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Electronic Arts’ SimCity Mods Policy: Ingrateful Basterds


When it was first announced, I was happy to look on the bright side of Electronic Arts’ and Maxis’ “shocking”…

Creative Assembly Releases Beta of Rome 2 Mod Tools


It took more than a month for Creative Assembly to get Total War: Rome 2 in a playable state after…

Gabe Newell: Grades and Degrees Don’t Predict Success


Coming from a successful Harvard dropout.

Wii U Gamepad Hacked for Streaming PC Gaming


When Nintendo first unveiled the Wii U and its funky tablet/controller, I envisioned the console acting as a streaming server…

First Rockstar Verified, Fan-Made GTA Online Jobs Available


Team deathmatch on a massive bridge sounds like something I’ve played before. Team deathmatch on a massive bridge with active…

Gone Home: The 16-bit JRPG


Gone Home, the fantastic, emotional adventure in videogame storytelling, is set in the 1990s. Now, thanks to an amateur designer,…

Just Cause 2: Multiplayer Takes Home Mod of the Year Award


Just Cause 2: Multiplayer just snuck under the 2013 wire, but the mod that welcomes hundreds of players to simultaneously…

Resident Evil + Doom = The Mercenaries Mod


Batman, Sonic, Mario, the Ghostbusters… we’ve seen all of them and many more modded into Doom over the years, but…

2013: The Year in Modding


In a time of modding decline, here are the success stories of the year.

Little Engines Can Do Big Things! Thomas the Train Invades Skyrim


This just might top the Macho Man Randy Savage dragon mod. Also, if you’ve got a toddler running around, you…

Skywind — When The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is Remade in Skyrim


Back in 2008, the world of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind was remade by modders using The Elder Scrolls IV:…

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod Gets a Release Date


Just Cause 2 did a lot of things right, making the island of Panau a fun place to travel for…

Renegade X: A Command & Conquer Shooter Done Right?


As far as memorable shooters go, Command & Conquer: Renegade is somewhere between Soldier of Fortune: Payback and  Rogue Warrior….

Nice Guy Valve Greenlights Retail Version of Half-Life: Black Mesa


Half-Life is 15 years old. Thanks for making me feel like a senior citizen, Valve. Unwanted reminders of mortality aside,…

5 Half-Life Mods To Ring In The 15th Anniversary


You better have played them all.

Warcraft RTS: For Those Who Can’t Wait For WarCraft 4

WarCraft Logo 140x

Everyone loves WarCraft 3. Don’t even say you didn’t, you smug son of a gun, because you totally loved WarCraft…

Utter Nonsense: The Stanley Parable Demo Now Live


The MLB playoffs are shaping up nicely, but Brainiac’s nefarious scheming will be the downfall of the Justice League. Let…

From Mod to Mainstream: Project Reality 2

No modding for Battlefield 3 or 4? No problem. The minds behind the most popular mod for Battlefield 2, Project…

7 Wackiest PC Mods in the Grand Theft Auto Series

Grand Theft Auto IV Blade Runner 140x

Grab your favorite Grand Theft Auto titles and fire up these goofy mods.

The Past, Present and Future of Kerbal Space Program – Part 2

kerbal thumb

Developer Squad discusses how its highly involved player community has helped bring about new gameplay features.

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Black Mesa is Live, Download it Here!


The long-awaited Half-Life mod is now available on Game Front!

Midas Magic Spells of Aurum Oblivion Mod

  Bethesda Blog has an interview with the man behind the Midas Magic Spells of Aurum mod for Oblivion. Apparently…

Oblivion Mod: Deadly Reflex 3.2

Taking some time to promote a great mod from one of my favorite games, the Deadly Reflex Mod (aka Decapitation…

GTA San Andreas HD Mod


Steal cars in glorious HD.

5 Skyrim Mods We Hope Someone Makes


And we hope they make them soon.

Minecraft Mod — Single Player Commands


Reshape the world of Minecraft with a simple command.

How To Install and Run GTA IV Mods


Just like it says on the box: We’ll show you how to install and run GTA IV mods. Also, we’ll share some of our favorites with you. It’s like Christmas in July, only in September.

Skyrim Creation Kit Available On Steam! Go Get It!

skyrim dragon thumb

It’s time to start modding Skyrim — plus, free bonus high-res texture pack!

Top 10 Best Skyrim Mods


Textures and tweaks and ta-tas — oh my!

ARMA 2 Mod — City Life RPG


City Life RPG puts the roleplaying back into RPG.

How to Use the Skyrim Creation Kit


Let’s get modding.

Top 10 Dragon Age 2 Mods


Yes, there’s already a nude mod.

How To Create A StarCraft 2 Custom Unit


Learn the basics of creating your own Starcraft 2 unit with this step-by-step guide.

The War Z Producer Drops An F-Bomb. No, The Bad One.


Super mega facepalm.

Top 10 Portal 2 Mods


You may have beaten Portal 2, but the testing continues. Ignore the fact that these test chambers weren’t designed by scientists. Or inspected for safety. You want your $60, don’t you?

Black Mesa – Mod Walkthrough


Return to Black Mesa with James.

Weird. A Superman Returns Mod For GTA: San Andreas


GTA is now vulnerable to Kryptonite, Bryan Singer.

New Oblivion Total Conversion Mod Wows Bethesda Devs

Bethesda’s gstaff spotted a new total conversion mod project for Oblivion; DUNE. Stefano Tonello (aka Prometheus), the originator of this…

How to Make a StarCraft 2 Map


Check out our beginner’s guide for creating your own custom StarCraft II maps!

Sauron’s Armor Oblivion Mod

Bethesda Blog has a video of an armor mod for Oblivion that is a must have for Lord of the…

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