Metro: Last Light Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Sparta
  • Chapter 2: Ashes
  • Chapter 3: Pavel
  • Chapter 4: Reich
  • Chapter 5: Separation
  • Chapter 6: Facility
  • Chapter 7: Torchlight
  • Chapter 8: Echoes
  • Chapter 9: Bolshoi
  • Chapter 10: Korbut
  • Chapter 11: Revolution
  • Chapter 12: Regina
  • Chapter 13: Bandits
  • Chapter 14: Dark Waters
  • Chapter 15: Venice
  • Chapter 16: Sundown
  • Chapter 17: Nightfall
  • Chapter 18: Undercity
  • Chapter 19: Contagion
  • Chapter 20: Quarantine
  • Chapter 21: Khan
  • Chapter 22: The Chase
  • Chapter 23: The Crossing
  • Chapter 24: Bridge
  • Chapter 25: Depot
  • Chapter 26: The Dead City
  • Chapter 27: Red Square
  • Chapter 28: The Garden
  • Chapter 29: Polis
  • Chapter 30: D6
  • Chapter 25: Depot

    1. The level starts inside a train depot in the heavy rain. Follow the tracks, then head for the building with a lone light on the second floor. Head inside, then open the doors. You’ll meet three soldiers. They’ll be friendly toward you.
    2. You’ll reach an outpost. Follow them through, past the storage. Enter the train. You’ll meet a shop owner that sells bullets. Visit him if you like. There’s also a weapons dealer across from the ammo dealer. When you’re finished, exit the train, then head up the stairs.
    3. Move along the walkway. You’ll see the Dark One by the window. Drop down to another walkway, then into a train. Follow the length of the train. You’ll gain the Dark One’s vision once again. Stay on top of the train. You’ll see a flood of eight enemies enter the depot.
    4. Wait for the enemy soldiers to settle down, especially the group of three that begin shooting inside the crawlspace. Wait until those three pass by, then head into the crawlspace.
    5. Follow it down. When you reach the “T”, grab the filter, then head left, avoiding the soldier on the right. When you emerge from the top, take out the closest soldier, when his light isn’t shining on you, then look toward the soldiers elevating themselves on top of a staircase.
    6. Take care of both of them, while watching out for the soldier that patrols underneath. Take out the patrolling soldier just in case, then head through the doorway past the really bright spotlight connected to a generator.
    7. Move through the brick colored hallway, then open the door. Head up the staircase. You’ll see the Dark One behind a barred door. When he’s finished talking open the blue door. You’ll reach an office area, plus see the enemies up ahead highlighted in red.
    8. Immediately move to the left into the bathroom. There’s a hole in the bathroom that leads into the kitchen. Hide in the bathroom for now, in the corner, near the filter in the urinal. Wait for the two soldiers to turn away from you, then head through the hole in the wall. Take out the soldier ahead.
    9. Move into the kitchen, then take out the soldier in the hallway adjacent to the kitchen. Hide behind the shelves inside the hallway. Wait for the guards to move away from you, then head to the far door past the windows.
    10. Move down the stairwell, then open the barred door. Follow the Dark One through, but don’t take the door. Instead move through the crawlspace until you emerge from the other side.
    11. When you pop your head up, take notice of the soldiers on the left focused on another crawlspace. One of the soldiers will drop down. That’s where you need to go. Wait for the soldiers to disperse, then take out the soldier above the crawlspace.
    12. Hop inside, then take out the soldier ahead. Keep following the crawlspace, then climb up the ladder. Immediately head right past the rolling cages. There will be a soldier in the room ahead with his lights on. Wait until he has his back turned, enter the room, then take him out.
    13. Continue through the room, looting the boxes until you reach the other side. You’ll see two soldiers ahead, one of them trying to open the barred door. Take out the one closest to you. One of the soldiers will open the door. Follow him down the hallway, then take him out as well.
    14. Continue on through the rooms, past all the rubble. You’ll reach another door. Open it. You’ll see a lot of decommissioned trains here. Head right as you move perpendicular along the tracks. Crouch past the barriers onto the second train on the left.
    15. Wait for the soldier inside the second to turn his back, then take him out. Move down the length of the train. Immediately to the left, you’ll see a metal staircase. Stealthily climb up to reach the top of the train.
    16. Use the wooden ramp to move across the depot. Take out the sniper, then continue on into the crashed train car next to the wall. Follow the length of the train car. Drop down into the tunnel under the train.
    17. You’ll emerge behind the enemy troops. Look to your right. Quickly take the staircase up, then enter the blue door. It’s Lesnitsky. He’ll try to kill you, but the Dark One will help, giving you his thoughts and learn about the plans.
    18. When you wake, head outside into the rain, exiting the depot.

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    On May 29, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    Just wanted to let you know that Nvida released a update on 5/23 that helps run Metro better. I have not had the FPS issues anymore.