Metro: Last Light – Chronicles Pack DLC Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Pavel
  • Anna
  • Khan

  • Pavel

    After breaking free, approach the rusted box on the wall outside the lit tunnel entrances and collect the tools inside of it.

    Approach the fusebox on the left side of the tunnel entrance to hack into it with your generator tool and open the next cage door ahead.

    Open the door at the end of the tunnel to hide in the shadows near the table on the other side and look towards the corner on the right, then wait for the patrolling enemy to enter the room and approach from behind to take him out.

    Take the subdued enemy’s gun to proceed down the next hallway and approach the HO 2 fusebox on the right to flip all the switches, then exit through the door in the corner and extinguish the nearby lamp.

    Approach the next doorway slowly from the left to sneak up on the two guards having a conversation, then wait for them to turn away and stay low to eliminate the one outside the booth from behind.

    Move to the back right corner of the room ahead to extinguish the lamp and the crawl through the opening in the wall to eliminate the next guard in the corridor below.

    Pick up the guard’s gun and move towards the light source in the bunk room and search the tool box between the two wooden shelves against the wall.

    Turn back around to follow the corridor around and stand within the entrance of the next lit room to watch another pair of guards have a conversation, then wait for them to walk away and quickly approach the suitcase they were talking over to load the revolver on top of it.

    Return to the darkened doorway to watch the scene play out until one guard shoots the other, then follow the enemy that leaves the room in a panic and eliminate him from behind in the narrow office area.

    Collect a health pack from the nearby table and exit the office to approach the next room directly across from it, then flip the switches on the wall to the left of the doorway and pick up the silenced revolver you tampered with previously.

    Approach the enemy in next darkened room to eliminate him and take out the other guard nearby once the lights come back on, then look for the gateway with a red bulb above it in the corner and enter the locker room directly across from it.

    Take the clothes from the open locker in front of you on the left and flip the switches beside the next doorway to lure an enemy into the room, then eliminate him from behind and proceed through the darkened corridor to reach the bathroom at the end.

    Accept a drink from the man sitting in the shower stall and climb through the window above the sink to make a left through the boiler room on the other side.

    Enter the kitchen to shoot the lightbulb above and eliminate the nearby guard, then use the silenced revolver to take out the enemy in the dining area ahead.

    Extinguish the lights in the dining room before exiting through the door in the corner and approach the entrance to the factory area on the right to watch the guards patrolling it.

    Wait for the power to go out, then eliminate the guard in the shadows to the right and back up into the previous doorway to proceed towards the left.

    Take out the next enemy around the corner with a headshot and open the door behind him to extinguish the light in the storage room, then move slowly towards the corner ahead and eliminate two more guards with your silenced revolver.

    Approach the fusebox located beside the first guard to shut off the power and return to the previous hallway connected to the factory area, then fire through the windows to eliminate the enemies on the other side.

    Enter the factory area to pick off the guard on the first catwalk above and proceed forward to reach the room filled with sparks in the corner ahead, then turn around to climb the steps and equip a shotgun.

    Move towards the control booth at the opposite end of the factory area and clear it out with your shotgun, then flip the nearby switch to cross back over to the opposite side of the catwalk and enter open room to collect supplies within.

    Open the next door in front of you and kneel down to cut the trip wire before proceeding any further, then enter the pipeline ahead to drop into the sewer area on the other side.

    Extinguish the lights on the bridge to eliminate the next guard ahead and enter the room on the right to rotate the switch inside, then return to the previous side of the bridge to make a left and shoot the enemy poking out in front of you.

    Search the surrounding shacks and extinguish all lights before approaching the guards around the campfire, then wait for them to separate before taking both down.

    Climb the steps on the left to reach the wooden walkway above and follow it around to collect additional supplies, then return to the first bridge you crossed to eliminate the enemies patrolling across it and look for a green light in the corner to pass through the door below it.

    Move down the staircase on the right to collect supplies in the area below, then head back in the opposite direction to reach the metal catwalk above the room partially filled with water and cut the trip wire in front of the first open doorway on the right.

    Hack the next fusebox to move through the gateway that opens beside it and collect additional supplies, then smash the control panel on the wall to exit the room and make a right through the door at the end of the corridor.

    Walk forward slowly to eliminate the first enemy on the platform to your right and drop into the water beneath him, then locate the other guards in the area by tracking their flashlight beams or the glow packs on their suits and stay hidden under the wooden walkway to take them out silently from the shadows below.

    Make your way to the opposite end of this area to pass through the next barred door and follow the corridors around to climb a series of stairs, then enter the bar at the top and head right to reach the subway tunnels outside of it.

    Approach the men on the tram to hop in and complete this mission.

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