MMO Roundup 8/11/2011 — Age of Conan Doubles Revenue in One Month, WoW Hotfixes, New Guild Wars 2 Video, and More

The MMO Roundup is a weekly recurring feature where we bring you all the news from the world of massively multiplayer gaming.

Here’s some of the biggest news in the MMO world this week — and a dash of the smaller news you may find interesting — parceled out by game and delivered in snack-sized chunks:

World of Warcraft

More hotfixes for patch 4.2 have been released. Among the changes, the Dungeon Finder has received a feature whereby if a player is kicked by vote from a dungeon finder group, the leader of the group is no longer able to invite that player back, and in the Firelands, Unbound Pyrelords, Unbound Smoldering Elementals, Unbound Blazing Elementals, and Patriarch Fire Turtles now drop silver instead of gold.


In a recent interview, Trion Worlds spoke about what we can expect to see from Rift at the upcoming Gamescom.

For Gamescon we’ll be doing a sneak peek at some of the features of our 1.5 patch, which will be focusing on “Endgame for All” content. Specifically we’ll be showing people our new Chronicle instances, which are targeted towards solo or duo sized groups. We will also be showing our next weekend warfront which takes place in Hammerknell, as well as discussing a number of really exciting features we’re planning but are not quite ready to show live.

Age of Conan

Over 300,000 players joined “Age of Conan: Unchained” in its first month, quadrupling server activity and doubling revenue. In total, two million gamers have Age of Conan.

The Secret World

A new developer diary has been released, in which we learn that The Secret World will take players to iconic locations, assault them with monsters inspired by myth and legend, and send them on globe-trotting adventures.

City of Heroes

The Double XP Weekend has started. Until August 14 at 11:59 p.m. PDT, players will receive a double dose of XP, Inf and Prestige.

Carbine Studios’ Mystery MMO

Not much is known about the enigmatic Carbine Studios or their unannounced mystery MMO, but a still from the game’s debut trailer has been released in their latest blog entry.

Art Director Matt Mocarski said:

We knew we were a future fantasy game – players will see both fantasy and sci-fi elements in our world and our gameplay. We also knew we’d need to be able to tell a huge variety of stories, everything from intense drama to mind-blowing action to humorous tales.

Guild Wars 2

A new video has been released, showcasing the design philosophy behind Guild Wars 2′s new race, the Sylvari. These are not your standard elves — much more thought went into them.

Forsaken World

The Chains of Kluer update is live, featuring new dungeons, new events, new fashion, mounts, and pets, and more.

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On August 12, 2011 at 9:41 am

woot Age of Conan is great with the new f2p update. If you havent tried it already you should go play it.