Metro: Last Light Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Sparta
  • Chapter 2: Ashes
  • Chapter 3: Pavel
  • Chapter 4: Reich
  • Chapter 5: Separation
  • Chapter 6: Facility
  • Chapter 7: Torchlight
  • Chapter 8: Echoes
  • Chapter 9: Bolshoi
  • Chapter 10: Korbut
  • Chapter 11: Revolution
  • Chapter 12: Regina
  • Chapter 13: Bandits
  • Chapter 14: Dark Waters
  • Chapter 15: Venice
  • Chapter 16: Sundown
  • Chapter 17: Nightfall
  • Chapter 18: Undercity
  • Chapter 19: Contagion
  • Chapter 20: Quarantine
  • Chapter 21: Khan
  • Chapter 22: The Chase
  • Chapter 23: The Crossing
  • Chapter 24: Bridge
  • Chapter 25: Depot
  • Chapter 26: The Dead City
  • Chapter 27: Red Square
  • Chapter 28: The Garden
  • Chapter 29: Polis
  • Chapter 30: D6
  • Chapter 9: Bolshoi

    1. You can relax here inside the Theater, a very populated station. Follow Pavel through the metal door after he converses with the soldiers. You’ll be given free reign to explore once you see the tan drape past two guards. Move through the drape.
    2. Follow the path past the man using a broom, as well as the lovely drunk civilian. Walk past the bar area. A man wearing a box for advertisement purposes will pass by. Keep walking as you see a man juggling and another man creating hand shadows.
    3. Keep walking over the faded checkered floor and you’ll reach a market. On the left you can grab some ammo and on the right you can purchase guns and attachments. After you’ve perused the wares, the theater is just up ahead. Take the fork on the left where the fancy, red drapes are. Take the journal entry sitting on the bench to the left.
    4. Walk up to the gate. Pavel will appear behind you, then a guard will let you both in. Follow Pavel inside. He says you can watch the show if you want while he waits. Move past the seats to grab a seat in front. Sit down as the ladies on the stage entertain.
    5. You can leave at any time, but to get the achievement (Patron of the Arts) here, you’ll need to sit through the entire show. Once the piano man plays his last tune, you can leave. Head toward Pavel, then move through the door into the dressing room.
    6. Exit the dressing room with Pavel. He’ll lead you to a table covered in red cloth. Have a seat as Pavel gives you drink after drink. However this happy occasion gets spoiled as you find out Pavel’s real objective.

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    On May 29, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    Just wanted to let you know that Nvida released a update on 5/23 that helps run Metro better. I have not had the FPS issues anymore.