Metro: Last Light Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Sparta
  • Chapter 2: Ashes
  • Chapter 3: Pavel
  • Chapter 4: Reich
  • Chapter 5: Separation
  • Chapter 6: Facility
  • Chapter 7: Torchlight
  • Chapter 8: Echoes
  • Chapter 9: Bolshoi
  • Chapter 10: Korbut
  • Chapter 11: Revolution
  • Chapter 12: Regina
  • Chapter 13: Bandits
  • Chapter 14: Dark Waters
  • Chapter 15: Venice
  • Chapter 16: Sundown
  • Chapter 17: Nightfall
  • Chapter 18: Undercity
  • Chapter 19: Contagion
  • Chapter 20: Quarantine
  • Chapter 21: Khan
  • Chapter 22: The Chase
  • Chapter 23: The Crossing
  • Chapter 24: Bridge
  • Chapter 25: Depot
  • Chapter 26: The Dead City
  • Chapter 27: Red Square
  • Chapter 28: The Garden
  • Chapter 29: Polis
  • Chapter 30: D6
  • Chapter 8: Echoes

    1. The area you enter, seemed to be used as an old ranger station. Grab the journal by the bar as well as supplies in the box located on the bar. Take the rest of the supplies by the table next to Pavel along with the gas mask. You’ll need that since you’re venturing out on the surface.
    2. Wait for Pavel to open the door, then head up the stairway. When you reach the top, the sun will initially be blinding. Follow Pavel as he slides down a wall. As this happens, the clouds start to get denser and the rain begins to fall. Drop down the ledge.
    3. A pole will collapse, but you won’t be in any danger. Pavel will check out the place, then continue on his way up the dirt path where the ruined buildings loom. There will be a crossing ahead, inside, past the ticket gate. Pavel will remind you to check your filter if you need to change it.
    4. Grab a filter and some ammo on the dead body under the light. Push forward. You’ll see a streak of blood leading into a door on the right. Enter the room to grab another filter and ammo.
    5. Pavel will move on ahead at the base of the stairs, but before you both head up, he asks you to check the service room. He’s at the entrance to it. Walk through the hallway to find an office. Grab the ammo and loot the box before you grab the gun.
    6. When you grab the gun you’ll be attacked, but Artyom will take care of it. After that bit of bloody business, wipe off your mask, then head back to Pavel. Head up the stairs, then stop right before you reach the top. A gigantic pack of Watchmen will speed through. When they’re gone, follow Pavel as you continue on foot.
    7. Head to the plane, then open the door to head inside. Once inside, head left to grab a filter, then continue following Pavel as you move toward the cockpit. As you pass by the seats, you’ll start seeing flashes and an eventual flashback sequence of the plane crashing.
    8. As you wake, help Pavel with his mask, then grab the journal entry by the skeleton near Pavel’s feet. Move to the other side of the plane, then exit out the door opposite of the one you entered from.
    9. Once outside you’ll be confronted by a Demon. Shoot at it by taking focused shots, until it goes down. Once it goes down, if you haven’t done so already, switch your filter. Follow Pavel as the lighting strikes in greater intervals.
    10. You’ll enter an area with cars lined up alongside an “L” shaped building. Watchmen will begin to attack. Try to keep your distance as you take out this fairly large group one by one. After about a wave or two, Pavel will head under the archway. Follow him to hop inside the building.
    11. Continue shooting the Watchmen, but there will be too many. Quickly move down the escalator, then make your stand here as you wait for the station to open up its doors.
    12. When all looks like it’s about the end, the doors will open and the flamethrowers will be unleashed. It was like a stroll through the park right?

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    On May 29, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    Just wanted to let you know that Nvida released a update on 5/23 that helps run Metro better. I have not had the FPS issues anymore.