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Painkiller Hell & Damnation Hits Steam Workshop


Mac and Linux versions en route for April/May.

Mod Men: Doom 2′s ‘Brutal Doom’ Mod (VIDEO)

brutal doom thumb

James, Mitch and Zach fight demons and get covered in blood in Brutal Doom.

Crysis Mod Adding VR Support (VID)


Get your Oculus Rift ready.

$35,000 Red Orchestra 2 Mapping Contest Winners



Mod Men: Torchlight 2′s Synergies Mod (VIDEO)

torchlight 2 synergies thumb

A total conversion for Torchlight 2.

Quake Mod: In The Shadows


Quake with a stealth mode.

Half-Life 2 VR Head & Gun Tracking Mod Is Oculus Rift Ready (VID)


I hate to say the future is here, but the future is here.

Killing Floor Mod Brings Game to Aliens Universe


Psh, who needs Colonial Marines?

Watch Game Front’s James Guesting Starring on SmoshGames

james vs games boss battle thumb

Watch it now!

Torchlight 2: SynergiesMOD Adds 100+ Monsters & More


The devs plan to eventually add two dozen new classes. You read correctly.

DayZ’s Dean Hall ‘Very Angry’ About The War Z

dayz-gallery-photo_p3 thumb

The situation surrounding The War Z continues to take a toll on the creator of DayZ.

Half-Life 2 Mod: NEOTOKYO Has Been Updated


Dystopian future Tokyo.

Fallout: New Vegas Mod — Run The Luck 38 Casino & Hotel


Mr. House… Mr. Who?

Fallout: New Vegas Mod — Project Brazil to Release Soon


Has nothing to do with Brazil.

Someone Awesome Made Rapture With Minecraft

bioshock 2 thumb

It’s cool.

Far Cry 3: Swartz Mod Compilation


Must-have mod for second playthroughs.

Skyrim Mod: Interesting NPCs


May not be the most interesting mod name, but it’s a hell of an improvement.

CryEngine 3 Dinosaur Game Tech Demo Released


Dinosaurs will become the new zombies.

Half-Life 2 Mod: Empires 2.4 Released


FPS/RTS hybrid..

Mod Men: Killing Floor’s ‘Twisted Christmas in Space’ (VIDEO)

mod men killing floor thumb

Evil Santas are in space, and must be stopped!

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DICE “Afraid Of All The Things That Can Come” From BF3 Mods



Skyrim ‘Middle Earth’ Mod Hit With Cease & Desist from Warner Bros.

middle earth roleplay project thumb

Kinda surprised nobody saw this coming.

The End of Modding? All-Star Devs Weigh In


At PAX Prime over the weekend, PC Gamer put Wing Commander and Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts, DayZ modder-turned-developer Dean…

Red Alert 3: Paradox Explains Why Winning WWIII Would Suck More Than The Sopranos Finale


Ever watched a massively awesome war movie that ends right after the climatic battle in which the bad guy/opposition/demonic threat/aliens…

Keep on the Borderlands Coming Soon

A Circle of Eight developer working on the Keep on the Borderlands mod for Return to the Temple of Elemental…

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mod — Jurassic Park Operation Andreas


God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man creates mod.

GameFront 2010: The Essential Civilization V Mods


To be frank, Civilization V is not – yet – perfect. The massive changes to the series’ conventions have been…

30 Awesome PC Case Mods

girlfriend mod thumb

A whole mess of very cool-looking PCs.

Top 10 Best Grand Theft Auto PC Game Mods


They see me rollin,’ they moddin’…

Half-Life 2 Goes Left 4 Dead with ‘No More Room In Hell’ Mod, Releasing on Halloween (TRAILER)

no more room in hell thumb

If you’re not aware, it has zombies in it.

Bethesda Says Its Working to Have Skyrim Mod Tools Out This Month

skyrim undead dragon thumb

Hoping to see some serious mod potential by Feb. 1.

Bethesda Shows Skyrim Creation Kit in Action (TRAILER)

skyrim dragon battle thumb

No Creation Kit just yet, but here’s a spiffy trailer!

Portal Gun in Half-Life 2 Deathmatch Map

The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (or the portal gun, for all you laymen out there) really allows you to…

Here’s Reason #5,000 That Starcraft 2 Will Blow Your Socks Out Of Your Mind’s Ass


Jesus H. Christ everyone, every time I find myself coming to terms with having been left out of the StarCraft…

Tactical Night Mod (1.0) for Call of Duty 4

If you’re into Call of Duty and crave the excitement of night fights, the Tactical Night mod for Call of…

Garry’s Mod Update on Steam

Garry’s Mod, the popular software utility that can be used to create mini-games and movie shorts has been updated The…

A Friendly Reminder From Your Morale Officer… (FH2)

Just in case any of you missed it, the highly anticipated Battlefield 2 modification, Forgotten Hope 2.0, was released over…

Ronald McDonald vs. Doraemon M.U.G.E.N. Video

M.U.G.E.N. may be showing it’s age, but there’s always great content coming out way from the community. The above battle…

PS3 Eye Used for Virtual Reality Desktop

When I first saw the Wii-mote and sensor bar used to track head movements for a desktop virtual reality program,…

Starcraft in 3D – Project Revolution Demo Released

If you can’t wait for Blizzard to release Starcraft 2 and/or are sick and tired of playing the ol’ 2D…

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