MGS5: Ground Zeroes – S-Rank Intel Operative Rescue Guide

Metal Gear is all about options, and Ground Zeroes allows Snake to avoid killing.

One Side Op puts the legendary soldier in an extended turret sequence, and it seems like murder is the only choice as squads of soldiers hunt down your MSF ally. But, there’s another way. If you can avoid killing enemy combatants, you’ll earn an easy S-Rank. Check below for all the details.

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S Rank Intel Operative Rescue Guide

Note: To earn an easy S, don’t score any kills. Destroying AA emplacements or armored vehicles does not count as a combat kill. Destroying manned cars, trucks, or choppers does count.

  • First, open your inventory and select the non-lethal secondary weapon. The stun revolver is trickier to use than the assault rifle. If you can avoid killing soldiers, you’ll earn an easy S Rank.
  • There are some caveats — after the operative gets on-board his jeep, you’ll have to deal with pursuing cars or trucks. The stun revolver can shoot out windows, so aim for the driver.
  • Miller will warn Snake of an Anti-Air emplacement. Switch back to the rifle and destroy the emplacement with the secondary grenade launcher attachment. Use the night-vision goggles to scan the area for enemies quickly. If it looks clear, use the grenade to destroy the emplacement. Try to take it out in one shot.
  • Don’t shoot explosive barrels, and always pick off the troopers with recoiless rifles first. They’re the biggest danger to your Operative ally, and to your chopper.
  • After Snake is dropped off on the helicopter landing pad, rush to the operative and grab a Rocket Launcher. Like the AA emplacement, destroying the armored vehicle does not count as a kill. Blast it with 3 shells, then clear out the remaining attackers until Morpho comes in for a pick-up.
  • During the last sequence, wait for the gunner to appear in the pursuit helicopter’s open door. Don’t destroy the chopper with a grenade or an explosive. Use the stun revolver to knock the gunner out and you’ll be home free.

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