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Download Syndicate’s Latest Minecraft World (VIDEO)


If you love Minecraft, you know Syndicate.

Total War Getting Steam Workshop Integration


This news is The Best.

CD Projekt, Plan Mac Announcement Event

witcher 2 thumb

It’ll include new games coming to the service and new info about CD Projekt’s game Cyberpunk.

We Could Have Had L4D2 DLC Based On Cabin In The Woods


Aw man!

Slender Man Game Faceless Gets a Creepy Trailer

slender source 3 thumb

Something’s lurking.

Knights of the Old Republic II: Restored Content Review

kotor 2 1 thumb

This game is so much better now. Play it, or play it again.

Fan-Made Torchlight 2 Mod Database is Online Now

torchlight 2 1 thumb

When mods are made, that’s where they’ll be.

Minecraft on Xbox 360 Could Get a Few of ‘Best’ PC Mods

minecraft indiana jones thumb

They’ll have to be “tailored” to the Xbox 360 version.

Black Mesa Review


Was Half-Life as good as we remember?

This Dark Souls Mod Can Bring You Up to 60 FPS

dark souls 3 thumb

Only in offline mode, though.

Black Mesa is Live, Download it Here!


The long-awaited Half-Life mod is now available on Game Front!

Whoah. Behold Baldur’s Gate 2 Redux’s Cutscene Animation


Yeah, it’s amazeballs.

Black Mesa – Mod Walkthrough


Return to Black Mesa with James.

Black Mesa vs. Half-Life Source Comparison Video


Take off the nostalgia goggles and be amazed.

Black Mesa Half-Life Remake Is Coming Tomorrow


This is no simple port.

How to Mod Skyrim to Replicate Hearthfire DLC Now!


The best part? Free.

Skyrim Workshop Confirms 10,000th Mod



Play This Fan-Made Battlestar Galactica Game For Free

diaspora armistice broken thumb

Shooting Cylons — we need more of it.

Gabe Newell: Valve Would “Disintegrate” Before Selling


So stop leering, EA.

Vote for Rekoil on Steam Greenlight To Get Beta Access

rekoil thumb

We’ve got a trailer to help determine if you want to vote for it.

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5 Must-Play Doom 3 Mods


From better visuals to total conversions.

Mod Men: Haunt – The Real Slender Game


It’s probably going to cause chaos in your computer room.

20 Game-Improving Mods for Skyrim


Only the best gameplay mods for Skyrim.

5 Half-Life Mods To Ring In The 15th Anniversary


You better have played them all.

2013: The Year in Modding


In a time of modding decline, here are the success stories of the year.

Starcraft Mod Allows Co-Op Ability in Campaign Mode


When you think of a classic RTS games there’s one game that almost everyone should be thinking of… Starcraft. It…

Fallout 3 Mod Combines Nukes, Warhammer, Endless Nerdgasms


Via GamesRadar comes news of a profoundly kick-ass sounding full conversion for Fallout 3. Dubbed Exterminatus, once complete it will…

Half-Life 2 Mod Based On Lost


Just in time for the series finale, we stumbled upon an intriguing Half-Life 2 Mod based on ABC’s Lost. Cleverly…

Minecraft Mod — Acid Trip


Puke bucket sold separately.

Warcraft 3 Mod — Arcadia – Rise and Fall


A puzzle adventure mod with environments radically different from Warcraft 3.

NWN2: Mysteries of Westgate No Release Date Yet

There’s news on the BioWare Community forums about the AWOL Adventure Pack for Neverwinter Nights 2, Mysteries of Westgate. Atari…

KOTOR 2 Restoration Project Entering Closed Beta

The long awaited Sith Lords KOTOR 2 Restoration Project version 1.0b1 will released to the closed beta team this weekend….

Fallout 3 Game Guides and Mods Updated on NMA

Despite reservations about Bethesda’s interpretation of Fallout 3, the No Mutants Allowed community is diving in and making the game…

Mods: The Fountain of Youth for PC Games

PC gaming is dead! We’ve all heard it over and over recently from many pessimistic sources in the games industry….

How To Edit Terrain In StarCraft 2 Editor


In the third installment of our ongoing StarCraft 2 modding guides, we’ll show you nuts and some of the bolts of the Terrain Editor.

Modder Upgrades Laptop Graphics Card Externally


Connecting a 2GB ATI 5850 to his system for a massive gaming upgrade.

How To Mod StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty


Your one stop show for all our StarCraft 2 Modding How-Tos. (ongoing)

Blade Symphony — Half Life 2 Mod


No, it’s not the 4th Blade movie.

Oblivion Mod — Dibella’s Watch


A new island to explore. And loot.

Left 4 Dead Mod – Teletubbies


Big hug!

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