MGS5: Ground Zeroes – S-Rank Destroy AA Emplacements Guide

Complete one of Ground Zeroes’ trickiest missions in 5 minutes or less with S-Rank here on the Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements mission guide.

Normally, Snake has to sneak across Camp Omega while avoiding guards and planting bombs. Don’t bother with all that. All it takes is the right weapon, and knocking out three particular guards from the starting ridge to get the highest rank in MGS5. See how below.

Snake? SNAAAKE! Don’t let the first act of Metal Gear Solid 5 get you down, check out our complete Ground Zeroes walkthrough and live up to the title of Big Boss. For more sneaky secrets like this, browse our list of highly confidential MGS5: Ground Zeroes cheats.

S Rank Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements Guide

Note: Earn A Rank to unlock the Rocket Launcher. To do so, bomb two emplacements with C4, then shoot the explosive barrel near the emplacement close to the side-entrance of the Admin building. Don’t indiscriminately kill and move fast for an A.

  • To earn an S-Rank, you’ll need to unlock the Rocket Launcher first. Check out the note above for some tips.
  • Once you have a rocket launcher, equip it and scan the base from your starting position. There are three emplacements you can view from this location.
  • Go ahead and call in a helicopter pick-up at the closest landing zone now.
  • Before destroying the emplacements, you’ll need to knock out witnesses. There is a guard near the closest emplacement, one near the front of the armory building, and a third patrolling the back of the same building. Knock all three out with the tranquilizer gun.
  • Return to the starting cliff, and destroy the two emplacements in the base, and the closest emplacement below. From this range, you won’t activate a combat alert with all three guards unconscious.
  • Move up the ridge to spot the armored vehicle at the base exit road. Blast it with three rockets, then leave on the waiting chopper.
  • With this method, you’ll be deducted for a death or two, but avoid combat alerts and complete in a solid 3-4 minutes.

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