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This Mod Makes Mass Effect 3 a Bit More Cinematic

mass effect 3 cinematic mod thumb

Tune your ME3 graphics with this mod.

Minecraft Survival Map: One Block Survival Challenge


A survival map unlike any other.

Unreal Tournament 3 Mod: foxMod Splitscreen and AI Improvements


One PC, four players.

Crytek-Approved Timesplitters Mod Starts Production

converted PNM file

Everyone, hi fives are over here.

FTL Drops to $6 on GoG Today

ftl 2 thumb

You should definitely get it at that price (or any price).

Amp Up Your Deus Ex Experience With This Textures Mod

deus ex new vision mod thumb

It’s like getting some cybernetic eyeballs.

Mod Men: Haunt – The Real Slender Game


It’s probably going to cause chaos in your computer room.

Attention Modders: DOOM BFG Source Code Released


Get your hands on it now.

5 Moustache Mods to Get You Through Movember


Can’t grow a mo’? Mod a mo’.

Heh. DayZ’s Creator Has Only Ever Killed 1 Player



Behold The Mass Effect 3 Happy Ending Mod


It’s clunky, but a valiant effort.

DayZ Bounty Will Pay Real World Money


Damn, son.

FTL Dev: Modding ‘Unexpected,’ Support ‘Pretty Much Impossible’

ftl 1 thumb

FTL’s developers talk modding and how they’re taking it a little easier now that the game is out.

Descent Being Recreated in UDK


“Worthless bureaucrats. They’d replace us all with robots given half the chance…” – MD1032

5 Must-Play Doom 3 Mods


From better visuals to total conversions.

Damn, The XCOM Warspace Extension Mod Is Giant

xcom enemy unknown pc thumb

It’s giant.

5 FTL Mods That Make the Game Even More Awesome

ftl 1 thumb

Five ways to tweak the awesome space travel rogue-like and make it shiny and new again.

Carmack Promises Rage Tools Coming ‘Real Soon’


Wait what?

The War Z Producer Drops An F-Bomb. No, The Bad One.


Super mega facepalm.

DICE Reverses Position, Won’t Allow Color Changing



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Ronald McDonald vs. Doraemon M.U.G.E.N. Video

M.U.G.E.N. may be showing it’s age, but there’s always great content coming out way from the community. The above battle…

PS3 Eye Used for Virtual Reality Desktop

When I first saw the Wii-mote and sensor bar used to track head movements for a desktop virtual reality program,…

NwN2: The Planescape Trilogy – Purgatorio Art Update

Rogue Dao Studios has released art for the Neverwinter Nights 2 mod they’re developing; The Planescape Trilogy. The series is…

Naked Patch Published For Fallout: New Vegas. Naked. Nudity. Nude.


Great news for lonely perves! There’s a new patch for Fallout: New Vegas that totally shows you your female characters assets in living apocalypse color!

Long-Term Effects of 2006 Oblivion Re-Rating?

Speaking of the ESRB, let’s go back in time a bit. Anyone remember back in 2006 when the ESRB re-rated…

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mod — Conversion Pack 2


New maps, new era, new units, new heroes, new game modes, new vehicles… What more can you want?

Wow; A Modern Warfare-Based Doom Mod

Doom Warfare

No seriously. Someone took Doom and turned it into Modern Warfare. This is nuts. N-V-T-S nuts!

Project Reality v0.95 Trailer Released


The Battlefield 2 Mod that aims for a severely more realistic warfare experience is getting an update, and you can watch the trailer here.

Hacker Releases Purported PS3 Root Key – UPDATED


UPDATED? Yes. We asked Sony for comment. Spoiler: They did-didn’t

Sony Files Restraining Order Against Root Key Hackers

hackers thumb

Sony has motions in front of a judge to put a stop to the Playstation 3 root key hackers.

Treyarch Quietly Launches Black Ops Mod Tools


The Mod Tools were actually released six days ago and have somehow managed to keep a low profile. Ninjas.

EA Confirms No Mod Tools Planned for Battlefield 3


If you need us, we’ll be over in the corner bawling.

GTA 4 Mod — Superman


Bird? Plane? No, it’s a homicidal kleptomaniac who now has the power to fly!

Deus Ex Graphics Overhaul Mod — New Vision


Same old gameplay, high-res textures.

5 HD Graphics Mods You Must Try


Love sweet graphics? Start downloading.

The Best of Game Front 2011

gamefront thumb

All the most popular stories, videos, walkthroughs, cheats and other random junk we published in 2011.

Here’s What a 5MB Hard Drive Looked Like in 1956 (PIC)

5mb hard drive 1952 thumb

Yes, that dude is driving a FORKLIFT.

Dreamcast Version Of Half-Life Ported To PC


Let’s have a moment of silence to mourn our beloved Dreamcast. WE WILL REMEMBER THE TIME!

1 Million People Have Bought Killing Floor On PC


Good job, one million people.

Mass Effect 2 Save Editor (DOWNLOAD)


Alter your save to have a different Mass Effect 3 experience!

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