Metro: Last Light Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Sparta
  • Chapter 2: Ashes
  • Chapter 3: Pavel
  • Chapter 4: Reich
  • Chapter 5: Separation
  • Chapter 6: Facility
  • Chapter 7: Torchlight
  • Chapter 8: Echoes
  • Chapter 9: Bolshoi
  • Chapter 10: Korbut
  • Chapter 11: Revolution
  • Chapter 12: Regina
  • Chapter 13: Bandits
  • Chapter 14: Dark Waters
  • Chapter 15: Venice
  • Chapter 16: Sundown
  • Chapter 17: Nightfall
  • Chapter 18: Undercity
  • Chapter 19: Contagion
  • Chapter 20: Quarantine
  • Chapter 21: Khan
  • Chapter 22: The Chase
  • Chapter 23: The Crossing
  • Chapter 24: Bridge
  • Chapter 25: Depot
  • Chapter 26: The Dead City
  • Chapter 27: Red Square
  • Chapter 28: The Garden
  • Chapter 29: Polis
  • Chapter 30: D6
  • Chapter 6: Facility

    1. After crawling through the shaft for some time, you’ll reach Pavel. He’s holed up in a cell and is thankful that you’ve come back for him. He’ll be taken out of his cell to the noose, so it’s up to you to navigate this area and save him.
    2. Continue down the shaft until you reach an exit. You’ll drop into a storage room with a hallway up ahead. Open the boxes to grab ammo and medkits. Move toward the light and blow it out. When you turn the corner you’ll see someone getting beat up in a room behind windows.
    3. Turn right, to keep hidden, while keeping the windows on your left side. Stay on the ground floor for now. Head toward the lantern on the stairs that lead up. Blow out the light, then hide behind the boxes near the corner. Wait for the two soldiers near another lantern to separate, then take them both out.
    4. Hop over the boxes near the target practice board. Hide underneath the metal staircase ahead, then wait for a soldier to make his patrol, take him out when he’s standing still. You might alert a second soldier since he’ll be taken out in the light. If or when the other comes running, neutralize him too.
    5. Carefully move underneath the fluorescent light, keeping the shelf to your right. Head toward the fireplace on the ground. Move past the fireplace, then take a right into the hallway with a red arrow painted on the wall telling you to go left.
    6. Head that way, then open the door into the freezer. Eliminate the soldier kneeling on the ground next to the shelves, then continue through the freezer, where you’ll climb up through a hole in the wall.
    7. You’ll enter a room with a ton of planters. Move along the plants to the open doorway. There will be a soldier that patrols the bridge ahead, and more on the right side. On the left will be a fuse box. Switch it off to turn off the lights, then head back into the planter room. Wait for a soldier to try and fix the fuse box. Take him out before he does.
    8. Move across the bridge, now covered in shadow. Take out the patrolling guard when he enters the small room with the lantern. Blow out the lantern, the move past the light into the room ahead. Enter the ventilation shaft, sneaking past the soldier sitting in the chair.
    9. Drop down, blow out the light, head left to open a box to grab some supplies. Head the opposite direction. When you exit, head downstairs. Upstairs leads back up to the soldier sitting next to the light.
    10. When you reach the bottom, enter the sewer entrance under the staircase. The entrance is lit up by a lantern. Drop down, then follow the path left. There’s a lone soldier here. Take him out. There’s also a path on the left where a teddy bear is, wearing some ammo. This path leads back to the lone soldier. Take him out.
    11. Near his body, where the gate is, is a ladder. Climb it, then head left past the water wheel. Head toward the lantern by the red metal doors, then blow out the lantern for a temporary safe zone. Move toward the wheel a bit, then head into the room on the left past the barred door. There’s machinery and a box you can open inside.
    12. On the other side of the small room is an over turned barrel and another sewer entrance. It’s lit up brightly. Drop down, then hang a left. Keep taking paths that turn you left. You’ll reach a ladder. Climb it when no one is looking.
    13. When you reach the top, there will be a fuse box on your left attached to a wall. There’s also a light next to the fuse box highlighting it. Switch off the fuse box, then take out the soldier that patrols.
    14. Head up the stairs on the left side, take out the soldier inside the room who is looking at another fuse box. When you exit that room, look ahead to a room up above with windows. There’s a set of stairs opposite the stairs you just climbed that lead to that room. Head there, then enter the control room. Careful of the soldier in the lit up storage room. Take him out because there’s a journal entry in that room.
    15. Now head to the control room, then flip the switch on the yellow box. It will open a door. At the same time you can also press the green button next to the window that overlooks the entire area to shut off all the lights.
    16. When all goes dark, drop down, then enter the newly opened door. Drop down as you pass by the broken railing, then head through the tunnel. Cut the tripwire ahead, then climb the rusty ladder.
    17. Move past the red colored generator on your right, then through the crack in the wall. Artyom will take over as you head toward Pavel, who is about to get hanged by two soldiers. Take them out quickly, then when you get near Pavel, you’ll cut the rope. The alarm will begin to sound.
    18. Follow Pavel to the tunnel that’s bathed in red light. Pavel will help you out as the door closes behind both of you.

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    On May 29, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    Just wanted to let you know that Nvida released a update on 5/23 that helps run Metro better. I have not had the FPS issues anymore.