left where several more Reich guards are walking through the stock room. Stick to the right wall, your goal is the thick door under the bright blue light, visible from the entrance passageway.

When you’re through, open the second door down the hall to unlock this tough trophy.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Invisible man (40 points / Bronze):
    Complete FRONTLINE level without killing anyone.

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