MMO Roundup 7/28/2011 — BlizzCon Contests, LOTRO: Rise of Isengard Beta, New Old Republic Trailer, and More

The MMO Roundup is a weekly recurring feature where we bring you all the news from the world of massively multiplayer gaming.

Here’s some of the biggest news in the MMO world this week — and a dash of the smaller news you may find interesting — parceled out by game and delivered in snack-sized chunks:

World of Warcraft

Apart from some new fan art and more patch 4.2 hotfixes, a series of BlizzCon Online Contests are now open. Fan art, movie, and original song contests will run until August 29, with a chance to win cash, software, hardware, and tickets to Blizzcon.

ARGO Online

The steampunk MMO is giving players the chance to win up to the equivalent of $500 in in-game prizes. Starting July 27, players will have 30 days to collect as much XP as possible within their level range. The highest-level winners will win $150 worth of in-game currency, while the lowest-level winners will be gifted with $50 worth.

Global Agenda

Player Appreciation month continues. This week, from July 27 to August 3, players will have a 50% discount on all AP purchases for Medic gear. Whether you’re a healer or a poisoner, all inventory must go! Except… this isn’t really a liquidation sale, given there’s an infinite amount of items available.

Lord of the Rings Online

Turbine has released a new batch of screenshots from The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard, the upcoming expansion to the Tolkien-inspired MMO, which will launch on September 27th. The beta began yesterday, so if you haven’t seen the teaser trailer yet, give it a look.


A new piece of lore has been released about the deity Thontic, most subtle of the Vigil’s gods. Thontic created the oceans and dotted Telara with mysteries to be discovered.

Champions Online

Cryptic has released their July Q&A and added a couple new items to the C-store. A new Archetype: The Disciple, uses telekinetic powers to create deadly blades, while a Magic Carpet will allow you to fly Arabian-style.

City of Heroes

Later this year, City of Heroes will be renamed “City of Heroes Freedom” as it redefines itself based on the cornerstones of content, rewards, and choice. New costumes, Power Sets, and hundreds of new items will be available, and players will have the choice to play for free or to pay for the content and features they want.

Everquest 2

Tinkerfest 2011 is here. In this celebration of all things gnomish, adventures, rewards, buyables and crafted items await players at Gnomeland Security in Steamfont Mountains.

EVE Online

The EVE is Real contest has reached nearly 1000 entries. Because of this milestone, about 108,000 PLEX worth of Aurum is being rewarded to the community. 1,000 Aurum is planned to be delivered to the wallets of all active EVE Online accounts this Friday, July 29.


RuneScape: Clan Citadels launched July 26. This update allows every RuneScape member’s clan the chance to own their own floating citadel, a castle in the sky for their clan mates to meet, socialize and even develop their own games with the new sandbox battlefield editor. This expansion is unlike anything seen in a MMO before and has been designed to make RuneScape’s clan support the envy of the MMO world.

Battlestar Galactica Online

A new ship has been unveiled — and it’s the biggest frakkin’ spacecraft yet: the Brimir Class Carrier. Apart from its impressive size, this heavily armored vessel is also noteworthy for its ability to rapidly launch a squadron of strike craft. The Brimir Class Carrier will be available this fall.

Age of Empires Online

After launch, Age of Empires Online will be adding new premium content monthly, and we’ve been offered a sneak peak at two new civilizations and a Booster Pack coming by the end of 2011: the Celtic civilization, the Persian Civilization, and the Skirmish Hall Booster Pack.

The Old Republic

According to James Ohlen, the Lead Designer of The Old Republic, this new Star Wars MMO will last for decades. As for something tangible, a new trailer was released at Comic-Con.

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