MMO Roundup 7/8/2011 — WoW Hotfixes, PlanetSide 2 Revealed, The Secret World Trailers, and More

The MMO Roundup is a weekly recurring feature where we bring you all the news from the world of massively multiplayer gaming.

Here’s some of the biggest news in the MMO world this week — and a dash of the smaller news you may find interesting — parceled out by game and delivered in snack-sized chunks:

World of Warcraft

Blizzard has released a list of hotfixes they’ve implemented to address a number of issues with the latest patch for WoW — Rage of the Firelands. There’s nothing to download on the player’s end — hotfixes are server-side, not client-side. The full changelog can be found on

EVE Online

According to Arnar Gylfason, senior producer of EVE Online, multiplayer for the Incarna expansion will be added sometime this year.

Released on June 21, the Incarna expansion allows players to leave their pod and walk around their station HQ, and this planned update will allow players to engage in face-to-face interactions.

Gylfason said this update will be the game’s “next big evolution,” but there is more content on the way before the big release, such as an increase in racial variance of captain’s quarters.

The Lord of the Rings Online

Throughout the month of July, the LOTRO store will feature a new special offer every day. The lineup of discounts for July 8-14 includes discounts of up to 50% on the following items:

  • The Rune-keeper Class
  • Might Stat Tomes
  • Virtue: Determination
  • Trait Slot: Class
  • Simple Rally Horn
  • Auction House: 5 Additional Post Slots
  • Black Dye


Trion Worlds released a video profiling the Clerics of Telara, a versatile group comfortable in support roles or doling out damage alongside the best DPSers. The video showcases three powerful Cleric incarnations: Ranged DPS, Dungeon Healer, and Solo DPS.

PlanetSide 2

The sequel to PlanetSide is no longer operating under the name PlanetSide Next. PlanetSide 2 has been officially revealed, along with a trailer and a full FAQ. The game promises to feature thousands of troops battling it out alongside land and air vehicles.

Watch the reveal trailer:

Age of Conan

The Robert E. Howard-inspired MMO has launched two new servers with the new PvP server ruleset “Blood and Glory” (server “Rage” for EU and server “Deathwish” for US).

The Secret World

Not one, but two trailers have been recently released for this upcoming title. The first is a cinematic that will seriously mess with your mind; the other features some in-game footage.

City of Heroes

A third batch of Power Set Proliferations will spread love among the archetypes.

Follow the link for full details, but some of the highlights include Dark Blast and Darkness Manipulation for Blasters, Poison for Controllers and Corruptors, Ice Armor for Stalkers, and a revamp of Energy Aura.

EverQuest 2

Three new Marketplace items have been added:

- The Flail of Cinders is a One Hand Crushing Mace that does 3-9 damage and is Treasured, Attuneable, Heirloom, No Value and Appearance Only.

- The Shield of the Soulscourned, a green-glowing skull shield.

- Game Room Sets that include poker chips, a loaded card table, a card table, a deck of cards, a craps table and a slot machine.

Global Agenda

Player appreciation month has begun. Each week for the next four weeks, a different class will have 50% off all item purchases. Assault is up first, with its sale lasting until July 13.


Details have been revealed regarding the upcoming RuneScape expansion: Clan Citadels.

Not only will the world be filled with customizable floating castles to serve as clan headquarters, a Battleground Editor will allow users to generate their own gameplay.

Battlestar Galactica Online

BSGO has launched out of beta after accumulating three million registered users during its five month open beta.

Now, the developers are free to work on adding new content and features instead of optimization and patches.

Wizard 101

This family-focused MMORPG will reach 20 million registered users this week — and that’s not even counting the European players.

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