Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Guide

Table of Contents

Tutorial Mode

  1. Start the tutorial mode and wait for the world to spawn. Be ready to build and survive.
  2. This tutorial will teach you the basics of Minecraft and survival mode. Pay close attention to the on-screen messages at the beginning which will help you learn the controls.
  3. One of the first and most basic things you will need to do is chop down a tree using your hands. The blocks of wood will drop and appear in your inventory.
  4. Next, become familiar with the inventory and crafting interfaces. You will be using them throughout the game.
  5. You can explore the spawn area of the tutorial to find other helpful tips, such as using the furnace.
  6. Night will be coming soon, so you will need to have a shelter. The tutorial will provide an abandoned shelter. However, it is incomplete. Collect resources to complete it. It is suggested you create walls, a door, lighting, and some windows.
  7. Once you have collected your resources, find the Miner’s shelter which is located close to the spawn. Once you find it, you have completed the first part of the tutorial. You can stay in your safe shelter, or continue to explore the area.
  8. If you choose to continue, you can move through the shelter to a village on the other side. The village is home to a few animals, such as sheep. You can collect resources from the animals, such as wool.
  9. From the village, you can see a castle in the distance. Head towards the castle and find the minecart system. Follow it to the castle’s entrance.
  10. Continue forward into the castle and explore. This castle is an example of the endless creative and intricate buildings and designs that you can make in while playing Minecraft.
  11. Climb to a high spot on the castle and take a look around. You can see the vast randomly generated world that is Minecraft. There are endless possibilities, so long as you survive the creatures of the night. Exit the tutorial and begin your journey.

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On May 9, 2012 at 9:41 am

hi guys,
i have an problem whit my xbox.
I can’t play minecraft on my xbox online.
When i start minecraft my account is logging of from xbox live.
and when i want te reconnect it will not work.
So can somebody help me?

Sennd an email to me please.

thank: Randy


On May 10, 2012 at 3:02 am

This game was already obsolete