Minecraft Star Wars Machinima Recreates Asteroid Chase Scene

Industrious Minecraft map maker and machinima artist Grahame, aka “Paradise Decay,” has released the third installment of his series of Star Wars videos based on sets designed for his Adventure Maps. We’ve seen the Battle for Hoth, we’ve seen the Death Star trench run, and now we get to see the Millennium Falcon’s asteroid chase scene in all its blocky glory.

Check it out:

What people can create with Minecraft continues to amaze me. It took me a while to realize that Grahame was using camera trickery to create the illusion of movement — genius!

We had the opportunity to ask Grahame a few questions about his work. If you’d like to watch the other two Star Wars machinimas he created, they are embedded throughout.

Game Front: What made you decide to create Star Wars machinimas in Minecraft?

Grahame: Originally I had the idea to recreate the full Star Wars: A New Hope film in Minecraft, but some other guys also had the same idea and uploaded the first 5 minutes of the film. What they did seemed a lot better than what I could have done at the time. They used blue screen and other special effects.

Being a big fan of Star Wars, I still wanted to attempt something in Minecraft, so I thought, what would be the next best thing? That’s when I decided to build the Death Star Trench scene featured in the first fan film and try to recreate the most memorable scenes from the films.

Approximately how many hours of work did it take to produce this latest episode?

Minecraft – Star Wars – Asteroid Chase took me around 400 hours month on and off. The most time consuming part was building the huge asteroid set.

You’ve released one episode per year — will we have to wait until 2014 for the fourth?

I’ve not planned to release one episode per year; it’s only through building the adventure maps that an idea has come to me based on my current builds. I decided to recreate the “Battle for Hoth” video after I had actually built the Hoth set for my next Minecraft Adventure map, “Rise of the Empire.” The Asteroid set was a one-off, after a lot of people we’re asking for more. Now that I’m getting better at making them, I made it to keep up the interest for my next adventure map. I am toying with a fourth film idea, which will be based on one of my new adventure sets.

What SW scenes would you ideally like to recreate next? Have you considered other movies?

I would love to recreate the massive land battle in the “Revenge of the Sith,” but I can see that taking a lot of time to make. I had always wanted to do “Battle of Hoth” while I was building the trench for the Death Star Run film, but the prospect and thought of it was daunting at the time, and I never thought I could do it justice. I think I pulled it off in the end. Someone has suggested I do some scenes from the Indiana Jones series, so I might look into it as a new project in a few years after my Star Wars Adventure maps have been finished.

You mentioned that your greatest challenge was getting the NPCs to act — can you elaborate on this?

They wouldn’t act — it was a matter of sitting around and waiting for them to move and nod at the right times in sync with the audio. The Hanstificate spinning around in the chair was totally unexpected; it made me laugh, and I just had to leave it in for comedic value. I also used invisible blocks to pen them in place.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to get into the Minecraft machinima scene?

The advice I would give is… Try to do something that stands out from the crowd. Always put yourself in [a viewer's] shoes and say to yourself, “what would I watch that would make me say, ‘Wow, that was impressive?’” If you have an idea, go for it — there’s no harm in trying and the most important thing is… have fun making the films.

You can keep tabs on Grahame’s videos over at his YouTube channel and download his award-winning Minecraft adventure map “Rise of the Rebellion” right here.

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2 Comments on Minecraft Star Wars Machinima Recreates Asteroid Chase Scene

Rebecca Anderson

On April 19, 2013 at 12:16 pm

Pretty cool. Don’t really like Minecraft that much, but I have to say that the creativity of Minecraft users is superior to anything else. Looked up a few youtube videos a few months ago, and saw people making 3D printers in Minecraft… I mean what? Exactly, only your imagination is the limitation you have when it comes to play that game. Don’t want to get too addicted to this thing, but after all I am a star wars fan:) Cheers!

Paradise Decay

On April 19, 2013 at 1:07 pm

Many thanks for the article! Minecraft can be addictive, but I find it relaxing. This is a bonus when creating builds. As long as people are entertained, I’m happy. Cheers.