Mindjack Trophies

It’s a little like The Matrix, a little like Surrogates, a little like a lot of other things. Mindjack, the new 3rd-person shooter from Square Enix, is all about plugging yourself into other people’s minds. Below, we’ve got a full list of all the game‘s trophies.

Bronze Trophies

Mind Hacker – Mind hack successfully for the first time

Honorary Citizen – Mind Hack 100 citizens

Newbie – Reach Level 5

Head Case – Take our 30 enemies with head shots

Combo King – Defeat 10 enemies in a row using attack combos

Artisan – Equip a plug-in for the first time

Birth – Experience the wonder of birth as a Wanderer

Contact – Successfully make contact with Rebecca at San Mira Airport

Shield – 10 people engaged as bullet shields get defeated

Blue Coat – Win 5 times as a Blue Hacker

Apprentice Gatekeeper – As a Red Hacker, hack into an enemy and win

Gatekeeper – As a Red Hacker, successfully defeat 50 Mind Hacker enemies

Guardian – As a Blue Hacker, successfully defeat 50 Mind Hacked enemies

Red Flag – Win 20 times as a Red Hacker

Blue Helmet – Win 20 times as a Blue Hacker

Red Cap – Win 5 times as a Red Hacker

Blue Hacker - As a Blue Hacker, defeat a Mind Hacked enemy for the first time

Street Ripper – Mind Hack a Titan and defeat 10 enemies

Gun Wheel Guru – Mind Hack a Gun Wheel and defeat 20 enemies

Muderous Machine – Mind Hack a Quick Draw and defeat 10 enemies

Multi-Tasker – Mind Slave 4 enemies at once

Medic – Heal 20 people

Scratcher – Mind Hack a Swarmer and defeat 10 enemies

Hothead – Defeat an enemy within 1 second of them being Mind Hacked

Receptionist – In Host Play, be hacked into by a Red Hacker for the first time

Red Hacker – As a Red Hacker, defeat a Mind Hacked enemy for the first time

Puppet Master – Successfully Mind Slave 255 times

Mower Man – Use a Finishing Blow on 50 damaged enemies

I Know Kung Fu – Defeat 100 enemies using Attack Combos

Silver Trophies

Berserker – Equip the “Berserker Time” plug-in and clear “Destruction Site” or “Steel Giant”

Demigod – Equip the “Demigod Time” plug-in and clear “Headquarters” or “Doorway”

Artist – Obtain all plug-ins

Hacker – Reach Level 30

Star – In Host Play, get hacked into by over 100 Hackers

Red Devil – Win 50 times as a  Red Hacker

Blue Blood – Win 50 times as a Blue Hacker

Gold Trophies

Mind Jacker – Clear half of the scenes with Hackers present

Guru – Reach Level 50

Platinum Trophies

Perfect Hacker – Obtain all trophies

Secret Trophies

Counterattack – Successfully join forces with Rebecca to repel the terrorist attack

Quick Mover – Working with Fernandez, make good time to Nerkas Campus

Betrayed – Discover Fernandez’s betrayal

Confessional – Discover Rebecca’s link to Jim’s wife

Piece of the Puzzle – Obtain an important piece of the NERKAS puzzle

Search – Search the port for hidden bodies

Reunion – Join forces with your comrade in arms, Fernandez

Pyrrhic Victory – Uncover the truth, but lose something valuable

Push the Truth Button – Successfully press on to confront Andrew Gardner

Terminal Departure – Evade enemy forces and escape San Mira Airport on the monorail

Digging Down – Dig down into the truth behind the attack at the airport

Breakthrough – Escape the security cordon

Need help unlocking these trophies? Check out our complete Mindjack Walkthrough!

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