Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Guide

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Difficulty Levels

  • When playing Minecraft’s survival mode, you have the choice between four difficulties. An earlier version of Minecraft will be released on Xbox 360, so hunger will not be a problem until it is updated. You can play on peaceful, where there are no mobs or hunger, and you do not need to heal yourself. Next is easy, where mobs do very little damage and are very easy to defeat, but you have to heal yourself and eat to avoid hunger. On normal difficulty, enemies are not easy to defeat, and they do a considerable amount of damage to you. Eating is important because your hunger will increase as you play the game. If you want a real challenge, you can play on hard mode. Mobs are extremely powerful, and zombies can break through wooden doors. You should keep food with you at all times because your hunger will eventually kill you.


  • Location is very important to your survival. Gaining a general understanding of the biomes can help you use them to your advantage. Some biomes allow you to see vast distances to keep an eye out for enemies but lack resources, while others are close to many resources but are difficult to defend.


  • One of the first things you will do in Minecraft is build a shelter. Throughout your time surviving, you should continue to build your shelter to fit your needs. Start building a shelter early in the game to defend yourself from mobs, store important items, and sleep. A well-built shelter in a good location is a major factor in your survival.


  • Mining is a great way to collect resources for crafting and building. You will need to mine to collect resources such as gold, diamond, iron, and coal. You may need to dig deep into the ground to find certain resources such as diamond, while coal and stone can be found on the surface.

Other Resources

  • Not all resources in Minecraft need to be mined out of the ground. There are other resources that are important such as food, lava, water, and animals. Animals can be found wandering around in certain biomes, and can give you resources such as wool, pork, leather, and eggs. You can farm and breed animals easily in Minecraft by using resources such as wheat. You can use wheat to attract animals, and then feed the animals to breed them. Some animals do not provide resources, but they offer companionship. After feeding a wolf bones, it will follow you as a companion. Ocelots will also follow you if you hold raw fish and move slowly towards the ocelot. When the ocelot approaches you, stop and let it eat the raw fish. It will change color and follow you. Ocelots, along with companionship, offer the perk of scaring off creepers.


  • To survive in Minecraft you will need to be defensive. It is recommended that you build fencing to keep out enemies, and stay in a shelter during the night. Some say the best defense is a good offense, which can also be true in Minecraft. You can fend off enemies with tools, such as a shovel, or weapons such as a sword or a bow and arrow. When attacking an enemy head-on, it is recommended that you wear armor.


  • There are different types of mobs in Minecraft. Mobs are moving entities that can walk around, just like you. Mobs can be friendly, like animals, and give you resources. Some are friendly until they are threatened by you, in which case they will attack. Other mobs simply want to attack you, such as creepers, spiders, and skeletons. It is important to defend yourself, and your shelter, from hostile mobs.

Day Cycle

  • Just like in real life, there is a cycle between night and day. In the Minecraft world, this cycle repeats every twenty minutes. The cycle starts with a one and a half minute sunrise, followed by a peaceful ten minute day. During the one and a half minute time period in which the sun is setting, it is recommended to find shelter. After sunset everything will be dark, and hostile mobs will roam the world. The nighttime is the only time in which you can use a bed. A bed will allow you to skip the deadly night, and skip straight to daytime, so long as you are safe from monsters.

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This game was already obsolete