Metro: Last Light – Musician Achievement Guide

Playing instruments isn’t just soothing in Metro: Last Light, it’ll also earn players a difficult achievement. Music is one of the few pleasures left in Metro’s dreary underground setting, taking place in a post-apocalyptic Moscow. The soothing sounds aren’t as numerous as say, Artyom’s Diary notes, but they’re easy to miss.

Finding these hidden instruments will add to the player’s hidden morality score, too. If you’re looking to get the best ending, or just want that achievement, check out the list of locations below.

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Musician Achievement Guide

Guitar #1

  • Chapter: Sparta
  • Location: Right at the beginning of the game, in your room. Interact with the instrument before leaving.

Balalaika #1

  • Chapter: Sparta
  • Location: After leaving Artyom’s room, you’ll come across a room full of men resting around a couch and at a table. Look to the left of the exit door to find this instrument.

Accordion #1

  • Chapter: Facility
  • Location: In the two-floor area near the beginning, look for a room right of the stairs to find an accordion on a bench through the door.

Balalaika #2

  • Chapter: Bolshoi
  • Location: At the start of the level, look near the talking couple on a bench.

Guitar #2

  • Chapter: Bolshoi
  • Location: Continuing into the station, look to the left while heading toward the merchant stands to find a guitar leaning against the wall.

Balalaika #3

  • Chapter: Bolshoi
  • Location: Before reaching the theater, look on the last merchant stand on the left side, laying out over some folded clothes.

Balalaika #4

  • Chapter: Bolshoi
  • Location: After leaving the theater, look for a man leaning back in his chair before sitting down with Pavel. The instrument is against the back of that chair.

Balalaika #5

  • Chapter: Revolution
  • Location: After acquiring the note in the office down the stairs, check out the desk to find this instrument on a swivel chair.

Piano #1

  • Chapter: Revolution
  • Location: After fighting or sneaking through the first area patrolled by many guards, you’ll need to continue forward after pulling a level. With the level pulled, a door will open. Inside the next area, look right for another room with the piano inside.

Accordion #2

  • Chapter: Revolution
  • Location: After reaching a new chamber through a wrecked turbine, you’ll continue into a hallway with a closed locker in the right corner. Open it to find a hidden instrument.

Accordion #3

  • Chapter: Regina
  • Location: Meet up with Regina and make a stop at the first door on the left. There’s an instrument at the back of the room, up the stairs from this door.

Balalaika #6

  • Chapter: Undercity
  • Location: The instrument is leaning against a cupboard in your room.

Guitar #3

  • Chapter: Contagion
  • Location: Entering the first area filled with poison gas, explore the rooms to the right. In the very last one, you’ll find a guitar on a cushion.

Guitar #4

  • Chapter: Contagion
  • Location: Look behind the counter and stumbling upon enemies. This comes after Artyom puts on a gasmask.

Guitar #5

  • Chapter: Contagion
  • Location: Continuing into the area, you’ll be blocked by a gate. Climb up the stairs to reach a room where Artyom can jump down over the gate. The guitar is located in this area, in the last optional room.

Guitar #6

  • Chapter: Quarantine
  • Location: After entering through the red doors with Khan, look down a hallway to the left where several men are at a table. The guitar is leaning against the wall.

Piano #2

  • Chapter: The Dead City
  • Location: After reaching the underground, use the first exit you encounter to return up top. Explore the building nearby — there’s a room where the Dark One is playing a piano. Use it.

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Achievements / Trophies Unlocked

Musician (10 points / Bronze):
Use all musical instruments in the game.

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