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Just in the nick of time we’re posting the embed for the Microsoft Live streaming coverage for Today’s Microsoft Press Briefing at E3. Follow the jump and you can watch the whole thing live, followed shortly by the GT opinions. Liveblogged below the embed… so open a second window to see and make comments so you don’t lose the stream if you’re watching “live”.

Thanks to the folks at G4TV for the JustinTV link.electronicentertainmentexpo

1:35PM – The feed appears to be rather jerky.. hmm.. maybe JustinTV isn’t ready to handle the load.
1:38 – Exclusive Track Downloads.. hmm I guess if you have to get a piece of a multi-platform title like The Beatles that is one way to do it.
1:39 – Good news for Beatles Fans on the selections.. bad news on the cost associated with owning Rock Band full records.. but nothing new there. You have to buy a lot of the catalog – only 40 songs on RB: The Beatles with All you Need is Love as an exclusive DL fro 360 version.
1:40 – Paul & Ringo endorsing it.. of course they are.. they stand to make some money here folks..
1:43 – Tony Hawk coming on to talk Ride – another multi-platform title… and his new plastic instrument – the skateboard controller.. sigh.
1:45 – So is the board compatible with Skate 2? I wonder.. I hate single use specialized controllers!
1:48 – Modern Warfare 2 Trailer – SO… where are the Microsoft announcements int he Microsoft conference?
1:50 – Demoing MW2 live.. nice Ice Climber sequel so far lol, wonder if Hudson/Nintendo knows;)
1:52 – Snow missions look nice.. white out effects are impressive.
1:57 – Two exclusive early releases of MW2 map packs – selling on the 360 success of MW1.
1:58 – Square Enix on the stage – FF XIII news incoming…
2:00 – First look at XIII on 360. Trailer footage inbound. Same fight scene with afro guy we’ve already seen demo’d.
2:00 – Lightning and Suds fighting lightning beast. 4 Active Time gauges.. more integrated team tactics.
2:01 – Summons are back.. Odin is being shown off.
2:02 – Spring 2010 release on 360.. good news.
2:03 – everything from here in is exclusive.. and Epic takes the stage.
2:04 – Shadow Complex – mic trouble for the presented. He’s calling on classic titles for comparison.
2:04 – 3rd Person “Bionic Commando: Redux” style visuals so far. Looks like a modern 2D platform action title.
2:05 – Joy Ride – Avatar based games.. who thought these were good ideas? A Stunt/micro machines style racer.
2:07 – Free to buy/play.. microtransaction to support it with tracks and cars for purchase.
2:08 – Crackdown 2.. NICE!!
2:09 – Ok 2 announcements I can get excited about so far.. Crackdown 2.. and southern Left 4 Dead…
2:11 – Splinter Cell: Conviction.. hmm.. does anyone still care?
2:11 – Michael Ironsides apparently is back as well.. nice to see.. still don’t really care.
2:15 – Realtime ghosting of information to “maintain immersion”.. not sure I buy that.. but its an interesting concept.
2:16 – When did they switch to playing Batman: Arkham Asylum? Or Riddick? Oh.. its still Splinter Cell.
2:18 – SC:Conviction – Fall release.
2:19 – Racing is new frontier in the battle? Forza 3? GT is still unannounced with a real release date.. hmm.
2:20 – Calling it the definitive racing game of this generation is a bit of early hyperbole don’t you think MS?
2:22 – Forza car painters.. interesting. Totally didn’t realize that was a gamer subculture.
2:24 – Carobatics.. odd but funny.
2:25 – Halo:ODST is on.. now to see what to expect. Drop scene… no real sell in.
2:26 – Good way to frell a place – jump into hyperspace above it.
2:27 – Halo 1 type pistol.. I like the Halo universe.. I’m happy its not fixed around Master Chief and is using other techniques to tell the story.
2:30 – Real life interferes.. more comments on the rest of the conference later. Battery is going down on the laptop.. sigh.

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