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  • Biomes in Minecraft can often cause great difficulties to a player who is trying to survive. When beginning a new game, you may spawn in a biome which can make surviving your first night extremely difficult. If you spawn in a biome void of important resources, such as trees, you should travel towards a biome with an abundance of trees and other resources. When creating a shelter, you should consider the traits of all of the biomes, and build accordingly.


  • The forest biome is a very common biome. It is filled with grass and contains many trees. There are many resources available in this biome.


  • Islands are not an actual biome, but they are located in a secluded water biome called the ocean. Islands can be found in the ocean biome, but they are secluded with limited resources. They may cause problems to players who spawn on them.


  • The desert biome is a dry and sandy biome. You can find plant life such as cacti, and it is filled with dunes. There is not much rain in the desert, but water can be found scattered throughout the area. There are very little resources available.


  • The plains biome is a common biome covered in grass. There are no trees in this biome, and water can be found easily. Animals are often found in this biome.


  • The swamp biome is a very wet biome with much water throughout the area. Swamps contain an abundance of vine covered trees.


  • The jungle biome is covered in very large, and tall, trees. Much plant life can be found, including climbable vines, and ferns. Much water can be found in this wet biome, as well as caves. This biome is commonly found adjacent to desert biomes.


  • The tundra is an icy cold biome covered in snow. Water has a layer of slippery ice over it, and it snows frequently, covering blocks in a blanket of snow. Plant life is less common in this biome due to the harsh conditions.


  • The taiga biome is another cold biome. There is much ice and snow, just like the tundra biome. Unlike the tundra biome, taiga contains a vast amount of pine trees.

Forest Hills

  • The hills biome is a very hilly biome with harsh geography and incredible scenery. There are many lakes, waterfalls, and cliffs. Due to the geography of this biome, you must be cautious of deadly falls.


  • The mushroom biome is void of grass and trees. It is, however, filled with hills and extremely large mushrooms. This mushroom-filled biome is very rare in Minecraft.

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This game was already obsolete