MGS5: Ground Zeroes – How to Win in 10 Minutes or Less [S-Rank]

Earn the illustrious S Rank and complete Ground Zeroes in record time with our Metal Gear Solid 5 speedrunning tips and tricks.

Some Metal Gear maniancs have managed to complete the main mission in less than 5 minutes, but even a casual player can rush through Camp Omega like a pro with our step-by-step instructions. Just keep scrolling to get the vital intel.

Snake? SNAAAKE! Don’t let the first act of Metal Gear Solid 5 get you down, check out our complete Ground Zeroes walkthrough and live up to the title of Big Boss. For more sneaky secrets like this, browse our list of highly confidential MGS5: Ground Zeroes cheats.

How to Win in 10 Minutes or Less [S Rank]

Note: We recommend playing through the campaign once or twice to familiarize yourself with the terrain and controls before attempting this kind of playthrough. Goodluck!

Simplified Walkthrough

  • To complete the Ground Zeroes mission quickly, you’ll need to remember 3 major tips.
    • 1. Run and exploit the slo-mo mechanic to rapidly move forward. Use the Tranq Pistol for every takedown. Never kill, and don’t get caught.
    • 2. Call choppers early. Waiting for Morpho to arrive wastes extra time — helicopters can be called in at any point.
    • 3. Use the truck to ride to the admin building front gates. Don’t waste time choking soldiers out, and knock out every marine in your path with a dart to make escape easier later on.
  • The most straight-forward path is the best way to go — use the rocky cliffs to pass by the watchtower.
  • Move to the prison, call the chopper, save Chico, then go for the admin building.
  • To reach the admin building, ride on the back of the truck up the road after saving Chico.
  • Jump out just before the main gates are open and use the red door to enter the facility, then exit the same way.
  • Stick to the shadows near the wall, call in the exfil chopper at the safe starting point, and dash for the exit.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

  • From the starting point, move down the rocks and mantle up. Follow the right-most path, right of the watchtower, and ignore the soldiers on the road below.
  • Dash to the dirt road in the center of the refugee camp ahead, and weave through the tents to avoid being spotted by the jeep. Call the chopper to the beach landing zone, then move toward the old prison.
  • Clear the two guards from the prison. Knock out the guard near the locked gate, pick the lock, then knock out the interior guard. Exploit slow-motion when you’re spotted to pic them off without stopping your dash.
  • Free Chico, then run directly toward the landing zone. Use the lower rock ledge off the road to avoid being spotted by guards.
  • Move up the road to find two guards waiting near a parked truck. Tranq the sentry and jump into the back of the truck. Jump out after the truck drives by the armory, and use the drainage to sneak to the red door to the right of the main gate.
  • Take down the guard ahead with a tranq or CQC, then shoot out the security camera with the silenced AR. Move down the stairs, CQC or tranquilize the two guards, then run directly for Paz’s cell. Unlock it and grab her.
  • Back track through the path you used to enter the base. Knock out the two new guards near the stairs, and call in the chopper near the mission start when you get a chance — before leaving the Admin compound.
  • There’s a guard waiting at the red door. Tranq him, dash across the front gate, and follow the shadows near the Admin base walls around to the AA gun. There might be another guard near the AA — knock him out.
  • Stay near the exterior fence and exit through the open door. Run down the hills toward the warehouses and knock out the single guard near the flag pole.
  • Not much further to go now. Run directly toward the landing zone. The watchtower over the locked fence should be empty, but watch the small guard shack for another sentry.
  • When its clear, pick the fence lock and run up to the landing zone. If you’re fast, never get caught, and score a headshot with each slow-motion tranquilizer shot you’ll have an S-Rank in the bag.

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Manly McBeefington

On March 24, 2014 at 1:44 am

“Don’t waste time knocking soldiers out, and knock out every marine in your path with a dart to make escape easier later on. ”



On March 24, 2014 at 7:26 am

@Manly McBeefington

LMAO, ytu made me laugh.


On March 24, 2014 at 7:27 am


Kevin Thielenhaus

On March 24, 2014 at 7:52 am

The boss should know better. There are multiple ways to put guards under and the fastest is always a tranq dart while using reflex time. Grabbing guards takes way too much time and effort.