Microsoft Beefing Up Security? Guess Xbox 720 Is A Go

Microsoft has unofficially telegraphed the development of their nextgen console with the news that they’re currently in the process of severely ramping up internal security. Employees have received notification this week that new physical security measures, including the strict limiting of employee access at Xbox-related buildings, are being implemented at Microsoft HQ. Clearly, this is evidence that Xbox 720 is moving beyond the dev kit stage and into actual creation.

As Geek Wire notes, this level of security is unprecedented. What makes this interesting is that even in the memo, Microsoft isn’t saying diddly about just what IP they’re protecting. They still have not officially announced the new console nor have the said when they wish it to launch. Clearly, they know the news of heightened security would hit the internet fairly quickly, they’re keen to avoid another leak like this one, and would like to save the official announcement for the time of their choosing.

But come on; it’s Xbox 720. You know it. I know it. And now, Microsoft employees know it, but best pretend they don’t or they’re getting fired.

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4 Comments on Microsoft Beefing Up Security? Guess Xbox 720 Is A Go


On October 2, 2012 at 10:26 pm

Quick question, is anyone actually going to buy this on day one? I dont mean to come off sounding condescending here, but after the whole 360 launch fiasco and all the steps theyve taken over the last 5 years to solidify the fact that they only see their consumers as dollar signs. Is anyone actually gamble on the off chance that Microsoft this time didnt do, what they always do, and thats take short cuts in order to cut costs, then hope it doesnt get traced back to them when the product ultimately fails.

James Simpson

On October 3, 2012 at 4:52 am

Axetwin – you’d be mad to buy ANY of the next generation consoles on release day, they will all have shot down in price by this time next year and the current gen consoles have loads of life left in them. Only those with more money than patience would even consider buying this yet, there’s literally no value in doing so.


On October 4, 2012 at 4:33 am

Regarding what the two people above me said: I didn’t buy a 360 until 08, 5 years after its original launch. I will definitely not be picking one up on day 1, because I live in New Zealand, and given how much electronics and gaming retailers like to rip us off, it will probably be something like NZ$1200 (about US$1000 as of time of writing). I will probably wait until a game (or games) that I desperately want that is console exclusive before picking one up.

Until then, my trusty gaming PC will continue to meet all my gaming needs :)


On October 4, 2012 at 7:55 am

No plans to buy this on launch day either…or on the day after, nor on any of the subsequent days. Tired of the console grind, and paying $600 or more for one of these does NOT sound in any way appealing. I’d rather add to my computer at this point, as I’ve now largely relegated my current consoles to blu-ray/dvd players and netflix hubs.

While they’re trying really really hard to make consoles more…broad, I guess, they’re quickly loosing their appeal to me. I really don’t want something that works in concert with my phone, and my tablet, and my car, and my toilet. I just want something that plays games really really well. Unfortunately (or fortunately) over the last couple of years…I’ve realized that isn’t what consoles are any more…so it was PC time for me.