Metro: Last Light – Chronicles Pack DLC Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Pavel
  • Anna
  • Khan

  • Khan

    After detonating the bomb to derail the train, head left down the subway tunnel to encounter Khan and follow him to activate the next fusebox on the left.

    Continue following Khan to open the next barred door on the left, then collect the health pack laying near the campfire and enter the subway car ahead to proceed forward.

    Push forward through the various hallucinations until you eventually snap back to reality and continue following Khan until the anomaly appears, then remain still and wait for the ball of light ahead to disappear.

    Exit the subway car to follow Khan into the sewer pipe and check the grate on the other side to collect a health pack, then crawl through the open vent in the corner and use the lighter to clear the spiders from your path.

    Light the torch to push your way out of the ventilation shaft and stay directly behind Khan as you follow him across the next area below to avoid the rat swarms.

    After Khan uses an oil drum to create a massive fire, turn around to pass through the door on the right and search the corpse beside you for supplies.

    Open the red door to immediately gun down the creature waiting on the other side and hack into the fusebox on the wall to restore power to the area.

    Exit the room to approach the corner on the left and quickly aim your gun around it to shoot the creature that suddenly charges towards you, then return to Khan’s location to make a right and open the next door on the wall ahead.

    Follow the darkened corridor to enter the room at the end and search it for supplies, then hack the fusebox on the wall to restore power to this area and quickly turn around to eliminate the creature waiting behind you.

    Fight your way through the previous corridor to return to Khan’s location and stand beside him until the anomaly appears to kill all the rats.

    Follow Khan to pass through the red door ahead, then continue walking alongside him to eventually approach the campfire on the next subway platform and sit down to watch the scene unfold.

    Once you’re standing up again, approach the line of sandbags ahead to fend off the enemies that charge from directly in front of you and crawl along the wall to your right.

    Use a shotgun to drop enemies without the need for much accuracy and back up quickly whenever one of the creatures manages to vault over the barricade so you can still keep them in your crosshairs.

    Switch over to an automatic weapon as the number of approaching creatures increases and pick off the ones currently attacking your teammates before targeting any of the others.

    Finish defending the area to follow a teammate through the gateway that rises behind you and climb the steps ahead to wrestle with a creature at the top until your ally comes to the rescue.

    Fight your way forward to turn around at the corpse sitting against a pole and enter the tunnel below on the right, then collect the explosive devices from the surrounding tables and quickly spin around again to eliminate a creature sneaking up from behind.

    Return to the previous corpse and use your shotgun to fight past the next group of creatures ahead, then pass through the malfunctioning automatic doors to plant a bomb within the rubber tire on the other side.

    Exit the room to wrestle with another creature and activate a cut scene to complete this mission.

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