Metro: Last Light Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Sparta
  • Chapter 2: Ashes
  • Chapter 3: Pavel
  • Chapter 4: Reich
  • Chapter 5: Separation
  • Chapter 6: Facility
  • Chapter 7: Torchlight
  • Chapter 8: Echoes
  • Chapter 9: Bolshoi
  • Chapter 10: Korbut
  • Chapter 11: Revolution
  • Chapter 12: Regina
  • Chapter 13: Bandits
  • Chapter 14: Dark Waters
  • Chapter 15: Venice
  • Chapter 16: Sundown
  • Chapter 17: Nightfall
  • Chapter 18: Undercity
  • Chapter 19: Contagion
  • Chapter 20: Quarantine
  • Chapter 21: Khan
  • Chapter 22: The Chase
  • Chapter 23: The Crossing
  • Chapter 24: Bridge
  • Chapter 25: Depot
  • Chapter 26: The Dead City
  • Chapter 27: Red Square
  • Chapter 28: The Garden
  • Chapter 29: Polis
  • Chapter 30: D6
  • Chapter 16: Sundown

    1. Welcome to the marshes, where the path to your goal isn’t completely linear. After you’ve reached the ladder, your friend leaves you alone (thanks!), and you’re off to fend the creatures all by your lonesome. Slide down the slab of concrete, then make your way toward the cargo containers. Also, don’t forget that you can’t wade through deep water.
    2. There’s an opening on the right path. Grab some claymores and a filter on the dead body before you head into the fenced in area. Take notice of the red flags in the area. You’ll need these to navigate. Of course you can also use your compass. Look for the first red flag by the water.
    3. Head past the cargo containers and into the elevated tower. Grab the sniper rifle on the table along with some ammo. It’ll make some of the upcoming fights a bit easier. Head back down and you’ll notice that creatures will be coming out of the water.
    4. Head for the tanker that’s painted in red and blue next to the gas station. There will be two flags next to it and a building just yards away. Explore the building to grab more supplies. When you pass by this long building, keep it on your left side, then walk forward. You’ll get attacked. Careful of the Demon as well. Use the rifle against it. One headshot should do.
    5. Head toward the red flags past the long building and wind your way to the gas station. Search the gasoline canisters. Unfortunately, they’re all empty. Grab the journal entry on the desk then leave the gas station by way of a log over the water. Search the corpse in the building near the bus for supplies. Careful of another Demon.
    6. Head past the bus to a tree with a corpse leaning against it. Loot it, then look for red flags that lead you to the plane ahead. Grab the claymores by the door, then head inside the plane. Head toward the lantern, then check out the canisters. There’s gas, however, you’ll be attacked by a larger than normal aquatic bug. It will mess up the plane a bit, but won’t attack you directly.
    7. When you leave the plane you’ll see more of the aquatic bugs migrating from right to left. When they pass, hop onto the wing of the plane, then onto a log to make it across the water. Head for the big tree. You’ll see a contraption that pulls a boat over to you after you press the button. After you press the button, however, get ready for a fight.
    8. You’ll have to fight the bugs. After the first wave, press the button again to fight another wave. This time a Demon will appear along with the larger than normal bug. Use claymores on it.
    9. When the boat arrives, hop on, then pull the lever as it takes you to the other side.

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    On May 29, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    Just wanted to let you know that Nvida released a update on 5/23 that helps run Metro better. I have not had the FPS issues anymore.