Mod of The Year 2012

2. Black Mesa

1998′s Half-Life is a title that every PC Gamer should play, a classic from a bygone era that helped mold the genre and dozens of games to come. The Source mod Black Mesa seeks to not only recreate the original Half-Life experience, but also improve upon and modernize it — and it succeeds in doing so. More than just a high-resolution remake, Black Mesa modifies certain map layouts, tweaks puzzles, and introduces a healthy dose of physics that is implemented in a meaningful way rather than just as eye candy.

Professional-grade voice acting and an evocative new soundtrack add even more value to this mod, but more than anything, Black Mesa is a triumph because it allows a whole new generation of gamers to experience Half-Life, while granting the rest of us the opportunity to revisit some treasured memories.

1. DayZ

What can you say about DayZ? It’s a rare and wonderful occurrence when a mod reaches mainstream renown in gaming circles, and no mod has shaken the 2012 scene as much as this multiplayer open world survival horror mod for ARMA 2, a game whose popularity exploded thanks to DayZ.

As a survivor in a zombie apocalypse, the player must scavenge for supplies and weapons in a hostile world populated by zombies and other players — both equally deadly foes. DayZ’s survival horror aspect ensures that you cannot trust any other survivor out there and tells a sad truth about human nature: when it comes to survival, it’s every man for himself.

By the time it was four months old, DayZ had 1 million players, which was shocking, given the fact that its extreme realism, difficulty, and “rogue-like” nature all suggested niche appeal. However, there’s simply nothing else out there truly like DayZ, which delivers the most innovative experience in the FPS genre seen in years. Everyone who plays DayZ comes out of it with a compelling story to tell of their time with the game, even if they ultimately decide the game isn’t for them.

So, now that you’ve seen what we chose for the year’s best mods, let’s have a look at what you had to say. We asked our Game Front readers to vote on their favorite mods via Facebook earlier this month, and here are the final tallies:

2012 Readers’ Choice Mod of the Year

5. KOTOR 2 Restored Content
4. A Game of Thrones (CKII)
3. Black Mesa
2. Day Z
1. No More Room in Hell

Check out the full results on our Facebook page, and let us know what you thought of our picks in the comments!

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5 Comments on Mod of The Year 2012


On December 20, 2012 at 1:25 pm

That facebook link leads to the indie page. Here’s the page you’re looking for:

also er those results posted on here don’t look accurate. are user-posted mods not allowed on the reader’s choice list?


On December 20, 2012 at 3:17 pm

Jedi Knight Galaxies was the 2nd most voted on the Facebook page, and doesn’t even make the nominee list? Lol


On December 20, 2012 at 3:39 pm

You guys completely ignored Jedi Knight Galaxies on the readers choice mod!?!? :(

Ron Whitaker

On December 21, 2012 at 6:03 am

Hey Amber – These represent the results when we closed the voting on Monday. I see now that Jedi Knight Galaxies has surged pretty handily since then. I hereby award it Honorable Mention.

Ron Whitaker

On December 21, 2012 at 6:16 am

Hey Seek3r – The nominees list that you see is the list we put together. When we open up voting on Facebook, we let anyone add anything they want to the list. That’s why you don’t see it on the list of nominees.