Minecon 2011: Mojang Cuts All Ties With Yogscast

After 2 days of love and affection between the Mojang people and the Minecraft community, it seems weird to have things end on a sour note, but if word from Mojang’s Notch – AKA the guy who created Minecraft and is the reason Mojang even exists – is true, then it looks like one of Minecon’s participating panelists were something less than professional or cool. The culprit? Yogscast.

Yogscat ran afoul of Notch and parents at Minecon alike when they dropped the f-word during their panel on Saturday. Though laughed off at the time, this apparently was only one of several unfortunate episodes, the rest of which happened behind the scenes, that has caused very bad blood between them and Mojang. Notch to took Twitter today to air it all out, and rather than belabor the point, we’re going to share the whole thing with you, in order.

It’s worth noting that, apparently, the Yogscast guys signed an autograph to a kid with ‘f-you’, only not censored like that.

True story: apparently, everywhere he went during Minecon, Notch was besieged by kids wanting autographs and never turned a single one down. They apparently love him so much they cheered when he came out of a bathroom. That kind of love isn’t something you get because you don’t reciprocate, and Mojang knows it. I know I’m supposed to think Notch is overreacting, but I’m sorry, that sounds incredibly douchey and extremely classless, particularly the F-you to the kid who just wanted an autograph. I realize family-friendly isn’t cool, but it is the essence of Minecraft, and Notch, judging by his behavior at Minecon, takes that extremely seriously.

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21 Comments on Minecon 2011: Mojang Cuts All Ties With Yogscast


On November 22, 2011 at 11:59 am

Aside from the F bomb, every one of those things sounds like something the Yogscast guys would say, with one major difference.

They were joking.

Anyone who’s watched a Yogscast product should recognize the personality: They say completely over the top things drenched in sarcasm. The thing that shows this is the “crossing out Notch’s autograph and signing ‘eff you’ thing.” They didn’t do it. They said it. They joked about it. That’s just their sense of humor.

Read every one of those things as being said with heavy sarcasm and it makes sense.

While I don’t agree with the F bomb being dropped, i understand it. As a normal part of someone’s everyday vocabulary, when in a public speaking situation amidst the nervousness and excitement of the convention, it takes a lot of mental focus to avoid dropping the F bomb as a substitute for the “umm”s “Uhh”s and “you know”s that people who don’t do a lot of public speaking tend to use as fillers for thought gaps and extended pauses. It happens. It sucks. It’s not done maliciously. Get over it.

In the end it seems the whole mess boils down to one key point.

Swedes just don’t understand British humor.


On November 22, 2011 at 12:31 pm

Internet celebrities (and celebrities in general) need to learn to take off their persona when they’re in public.

I don’t care how good your videos are, I don’t care how popular you are, if you act like a complete jackass in your videos or you tend to swear a lot then DO NOT act like that to your fans. Especially at a convention where you will probably run into people who aren’t your fans yet.

Not everyone takes getting told to f-off with a laugh.


On November 22, 2011 at 2:17 pm

Wow. These people are jerks. Having on occasion accidently dropped the F- word in front of children I understand that it happens. The correct response is to apologize.


On November 22, 2011 at 4:39 pm

Uh, according to other sources there were no complaints from kids or parents regarding the swearing at the panel, and also – more importantly – they did not sign an autograph to a kid with ‘f-you’ (or the uncensored version). They said that they might cross out Notch’s name on the kid’s memorabilia and write ‘f-you’. At first light, this seems harsh, but you have to keep in mind that none of us know the context of the comment right now. It could have been a joke.

Personally I think Notch has handled the whole affair totally unprofessionally and his response is the reason that it’s received the enormous reaction it has. Making passive aggressive comments on Twitter? Really?

The Yogscast are doing the right thing (in my opinion) and making a concerted, comprehensive statement about it when they are able to. Maybe Notch should have thought about doing the same.


On November 22, 2011 at 5:03 pm

Whilst I understand the implications of what notch has said, I do not understand why he has chosen to publicly humiliate the yogs cast guys on twitter of all things without them being in a reasonable position to respond. I think this is unprofessional and detremental to minecrafts community and continued growth. The only reason I know about and have bought minecraft is because of the hillarious yogscast videos. And am bitterly sorry Americans and sweeds sent intelligent enough to understand British humour, but for goodness sake get a little perspective before ruining a valuable mutualy beneficial relationship.


On November 22, 2011 at 10:55 pm

Personally I’m on Notch’s side, if everything in this article is true. I don’t care if that’s just your kind of humor you can’t write that stuff to little kids. Show some self control Yogscast.


On November 29, 2011 at 6:46 pm

I’d love to believe that yogscast was “kidding”, and that they were just using some over the top humor, but seriously, this is a family event. Everyone who thinks that “This is just their style of British humor, and that it’s excusable because of that” is to some degree, wrong. You can’t just drop an f-bomb in the middle of a family event. You might as well pee in the punch bowl at a wedding. And then say that it was a “sarcastic joke”. I love the yogscast, and they made some great videos. I bought minecraft before I saw their videos, so I can’t say that they “convinced” me to buy it, but they probably would have if I hadn’t already had the game. I think at this point, the only way for the situation to be (to some degree) defused is for one side to back down and apologize. Being somewhat biased toward Notch, I hope that the yogscast will realize that they were sort of in the wrong, and decide to apologize for their actions. Anyway, this is a very distasteful situation, which will be argued over like “WoW V.S. Runescape”. At any rate, I hope that this situation will be forgotten fairly soon or the sides will be reconciled.


On November 30, 2011 at 8:44 pm

Just by reading all that I’ve read on the matter, I’m taking Notch’s side to this. Majority anyway. I like Yogscast, I watch their videos, but that means all in itself that I can easily see them excessively swearing and mouthing off. People also say the ‘f-you’ autograph never happened. Well Notch was at least accurate to say “celebrity or not, you don’t f-bomb kids.” referring to the panel, which they DID swear. Frankly (and off-topic) I’m just glad parents are finally saying “I don’t want my 10 year old hearing ****.” for once. Anyways, there’s also Yogscast demand to be payed. What’s that all about? I find that very diva-like. Man, if I was in Yogscast’s position, I’d be honored to be there, heck, maybe even if I had to pay a little. I’m sorry all this had to happen, and that Notch keeps getting into fights with people I tend to like.


On December 5, 2011 at 6:05 am

Yogscast are amongst people who surely are what can be called the apex of cultural decadence “thanks” to a generation that has nothing better to do than … play games. Something that was a means of relaxation in earlier times from a “primary occupation” now became this primary occupation.

No, Yogscast are no heroes, no celebrities, they are just a bunch of wackos who basically do nothing but play games!

Why don’t their parents just step in and ban their spoiled kids from computer gaming for a month, if they can’t behave? They *really* need to grow up, or, respectively, get out of their world of computer games and develop some mature social skills.


On December 5, 2011 at 10:50 pm

Before people start mouthing off the yogscast anymore please read the response they made. (link below) In my opinion their reaction was very mature and kind, Notch was being unbelievably unprofessional in the tweets he made and his comments actually resulted in several DDOS attacks on the Yogscast website.

Whilst it appears Notch was tired and stressed, and it is quite likely a third party repeated some hearsay to him, I found his (and mojangs) behaviour in all this deeply unprofessional.


Matthew Aka NukeBoyify

On December 7, 2011 at 8:35 am

Though my group may not be near as popular as the Yogscast or Mojang. Ive experience perspectives from all different sides. Lewis and Simon are just 2 gullable guys that do a Youtube comedy. They have a group/team that does the work such as updating there website and keeping up with Fan Mail for them. Who isnt to say that maybe the public ran into the staff and got a bad veiw from them. There staff has been known to be a bit selfish but Simon and Lewis are alright guys thereselves.

Same idea applies for Notch as well. Who’s not to say that some people in Mojang were disrespectful for the participants and watchers/viewers/fans that were there. Perhaps that Mojang staff members were disrespectful to the Yogscast and took it offensively and made the assumption that they were all like that.

Now people say that the Yogscast pulled the “F’” word on stage. Its part of there comedy and its hard to kill a habit. Especially when that was one of there first times stepping on stage publically for the Yogscast.
It was also said that they Scratched off Notch’s name and put “F-off.” There were no complaints off that happening and also that was said before all the misunderstanding and argueing began to happen. So maybe they meant it as a joke.

Basically what i’m saying is maybe both parties had something to do with this. But instead of blaming Notch, Simon, and Lewis. Maybe it was some of both of there staff that pulled this off while maybe being oblivious of it. It’s not my right to say that this fight should be ended because of my say-so but perhaps dont make assumption until you see everything from there eyes and you have solid proof of this. This was meant for the Yogscast, Mojang and the Fans as well.

Matthew Aka NukeBoyify

On December 7, 2011 at 8:38 am

Fail typidy type type from my last comment, but I hope you understood what I was saying :p


On December 10, 2011 at 9:36 am

screw you yogs cast scraw you


On January 16, 2012 at 12:52 am

“screw you yogs cast scraw you”

Unsubtle trolling or blind idiocy and immaturity? Hard to tell…

Anyway, I thought the comment of Matthew was well thought out, and certainly apt.


On February 8, 2012 at 10:51 pm

Notch was drunk when he posted those things I’ve been told by a reliable source that notch was jealous that the yogscast where getting more attention at this event than he was. So he took what they did out of context I’m not sure if it was intentionally but when we was drunk which he referred to as tired he posted a lot of things he later regretted. The yogscast responded with a video where they also referred to notch as very tired further implicating he was in fact drunk but the yogscast didn’t want to embarrass him so they said he was tired.


On February 16, 2012 at 10:56 am

Not that I find Yogscast funny..At all. But Why change your persona? Isn’t that the reason why people are fans in the first place. If I for example met one of my favourite comedians I don’t expect him to tone down just so he doesn’t try to offend me. I expect him to act the very same as he would in stand up performances.. I mean..that’s if he chooses too. If this was indeed just Yogscast being funny and Yogscasty then I don’t see what the big problem is. Another thing is people are too concerned over the words people use as if anyone should really care about a little swear word. The only reason these words are bad is become we deem them bad. If nobody considered these “bad” words we would never react the way we do. We’d probably be just like.. “LOL”. When we get offended we essentially personify the believe that words are inherently bad, which is ignorant. Words are not bad, the people that use them and why they are using them is a completely different issue. Also I wouldn’t take notch too seriously, as being a minecraft fan I tend to be more critical of notch when he makes a bad decision or has a stupid idea, and he is -full- of stupid ideas. So let me wrap this up by saying. Who gives a . Even if Yogscast were serious about there claims who is really paying attention to them anyway?


On March 9, 2012 at 3:28 pm

Hey all.
Little piece of info for this whole fiasco. (Slowpoke, I know).
Almost all the ‘problems’ that Notch noticed are jokes from the Yogscast podcast, the YogPod. The “F- off!” is from a fake convention they joked about having a year ago, and most of the compaints I have heard dove tail exactly with jokes they made on the episodes.
The supposed request for cash? Joke on the YogPod.
The verbal abuse of children? YogPod.
Fighting with Notch for spotlight? YogPod.
In short, my theory is that all the jokes Notch never heard of got filtered to him as facts, and he went to his favorite friend Twitter to vent.
Another issue is that British humor and Scandinavian humor are completely different. Scandinavian humor mocks the self, while British humor mocks the other, but it is safe to jab back. Notch must have felt a bit of a punching bag, but Simon and Lewis were not trying to pick on him but bring him out. The interview was mostly Simon trying to coax Notch into something of a conversation.
Overall, I think this was mostly embarrassing and an example of miscommunication. Reports are that both sides were stressed, but good. This is too late to really sway anybody, but I felt it good to contribute. Notch just was too quick to criticize, while the Yogscast didn’t know how to curve a punch.
I am still a fan of both, I just don’t expect them to buddy up again anytime soon.

I am Dave! Yognot and I have the b-s!

john mark

On June 15, 2013 at 10:01 pm

notch is it really true that herobrine did exist


On January 20, 2014 at 2:30 pm

Are you sure they where joking? Or was that just a question… :3


On January 20, 2014 at 2:32 pm



On January 18, 2015 at 12:29 pm

I don’t want to believe this, the Yogscast are my Role Models, but I guess I have to accept that even good people do bad things, though they could have been joking, the kid might have wanted them to write that, and there were no complaints from the kid or his/her mother, so umm yeah but the Yogscast will remain my Role models no matter what, I honestly don’t care what other people/media say about them, I won’t believe it until I witness it myself
✌️Peace out✌️